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Alabaster by Sherwin Williams a Classic White Review (and Dupes!) SW 7008

    Alabaster is one of Sherwin Williams most popular colors of all time. There is good and bad to be said for that:

    • It is tried and true
    • It can be overdone

    Alabaster is the color that I most hate to love. I don’t want to have the same favorites as the rest of the planet, but you can’t deny that it’s just a really good color.

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster color card with a swatch of Alabaster on the right and an Alabaster Room with an arched doorway in the middle under a modern chandelier

    Let’s take a look at all things Alabaster, including real life examples, undertones, and dupes!

    This post may contain affiliate links. Should you choose to make a purchase through one of my links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. I only recommend products that I use.

    What Color is Sherwin Williams Alabaster (SW 7008)

    Alabaster is a subtle creamy white by Sherwin Williams, and one of their most popular shades. It is best described as a “Farmhouse White.”

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster Swatch over a background of an Alabaster White foyer

    When paired with cleaner, brighter whites, Alabaster will look obviously creamy. When used as the sole white in a color scheme, it can give the illusion of a true white.

    LRV of Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    What is an LRV anyway?

    The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 – 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn’t reflect). True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

    In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 – 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.

    Alabaster plotted on an LRV scale at 82 on a range of 100 (white) to black (0) over a background of Alabaster stone

    The LRV of Alabaster is 82. That puts it pretty close to what we would consider an off-white, which is the 70-80 range, but it is still technically a white.

    Alabaster vs Bright White

    In comparison to the lightest and brightest white that Sherwin Williams offers, you can clearly see just how creamy Alabaster is.

    Alabaster on one half of a wall and High Reflective White on the other half

    What Are the Undertones of Alabaster

    This is a bit of a sticky one. I do think that Alabaster manages to be fairly neutral in it’s creamy-ness, but some may find it to be too yellow for their taste.

    But is Alabaster Actually Too Yellow?

    Technically, Alabaster is not yellow at all. It’s in the orange color family, hanging out where we tend to find beiges and greiges.

    When we are talking about whites, you either like them creamy, or you don’t. I tend to live in the “don’t” camp, but you all are slowly converting me!

    Alabaster will look significantly more creamy with a brighter or cooler trim color:

    Alabaster walls and ceiling with Extra White Trim
    Alabaster with Extra White trim – Photo Credit: @slpaintingsf

    For someone who doesn’t look at paint all day ‘ere day, if something is creamy, we tend to think “yellow.” So in that sense, I would not say that Alabaster is a true white, and you may find it looks a bit “yellow,” but I use the term loosely!

    Alabaster is only yellow in the sense that a piece of paper might “yellow” over time. We aren’t talking lemon or butter, just creamy.

    With Alabaster as your only white, it will look white:

    All Alabaster Walls and trim
    Alabaster walls and trim – Photo Credit: @in_vest_homes

    If you are looking for a creamy white, Alabaster is not a yellowy option, and you are safe to proceed. However if you HATE yellow, you probably won’t like Alabaster.

    I hope that all made sense! If not, you can judge for yourself by the end of this post, because I have lots of real homes to show you!

    OMG My Alabaster White Looks Green!

    That was a heading on a Houzz post I saw, so you know I had to click!

    Alabaster does not have any green undertones and should never look green. So what gives?

    Well to be honest, I could not see what this kind lady was talking about. (You can see the pics in that link for yourself.) She had only just paid big bucks to get her cabinets painted, and I think she was scrutinizing the color for a bit too long.

    This is the closest thing that I could find to Alabaster looking green:

    SW Alabaster cabinets in daylight with the slightest green undertone
    Photo Credit: @grcabinetpainting

    Many of us see color differently, so some people may be more sensitive to the blue glare of daylight or a daylight bulb on the creamy tone of Alabaster. Blue and yellow makes green, so that may cause the appearance of a green undertone where there isn’t one.

    In other photos of this kitchen by GR Fine Finishes (@grcabinetpainting) you can see that Alabaster looks creamy white:

    Alabaster cabinets with brown laminate countertops in a neutral kitchen
    Photo Credit: @grcabinetpainting

    Of course it’s always good to test your paint colors, but Alabaster looking green is not something you should worry about.

