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Hunter Green vs Forest Green: What is the Difference?

    Greens are having a huge comeback right now, and there are so many categories of rich green paint colors. Hunter green and forest green are some of the top choices for moody decor inspo.

    If you are anything like me, you might think they are the same thing. Here is what I learned about these deep greens!

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    Hunter Green vs Forest Green

    You may be wondering “What on earth is the difference?” and so was I. Hunter green tends to be darker and warmer toned than forest green. Often forest green can have a slight blue undertone, and hunter green leans more towards the deep green colors on camo (like a hunter would wear).

    Graphic reads Hunter vs Forest Green above a picture of a forest, with a bar of green below the picture and another to the right. Right color is Sherwin williams dard hunter green. Color Below is Benjamin Moore Forest Green.

    These two terms are used interchangeably a lot of the time, so I wouldn’t get too caught up on the distinction. There is definitely some overlap with these colors!

    Hunter green and forest green are both dark greens.

    Benjamin Moore Hunter Green vs Forest Green

    Lucky for us, Benjamin Moore actually makes a color for each name: Forest Green 2047-10 and Hunter Green 2041-10.

    With Benjamin Moore the distinction holds true, Forest Green is lighter and more cyan, where Hunter Green is a little darker and more true green.

    Forest Green 2047-10

    Here is a color swatch of the color Forest Green by Benjamin Moore:

    A picture of a forest beside a lake to the left of a swatch of the color Forest Green by Benjamin Moore.

    I almost think this “Forest Green” is actually closer to an emerald green, but I’m not in the naming department of Benjamin Moore.

    Whomp whomp.

    Hunter Green 2041-10

    Here is a color swatch of the color Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore:

    A swatch of Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore to the left of a photo of a camo sleeve.

    Hunter Green is a rich huntery green. Can’t complain about this one!

    I did scroll through a LOT of greens by Benjamin Moore, and I felt like their deep greens often tended towards the cool tones, which was interesting.

    If you want a warmer hunter green, consider Vintage Vogue or Backwoods by Benjamin Moore.

    I also made a whole post about Warm Green Paint Colors.

    Sherwin Williams Hunter Green vs Forest Green

    I noticed that Sherwin Williams doesn’t really have any rhyme or reason to their color names, and that both their hunter greens and forest greens tended to be deep moody greens with earthy tones.

    Dard Hunter Green SW 0041

    I feel like this is a great example of what I think of when I hear “Hunter green.”

    A classic car painted in Hunter Green beside a swatch of Sherwin Williams Dard Hunter Green

    Isle of Pines SW 6461

    Sherwin Williams has plenty of colors named after forests and trees, but I thought this color was a good representation of forest green.

    Isle of Pines swatch beside a picture of a misty forest

    Isle of Pines is still a fairly subdued tone compared to other more saturated forest greens in other brands.

    If neither of these suit your fancy, you might love Sherwin Williams Pewter Green. It is a dark green that is more to the gray.

    Valspar Hunter Green vs Forest Green

    Here is a comparison of a hunter green vs a forest green by Valspar.

    Valspar Hunter Green

    Valspar Hunter Green beside a picture of a hunter green door in a stone building.

    Of course whenever I could get a literal take on hunter or forest green, I took it!

    Valspar’s Hunter Green is a lighter form of the color. I could see it being perfect on kitchen cabinets.

    Valspar Forest Symphony

    First of all, Valspar’s Forest Symphony has a great name!

    A Forest Green door in a white concrete wall with coral flowering vines growing over the top.

    Forest Symphony is a smoky take on forest green, that could really be classed as a hunter green too.

    Behr Hunter Green vs Forest Green

    These two Behr paint colors are a perfect representation of the different tones of forest green and hunter green.

    Behr Hidden Forest (ECC 51-3)

    A picture of a forest from above, beside a swatch of Hidden Forest by Behr

    I feel like Hidden Forest is a very “true” forest green. It is a deep, saturated green, with a slight cool undertone.

