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Behr Diamonds Therapy Review and Comparison

    It seems like white paint colors are still white hot and not going anywhere this year! Behr Diamonds Therapy is a sophisticated color that is easy to work with.

    Let’s dive into a complete Diamonds Therapy review!

    A sample of Behr Diamonds Therapy beside a picture of diamonds

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    What Color is Behr Diamonds Therapy CW-30

    Diamonds Therapy is a white paint color that toes the line of white and off-white. It is almost like a very pale shade of greige.

    What is the Undertone of Behr Diamonds Therapy

    Diamonds Therapy is a yellow white, but it is not a saturated color. Therefore the undertone is yellow, but the color is more likely to lean gray than yellow.

    Is Diamonds Therapy Cool or Warm

    Diamonds Therapy is technically a warm white, but because it is so gray, I would say it’s more neutral than anything.

    Behr Diamonds Therapy LRV

    The LRV of Diamonds Therapy is 80. True whites tend to have an LRV of about 82 or higher, so Diamonds Therapy would be off-white by that measure.

    {The LRV – Light Reflecting Value – of a color is measured on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being true black and 100 being true white (or completely reflective) but paint colors stick between 2 and 93}

    I can say that in real life though, it’s pretty darn white.

    I was shocked to see that Diamonds Therapy is a near perfect match to the trim and doors in our house, which look white!

    Diamonds Therapy compared to white trim.

    Behr Diamonds Therapy RGB and HEX Code

    I used a tool called HTML color codes to convert the RGB of Diamonds Therapy into a hex code, because the other hex codes available are not accurate.

    RGB: 233, 232, 224

    Hex code: E9E8E0

    I used the official RGB from Behr, so I feel certain that my hex code is correct.

    Sherwin Williams Diamonds Therapy Equivalent

    Sherwin Williams has a lot of white paint colors, and I mean A LOT of white colors, so I was surprised that it was tricky to find a really close match to Diamonds Therapy.

    Here are the top choices, I stuck with ones in the same yellowy range:

    Diamonds Therapy vs Pure White SW 7005

    Sherwin Williams Pure White is pretty much the same color as Diamonds Therapy, but a fair bit lighter.

    A living room with Diamonds therapy on half the wall vs sherwin williams pure white on the other half.

    Pure White has an LRV of 84. It’s actually nowhere near being a pure white – even for Sherwin Williams – so don’t let the name fool you!

    Diamonds Therapy vs Ethereal White SW 6182

    Sherwin Williams Ethereal White is actually an off-white. Again it is very similar to Diamonds Therapy, but this time a little darker. The LRV of Ethereal White is 76.

    Diamonds therapy vs ethereal white. Each on half of the wall above a bed.

    Benjamin Moore Diamonds Therapy Equivalent

    I found the perfect Benjamin Moore dupe for Diamonds Therapy!

    Diamonds Therapy vs Winter White 2140-70

    Winter White is a nearly perfect double for Diamonds Therapy. It’s so close that you would never know the difference from one wall to another. Winter White has an LRV of 81.6 so it is just a touch lighter than Diamonds Therapy.

    Benjamin Moore Winter white in a strip on a wall of diamonds therapy in a studio apartment.

    Behr Diamonds Therapy Similar Colors

    Here are all of the shades that I just listed on one card:

    Graphic Reads Diamond White, above the alternatives to Diamonds THerapy, under a picture of diamonds.

    What Colors Go With Behr Diamonds Therapy?

    Behr recommends that the coordinating colors for Diamonds Therapy be a sand color, blue white, and a cream. To be honest, I think their palette is pretty yucky.

    Diamonds Therapy could be matched with almost anything because it is pretty neutral, so I decided to try out Diamonds Therapy with some new and popular colors.

    Diamonds Therapy Color Palette

    Coordinating colors for Diamonds Therapy as listed in article.

    Sherwin Williams Snowbound

    Snowbound is a color that I covered extensively in another post. It’s a super popular white, and one of my personal favorites! It’s an orange white, vs Diamonds Therapy’s yellow white.

    I probably wouldn’t put these two together, but I wanted to show them side by side.

    Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

    Chantilly Lace is probably my all-time favorite white! It’s a green white, so it’s super neutral. It’s also a bright white, so you could pair Chantilly Lace with Diamonds Therapy and still get a good contrast.

    Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

    Gray Owl is a nice light greige color that is actually in the yellow-green family. It’s the perfect brown-gray to contrast with Diamonds Therapy, while still staying light and bright!

    Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

    You can see that the forever popular Revere Pewter would actually look great with Diamonds Therapy. I’m not surprised, Revere Pewter is such a chameleon.

    Graphic reads "Nail down your neutral color scheme in 60 minutes or less" with an image of the foolproof neutrals ebook. Button below reads "Show me how!"

    Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay

    Cavern Clay is one of my favorite “new neutrals.” It’s a rich terracotta color that is muted and earthy enough to look natural. It pairs with an infinite amount of other colors, including Diamonds Therapy!

    I’ve seen that gray and terracotta is becoming a popular color scheme, and Diamonds Therapy would be a nice choice if you are feeling a little less committed.

    Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

    Evergreen Fog is Sherwin Williams “Color of the Year” for 2022. Here it looks fairly green, because it’s beside Rosemary and some lighter neutrals, but it definitely has some earthy tones.

    Sherwin Williams Rosemary

    Rosemary is such a pretty color! It’s a very bold natural green that is still soft. I think Rosemary and Diamonds Therapy would look quite nice together.

    Read my post about Rosemary.

    Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

    Finally, Tricorn Black! I just don’t see the high contrast white and black color schemes going anywhere – or at least not soon!

    Diamonds Therapy is a nice soft color that Tricorn Black will still pop against, but it’s not as stark as a true white.

    Behr Diamonds Therapy in Natural Light

    I pasted the sample card for Diamonds Therapy all over my house, and in all different lights.

    Don’t Forget Your Supplies!

    This little brush might look funny, but it’s my absolute ride or die!

    Rollers like these hold the most paint and make the job faster. Get a metal roller cage for easy on and off.

    DryDex is the fastest (and funnest!) way to make chips and dents disappear. (Make sure you get a small spackling tool that actually fits in the container, and a sanding sponge.)

    This tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder.

    I mentioned earlier that it was nearly the same color as my trim and doors. Here is another example:

    Sample for Behr Diamonds Therapy pasted on a door with a plant in the background.

    Isn’t that crazy? It doesn’t make much sense that it’s so white, but here we are!

    Behr Diamonds Therapy vs Ultra Pure White

    I’ve showed Diamonds Therapy in indirect sunlight. Here it is in direct, beside Behr’s Ultra Pure White:

    Diamonds THerapy vs Behr Ultra Pure White

    Now you can really see the color of Diamonds Therapy.

    Underneath the samples is actually my white coffee table from Ikea, so it’s interesting to note that Diamonds Therapy is a pretty close match to that.

    If you aren’t sure if Diamonds Therapy is white enough, spend some time studying your Ikea furniture!

    Between this and the doors, I guess we could say that Diamonds Therapy is a factory white? But that doesn’t sound nearly as nice.

    Here is Diamonds Therapy against Behr Ultra Pure White on my wall in indirect natural light:

    Diamonds Therapy vs Behr Ultra Pure White on a wall together

    I would say that all three colors (the two Behr samples and my wall color) look a little more gray in this picture than they did in real life. My wall color is similar to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. It’s a greenish neutral color.

    Want one last mind bender?

    I did not get even a hint of yellow from Diamonds Therapy anywhere in my home. So I tried it against a piece of paper!

    Behr Diamonds therapy on wall vs paper

    On the left is Diamonds Therapy on the wall, and the right is on the piece of paper. Isn’t that crazy? Both are in natural light. (I had to reverse the sample on the left to match it up in the photo.)

    So it is in fact a yellow white.

    Diamonds Therapy – Is It All That?

    There you have it! I wanted to show Diamonds Therapy in some rooms, but I haven’t found a lot to share. I will try to update this post if I see some around.

    It has proven itself to be a bit of a chameleon, and a nice soft white that is totally neutral.

    Behr Diamonds therapy sample beside a photo of Diamonds on a white surface.

    If the search is still on for your perfect white, try Valspar Cream in my Coffee, Whitetail, or any of these:

    Sherwin WIlliams white flour on a paint lid on a floured butcher block surface.
    Alabaster and Natural choice on a wooden background with flour and natural colored yarn.
    Chantilly Lace paint lid over image of woman in a lace wedding dress.