    Every white paint color will be somewhat reflective, but your guests won’t ever ask “Hey, are those cabinets mint?”

    Does Alabaster Ever Look Pink?

    Alabaster does not have pink undertones. Theoretically it could look slightly pink when paired with yellow colors. That is the only scenario where you would have to worry about it, and I haven’t personally seen it.

    Alabaster paint drop with a yellow cream by Sherwin Williams called Carambola. Alabaster looks slightly pink in comparison.

    Is Alabaster Warm or Cool

    Alabaster is a warm white. You can use it like a neutral, but be mindful that pairing it with cool colors will make it look even creamier.

    Pairing Alabaster with warm colors will keep it looking neutral.

    Alabaster Color Strip

    Sherwin Williams does not often put their whites into a typical light-to-dark color strip, but they sort of do for Alabaster.

    I say “sort of” because these are loosely related colors placed in order from lightest to darkest, and not really lighter and darker versions of the same color.

    Anyways, here is the color strip as imagined by Sherwin Williams:

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster Color Strip from Pure White through Alabaster, Westhighland White, Egret White, Pediment, and Crushed Ice, to On the Rocks

    Lighter Version of Alabaster

    Sherwin Williams has Pure White as the lightest color on this strip. Pure White is lighter than Alabaster, but it is also more neutral. It will work as a lighter alternative if you are finding Alabaster just a bit too creamy.

    Paintbrush swipe swatch of Sherwin Williams pure white

    Check out my Pure White deep dive here.

    Darker Version of Alabaster

    If you are looking for a darker version of Alabaster, I would make a bet on Shoji White. It’s a creamy off white.

    I’ve actually written a post comparing the two: Sherwin Williams Shoji White vs Alabaster (Which is Best?)

    Paintbrush swipe swatch of Sherwin Williams Shoji White

    Westhighland White is one color down from Alabaster on the same strip, but it’s pretty obvious that the tone is not the same. The next darkest color is Egret White, which you may also like.

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster Color Palette

    Here is Alabaster in a palette with other popular Sherwin Williams colors:

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster with popular SW neutrals including Accessible Beige, Agreeable Gray, Iron Ore, Urbane Bronze, and Tricorn Black. Background photo is a cozy nook under a set of stairs with an Alabaster background wall

    For this palette I thought I would keep things neutral.

    The background photo is from Allison of @webbstead She used Alabaster in her whole home. (Although she has since moved to Webbstead 3.0)

    Alabaster Coordinating Colors

    Agreeable Gray and/or Accessible Beige with Alabaster

    Agreeable Gray and Accessible Beige are pretty similar colors, and either looks great with Alabaster.

    Lindsay from @silo.hill used both Agreeable Gray and Accessible Beige in different areas of her home with soft white walls.

    Agreeable gray in a dining room vs accessible beige in a bathroom
    Photo Credit: @silo.hill

    The color here is Pure White, so Alabaster would be just a bit creamier.

    You can see more of the comparison between these two colors here: Accessible Beige vs Agreeable Gray (How to Choose!)

    Alabaster with Iron Ore

    Iron Ore is a deep charcoal color that is pretty chameleon-esque. Iron Ore works with just about anything, but so does Alabaster. A warm white is perfect to soften the look of Iron Ore.

    Alabaster swatched beside Iron Ore

    Like the look of this color? Check out my post: Sherwin Williams Iron Ore: Five Star Review (Plus Dupes!)

    Urbane Bronze and Alabaster

    Urbane Bronze is a rich, dark, brown-gray color. It’s a nice accent color for pairing with the softness of Alabaster.

    SW Alabaster paint drop beside a paint drop of Urbane Bronze

    Tricorn Black and Alabaster

    I don’t need to say too much about Tricorn Black and Alabaster together. Tricorn Black is a classic black, and the blackest one that Sherwin Williams offers. If you’re looking for a black and white modern farmhouse look, you will definitely want to take a look at Tricorn Black!

    SW Alabaster paint drop beside a paint drop of Tricorn Black

    Psst! Lots of these colors are in my Foolproof Neutrals e-book.