    Behr New Hunter Green (ICC-86)

    A swatch of new Hunter Green beside a picture of a living room with plants and hunter green velvet furniture.

    New Hunter Green is an almost sage paint color, but without the blue that is present in most sages.

    Hunter Green vs Forest Green Kitchen Cabinets

    There is no shortage of deep green kitchen inspo available this year! It is totally the latest and greatest in kitchen cabinets.

    (In fact, visit my Green Kitchen Cabinets post to feast your eyes!)

    Here is a very deep forest green in a kitchen:

    I love the forest green with the brick!

    Here is a hunter green kitchen:

    The gold hardware and butcher block countertops are the perfect complement to the hunter green cabinets.

    Hunter Green vs Forest Green Exterior

    I went looking for some homes that were painted hunter green and forest green, and felt like I lost all sense of the distinction!

    I really think this home could be classed as either color:

    It’s a deep green with a warm quality to it. The color wasn’t listed here, but it is very close to Valspar Hunter Green or Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines.

    I am loving the total commitment to the color!

    Siding? Green.

    Trim? Green.

    Garage door? Also green!

    For some reason this color takes the house back in time.

    (In the best possible way.)

    This next home would probably be classed as hunter green. It’s actually almost black!

    That color is Valspar Nocturnal Green.

    Here is another picture of the same house in different lighting:

    You can see it looks more green here!

    This is a hunter green, but couldn’t it also be a forest green, since it looks so at home amongst the trees?

    Hunter Green and Forest Green Inspiration

    I am OBSESSED with this room:

    Isn’t that such a soothing tone?

    Unfortunately the color was part of a very limited run of Benjamin Moore’s Century Collection, and then it was discontinued. Veridian Green 06 was the name of it.

    I did my best sleuthing and found that Benjamin Moore Chrome Green HC-189 is probably the closest match.

    Don’t Forget Your Supplies!

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    What Colors Go With Hunter Green and Forest Green?

    Of course white is always an option, no matter what you are pairing it with! There is a white of every tone, for everybody.

    For a white that picks up the green tones, try Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. I also love Sherwin Williams Snowbound.

    These two are my favorite whites in any situation, so I am a little biased! Both are true whites, so they aren’t hard to fit into your existing decor.

    For a warm white, consider White Flour, one of Sherwin Williams most popular whites.

    For an updated color scheme with these deep greens, go bold and add pops of rich terracotta. I love a good clay color with dark green!

    If you want a neutral that isn’t white, consider a new neutral like Benjamin Moore’s October Mist. It’s a light, almost sage paint color, that will work in your whole home.

    Graphic reads "Nail down your neutral color scheme in 60 minutes or less" with an image of the foolproof neutrals ebook. Button below reads "Show me how!"

    Hunter Green or Forest Green

    How do you feel about each color now? I think I might be more of a hunter green gal myself. I love the warmer tones!

    Pinterest graphic reads Forest vs Hunter Green over a background header photo that is half forest and half moss, above 8 dots of paint colors, one for every color covered in this article, all forest or Hunter green.

    Also, I’m old enough to remember the forest green and burgundy craze in the 90’s, and hunter green doesn’t take me there.

    So, what are we painting?

    Graphic reads "Sherwin Williams Pewter Green Color Palette" and colored paint dots. Large dot in center top is Pewter green. Other colors from top left to bottom right are BM Chantilly Lace, SW Cavern Clay, BM Carolina Gull, SW Shoji White, SW Ripe Olive, and BM Smokey Taupe.
    Graphic of 9 green circles reads "Dark Green Paint Colors" From top left to bottom right colors are: vogue green, vine leaf, vintage vogue, tarrytown green, black evergreen, ripe olive, cascades, greenblack, and salamander. Background photo is dark green dewy leaves
    Graphic of 9 paint dots over a background of a dark green room with a green velvet chair, plants, and a rose gold coffee table. Paint colors from top left to bottom right are: October mist, avocado whip, carolina gull, palace green, oak moss, peale green, ocean tropic, vintage vogue, roycroft bottle green.