    Graphic reads "Nail down your neutral color scheme in 60 minutes or less" with an image of the foolproof neutrals ebook. Button below reads "Show me how!"

    Complementary Color for SW Alabaster

    The official complementary color for any paint is the color directly across the color wheel. For Alabaster, that is a soft blue. Sherwin Williams Wishful Blue is a pretty close match.

    SW Alabaster paint drop beside a paint drop of Wishful Blue

    What Trim Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Alabaster?

    So you’ve already chosen Alabaster for your walls. Now what?

    Let’s take a look at a few different trim options, starting with white.

    White Paint that Goes with Alabaster

    The first white trim color you should consider is Alabaster itself!

    When should you choose Alabaster for your walls and trim?

    When you want it to look white white white!

    Using any cooler or lighter white will accentuate Alabaster’s creaminess, which is totally fine if that is your goal. If not, I would definitely suggest going with Alabaster. (You can always use a different sheen to give some contrast!)

    Here is a graphic to show you how Alabaster will look with a different white on the trim:

    Alabaster background with various trim choices including Alabaster itself, Snowbound, Pure White, Extra White, Dark Wood, and Oak Trim

    Alabaster with Pure White or Extra White Trim

    You can see that Extra White, and to a lesser extent Pure White, will both make Alabaster look like an off-white. I would say that the difference is a little more obvious in person. Here is a quick look at Alabaster with Pure White trim:

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster Walls with Pure White Trim in a Hallway scattered with toys on the wood floor
    Photo Credit: Kristin Macchia

    Extra White trim will provide a bit more contrast than this combo as we saw earlier when we were talking undertones.

    SW Alabaster Walls with Extra White trim in a bathroom
    Photo Credit: @slpaintingsf

    Alabaster Walls with Snowbound Trim

    Full disclosure: I have not actually seen this combo in real life. I suspect the contrast is minimal, but if you just have to have a different white on your trim and you still want to keep Alabaster looking white, Snowbound might be a very good option.

    For more about different white on white combinations, check out this post:

    graphic reads white walls with white trim? How to do it right!

    Alabaster with Oak or Dark Wood Trim

    If you are curious about Alabaster with oak trim or traditional dark Victorian trim, I think it’s a nice choice if you are looking for something soft rather than crisp.

    Alabaster is certainly a more antique/vintage white than a clean bright white.

    I was surprised that in all of my collecting I did not have a photo of Alabaster with dark wood, so here is a different creamy white – Sherwin Williams Ethereal White:

    A room with Ethereal White walls, dark wood floors, dark wood doors and extra white trim
    Photo Credit: @projectphoenixflips

    Okay, so it’s not on the trim, but it’s the best I could do.

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster on the Interior of Your Home

    Let’s see more of Alabaster in real life!

    I do really try not to bounce around too much, so these examples are organized room-by-room. You will see some of the same people mentioned throughout, but I find this is the simplest way to do things.

    Don’t Forget Your Supplies!

    This little brush might look funny, but it’s my absolute ride or die!

    Rollers like these hold the most paint and make the job faster. Get a metal roller cage for easy on and off.

    DryDex is the fastest (and funnest!) way to make chips and dents disappear. (Make sure you get a small spackling tool that actually fits in the container, and a sanding sponge.)

    This tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder.

    Alabaster on Kitchen Walls and Cabinets

    Today let’s begin in the hub of the home: The kitchen!

    I’ll waste no time and get to the good stuff that everybody wants, aka Alabaster cabinets.

    SW Alabaster White Kitchen Cabinets

    This first kitchen is by Space Design (@spacedesignokc), who used Alabaster literally everyyywhere in this home:

    Two toned Alabaster and Natural Wood Cabinets in a spectacular white kitchen with waterfall marble over the island.
    Photo Credit: @spacedesignokc

    You can see that Alabaster looks pretty white, since it is the primary white in the design (besides tile and countertops, which are often not as white as you think).

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster kitchen cabinets with a wood toned island and alabaster walls, trim and ceilings
    Photo Credit: @spacedesignokc

    The pops of wood tones, gold, and then the dark picket tile, prevent the space from becoming too monochromatic.

    Alabaster cabinets with wood floating shelves and dark blue-green picket tile.
    Photo Credit: @spacedesignokc

    It was really hard to pair down cabinets to just my favorite, but in the end, this kitchen by the team at ML Designs (@mldesignskc) just had to make the cut.

    Alabaster on kitchen cabinets with gold hardware and a gray backsplash
    Photo Credit: @mldesignskc

    Now that you’ve revelled in just how amazingly creamy these cabinets are, I am forced to burst your bubble with this less filtered shot:

    Alabaster on upper and lower cabinets with gold hardware and a gray backsplash
    Photo Credit: @mldesignskc

    Still a nice warm white, but this is a bit more accurate. I do think gold hardware is the way to go with Alabaster! It looks sooo good.

    Here is one final further away shot:

    far away shot of Alabaster kitchen behind blue living room furniture
    Photo Credit: @mldesignskc

    Here is a two-toned kitchen example by the team at Very Good Painting (@verygoodpaintingllc):

    Alabaster upper cabinets with swiss chocolate lowers and island, and wool skein trim.
    Photo Credit: @verygoodpaintingllc

    The island and lowers are in Valspar Swiss Chocolate, and the trim is Wool Skein.

    Finally, you may be thinking that it’s easy to make brand new cabinets look nice, but what about refinishing cabinets with Alabaster?

    Here is a kitchen by GR Fine Finishes that features older style cabinets painted in Alabaster:

    Alabaster on kitchen cabinets in a spacious kitchen with natural stone floors and countertops.
    Photo Credit: @grcabinetpainting

    This kitchen looks good as new! I really like Alabaster with the neutral wall color.

    Alabaster on Kitchen Walls

    If you’ve been digging into moody shades around here, you might have already seen Julia’s home (@bigmamashousereno) in my Homburg Gray post.

    She’s not afraid of color, but she went with the subtlety of Alabaster for many of her spaces. Here it is in her kitchen:

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster on walls and trim
    Photo Credit: @bigmamashousereno

    Julia’s cabinets show off her signature color sense, as she went with the unexpected choice of Sherwin Williams Anew Gray.

    Anew Gray kitchen cabinets with Alabaster walls and trim
    Photo Credit: @bigmamashousereno

    I love the taupey tone of Anew Gray, and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen it on cabinets before. This would be a great alternative to the slightly more popular Dorian Gray.

    Over at the Red-E-Framhouse (@redefarmhouse), a pop of green on the island is a perfect statement against the white cabinets and creamy white Alabaster walls.

    Alabaster on Kitchen walls with Pure White trim and conservative gray pantry door, with green island
    Photo Credit: @redefarmhouse

    For trim, the homeowners chose SW Pure White. You can see more of the trim in their eat-in kitchen/dining area.

    Alabaster walls in a dining room with the brighter white of Pure White which is very similar to snowbound, on the trim.
    Photo Credit: @redefarmhouse

    Alabaster in the Living Room

    If the kitchen is the new hub of the home, what does that make the living room?

    I don’t know, but here are some ultra-glam Alabaster living spaces:

    Alabaster Living room walls and trim with an oversized sectional, white area rug, a chandelier, and big windows with matching creamy white drapes.
    Photo Credit: @bigmamashousereno

    This first one is back at Julie’s place, where we first saw her Alabaster kitchen. In her living room she also used Alabaster on both the walls and the trim.

    Moving to the home of Ashley (@ludic_living), we find another all-Alabaster living room:

    Alabaster in Living room with Alabaster Fireplace and walls and a vintage vibe with olive couch
    Photo Credit: @ludic_living

    Ashley’s whole home has a quirky, vintage, thrifted aesthetic.

    I could never curate the oddball finds that Ashley does. She just has *it*.

    An all white Alabaster living room with an olive couch and a unique collection of curiosities on a floating shelf.
    Photo Credit: @ludic_living

    Ashley has a lot of Alabaster in her home, so more from her in just a moment!

    Here is one more shot of Alabaster walls and Extra White trim in the home we saw earlier by S&L Painting:

    Alabster and Extra White in a living room on the fireplace wall. Fireplace and built in bookcases are painted in SW Extra White and Alabaster is on the walls and ceiling
    Photo Credit: @slpaintingsf

    I feel like in that shot Alabaster looks a little more neutral.

    On to the home of Allison, whose “Webbstead” is featured in the neutral color palette form earlier.

    This new build really is spectacular! It was hard to narrow down to just my favorite few photos:

    SW Alabaster in a new living room with no furniture yet, vaulted ceilings, wood beams, and a wall full of windows.
    Photo Credit: @webbstead

    Amazing right? I feel like this great room could just as easily be in a winery.

    Webbstead is all things bad and bougie.

    Alabaster Walls and vaulted ceilings with dark wood beams and a black feature block above a beige stone fireplace
    Photo Credit: @webbstead

    Yes, you’ve seen this one already, but I thought it was worth showing when it wasn’t hidden behind a color palette:

    Alabaster on a wall of windows behind a staircase with living room furniture in front of it and a fiddle leaf fig to one side
    Photo Credit: @webbstead

    Delightful! Never fear, more Webbstead coming at you further down.

    Back in this open plan home, Space Design used Alabaster everywhere, from the trim, ceiling, and walls, to the fireplace and cabinets.

    Open Plan Kitchen Living Room dining room all in SW Alabaster
    Photo Credit: @spacedesignokc

    Alabaster Painted Brick Fireplace

    Speaking of fireplaces, Alabaster is a great option for a luxurious white finish.

    Here is a closeup of the one by Space Designs:

    Closeup of a fireplace wall with white brick painted in SW Alabaster and Alabaster on the walls
    Photo Credit: @spacedesignokc

    I have one more Alabaster fireplace to show you while we are at it, this one is in Ben and Elenie’s @annacreekcottage.

    Photo Credit: @annacreekcottage

    In this living room the walls are also Alabaster, but the trim and doors are painted out in Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray.

    Here’s a closer picture in warmer light:

    Closeup of white sw alabaster brick fireplace with Dorian Gray shiplap above and a mantle decorated for spring
    Photo Credit: @annacreekcottage

    So pretty!

    I really admire people who can get behind seasonal decor like this. I would like to get my act together, but I’m really starting to think that this is “the act.”

    Alabaster in the Dining Room

    I did already cover a lot of Kristin’s home (@kristinmacchia_homeinprogress) in my White Walls with White Trim post, so I won’t overdo it, but here is her Alabaster dining room, with Pure White trim.

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster Walls with Pure White Trim in a dining room with a black glass patio door
    Photo Credit: Kristin Macchia


    If you love the look of that door, I’ve got lots more in my post 39 Spicy Black Interior Doors (How to DIY & Paint Colors to Use!).

    Back at Anna Creek Cottage, we see the Alabaster and Dorian Gray theme carried into the country-chic dining room.

    Alabaster Walls with Dorian Gray trim in a dining room with cottage inspired wall decor and a long farmhouse table with a bench and upholstered chairs.
    Photo Credit: @annacreekcottage
    View from the head of the table. Alabaster Walls with Dorian Gray trim in a dining room with cottage inspired wall decor and a long farmhouse table with a bench and upholstered chairs.
    Photo Credit: @annacreekcottage

    Now for one final Alabaster dining room. This one is by the team at ML Designs again.

    Alabaster dining room walls with navy blue grasscloth ceiling, and blue and gold accents throughout the room.
    Photo Credit: @mldesignskc

    I can see why people love Alabaster. I have to say that it does “luxury” extremely well.

    Alabaster in the Bedroom

    Moving on to the bedroom, I have a couple of all-Alabaster rooms to show you, the first being back at Julia’s:

    Alabaster on walls and trim in a living room
    Photo Credit: @bigmamashousereno

    Just like in her living room, she used Alabaster for both the walls and trim.

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster walls and trim in a Victorian inspired bedroom.
    Photo Credit: @bigmamashousreno

    Next is the bedroom at Webbstead:

    Alabaster Bedroom with vaulted ceiling and a custom herringbone wood door
    Photo Credit: @webbstead

    I love the modern black windows throughout the home.

    The Bathroom in Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    Marissa from @in_vest_homes has one of the funnest house flipping IG accounts that you will find. Her flips are timeless but also offer something a little unexpected.

    All Alabaster bathroom with white vanity, fun tiled floor, and a black framed mirror above the white sink
    Photo Credit: @in_vest_homes

    In this bathroom she used all Alabaster, and it actually looks pretty white, even alongside all the subway tile.

    All Alabaster bathroom with white subway tile tub/shower and a black framed mirror above the white sink
    Photo Credit: @in_vest_homes

    Still at Allison’s, she also used Alabaster in the bathroom.

    Acier Vanity in a main bathroom with Alabaster walls
    Photo Credit: @webbstead

    The vanity is Sherwin Williams Acier. I do find that the cooler tones of Acier make Alabaster look that little bit creamier.

    Acier Vanity in a main bathroom with Alabaster walls
    Photo Credit: @webbstead

    Alabaster in a Home Office

    In an office with a bold warm color, Alabaster looks very neutral. Here we are back at Ashley’s place, where she used Cavern Clay and Sandbank to create a focal point on the wall.

    An arch with Cavern clay painted on an Alabaster office wall in a cute attic
    Photo Credit: @ludic_living

    How cozy is this space?

    A closeup of an accent wall featuring an arch painted in Cavern clay with a wooden plant shelf
    Photo Credit: @ludic_living

    Now for something cool-toned with Alabaster, we move to an office by

    Aegean Teal Accent wall in home office
    Photo credit:

    She used Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal as the focal point, but kept the space mellow with Alabaster on the other walls.

    Aegean Teal Accent wall in home office
    Photo credit:

    I love this color palette! It reads very Mid-Century Modern.

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster for Your Home’s Exterior

    Alabaster might just be the most popular white exterior color on the market! I got to be a little choosy and pick the very best Alabaster examples.

    Alabaster on Traditional Siding

    Beginning with something standard, here is how Alabaster looks on exterior siding.

    An epic drone shot of Alabaster siding on a white farmhouse at sunrise in front of rolling hills.
    Photo Credit: @humblehilltn

    You can see how if we’re being choosy, we would choose the amazing drone shots of the house on Humble Hill (@humblehilltn)!

    Misty drone shot of a white farmhouse on rolling tennesee hills
    Photo Credit: @humblehilltn

    Of course, this new build in East Tennessee looks good close up too:

    Haint Blue potch ceiling in Sherwin Williams Rainwashed and siding and pillars in SW Alabaster on a modern farmhouse
    Photo Credit: @humblehilltn

    For the porch ceiling, the homeowners chose Sherwin Williams Rainwashed.

    Alabaster on siding and garage doors of a modern farmhouse
    Photo Credit: @humblehilltn

    I was trying to figure out what color Alabaster was reminding me of on this exterior, and I realized it’s Sherwin Williams White Flour. You might also like that one if you are looking for an exterior white.

    Alabaster on White Brick

    Lily (@thehybridhome) has her beautiful brick home painted in Alabaster:

    Alabaster white brick exterior with Rookwood Dark Green Door and Rock Bottom shutters
    Photo Credit: @thehybridhome

    Shutters are Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom, and the front door is Rookwood Dark Green.

    Want more like this? Check out my post: Stunning White Paint Colors for Classic Brick Exteriors

    Alabaster on a Stucco Exterior

    Stucco is really coming back! Here we see a brand new stucco exterior in Alabaster courtesy of Prodigious Painting (@prodigiouspainting) :

    Two tone contemporary home in stucco with Alabaster and Porpoise for the paint colors
    Photo Credit: @Prodigiouspainting

    The dark gray color is SW Porpoise. In the next shot you can see both colors looking a little cooler:

    cooler toned shot of Two tone contemporary home in stucco with Alabaster and Porpoise for the paint colors
    Photo Credit: @Prodigiouspainting

    Alabster for Exterior Trim

    Alabaster isn’t the most common exterior trim choice, but here it is on a stately Victorian rehab project:

    Huge Blue Victorian home with Alabaster trim
    Photo Credit: @powell_victorian_revival

    For the siding, the homeowners of the Powell Victorian Revival (@powell_victorian_revival) chose two different blues: Slate Tile and Colonial Gray.

    Alabaster Trim on the porch and around the door of a blue Victorian home.
    Photo Credit: @powell_victorian_revival

    The hints of Alabaster are sooo soft and subtle with the two blue tones.

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster Compared to Alabaster From Other Brands

    Before we get into dupes, you may have seen that some other brands also carry a shade named Alabaster, so are they all the same?

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster vs Benjamin Moore Alabaster (OC-129)

    Benjamin Moore’s take on Alabaster is lighter than Sherwin Williams, but in general tone these two are pretty similar.

    Alabaster by Sherwin Williams in a living room with white furniture and swatches of Behr Alabaster and Benjamin Moore Alabaster over top

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster vs Behr Alabaster (BXC-62)

    Behr Alabaster is darker than Sherwin Williams Alabaster, and a little more beige.

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster vs Valspar Alabaster (HGSW4031)

    Lowe’s sells the HGTV x Sherwin Williams line of colors, including the color HGSW4031 “Alabaster.”

    This color is actually the same as the regular Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

    Alabaster Dupes

    Forget about the other colors named Alabaster, what colors are actually good alternatives?

    Here are the best dupes and doubles that I could find for SW Alabaster:

    Alabaster with three dupes: Dune White, Silky White, and Shell White, plus the similar Behr Color of the Year for 2023 Blank Canvas

    Benjamin Moore Alabaster Equivalent

    The closest equivalent to Sherwin Williams Alabaster that Benjamin Moore offers, is the color Dune White.

    Benjamin Moore Dune White (968 or CC-70)

    Dune White was formerly known as Glacier White, and it is so close to Sherwin Williams Alabaster that I don’t think you could tell these two apart!

    Benjamin Moore dupe for Sherwin Williams Alabaster - Dune White, with each color on half of the wall behind a bed with white bedding

    Technically Dune White is the tiniest bit warmer than SW Alabaster.

    Valspar (Lowe’s) Equivalent to Alabaster

    (Excluding the HGSW Alabaster color, which is the same.)

    I really like Valspar for neutral white options, but they have a great dupe for the warm white of SW Alabaster with their shade Shell White.

    Valspar Shell White (7007-12)

    Valspar Alabaster alternative Shell White on half of a wall with Alabaster on the other half.

    Shell White is actually a touch warmer and darker than Alabaster, but it’s very very close.

    Alabaster Behr Equivalent (Home Depot)

    There are a few Behr whites that would make good alternatives for Alabaster, but the best match is Silky White.

    Behr Silky White (PPU7-12)

    Silky White is just the tiniest bit lighter than Alabaster, but it makes a great dupe!

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster on half of a wall with silky white (a Behr Alabaster alternative) on the bottom half

    Honorable Mention: Behr Blank Canvas (DC-003)

    Blank Canvas is the Behr Color of the Year for 2023. I wanted to mention it because it is very similar to Alabaster too, but a little less muted.

    Behr color of the year blank canvas vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster on a wall behind a floating desk and a round mirror

    Alabaster Pros and Cons

    Let’s take a ten second recap!

    Pros for Using Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    • It’s soft, versatile, and still pretty neutral
    • Perfect for a Modern Farmhouse look
    • Can look white or creamy depending on your trim choices
    • A great white choice for exteriors
    • Looks amazing with all colors of cabinet hardware
    Sherwin Williams Alabaster on a wall behind a floating shelf of knick knacks
    Photo Credit: @ludic_living

    Cons for Using Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    • It is definitely creamy! If you want a true white, this isn’t it
    • Can look a little more yellow than other soft whites
    • Not well suited as a crisp white
    • A little too popular (in my opinion–I’m a paint hipster)

    I hope this helped you decide if Sherwin Williams take on Alabaster is the perfect white for you! If it’s not the one, check out these other whites:

    Chantilly Lace on a paint can lid over picture of lace
    Sherwin Williams whitetail swatched on a color card along with many whites from other brands, above a picture of a white panelled kitchen with wood dining furniture.
    7 swiss coffee paint colors swatched to the right of a frothy latte