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Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paint colors out there?

Choose Your Perfect Paint Colors in 60 Minutes or Less

Grab Your Copy of the Foolproof Neutrals Color Capsule e-book

Cover of foolproof neutrals color guide with 3 sheets from within the e-book spread out behind

Flash sale for May! Get the guide for 60% off.

Purchase today for only $23 $9!

Are you up to your neck in paint chips?

Is every gray, beige, and greige starting to look the same to you?

Or are you just procrastinating on making a choice because it’s overwhelming and you don’t want to pick the wrong color?

My Foolproof Neutrals Color Guide is a capsule wardrobe for your home. I have hand selected 16 beautiful coordinating neutrals that I consider to be foolproof.

In just 3 steps, you will be guided through the process of choosing your perfect white, your perfect neutral wall color, and your perfect accent color.

This process should take 60 minutes, or even much less!

Foolproof neutrals e-book beside room by room color planner

How Will You Know the Colors Are Right?

After your initial selections, sample palettes will inspire you to make your home your own using the perfect colors that you confidently chose yourself. (Go YOU!)

You will be able to see your custom color palette come together in a simple worksheet that will allow you to visualize your perfect paint colors with your other finishes.

What Else is Included?

I want to make sure that this product has incredible value, so you know I had to include lots of little extras!

I’ve created a guide within this guide called Accents Made Easy. Using the tips and ideas within will help you choose the perfect accent color placement.

Samples from Accents Made Easy inside the Foolproof Neutrals color guide

This is going to save you a lot of time when you use the Room by Room Color Planner.

Wait. The what?

The Room by Room Color Planner will help you plan the placement of each of your foolproof colors. 

Sample images from Room by Room color planner and exterior planner

I have included space for every room in your home that I could think of, and even added an Exterior Color Planner.

Just for fun, I also included sheets of each paint color, so you can cut and paste into your planner if you’re a visual learner like me!

Flash sale for May! Get the guide for 60% off.

Purchase today for only $23 $9!

Foolproof neutrals e-book beside room by room color planner

So after I use this guide, I can just go to the store?

You bet your booty you can! 

In fact, you won’t forget anything when you shop for your project, because I also included a handy dandy Must-Have Supply List.

(I love endless Saturday trips to the home improvement store as much as the next girl, but let’s skip it this time, shall we?)

I’ve even made it easy to know how much paint you need, by including a Paint Quantity Estimator and a Paint Cost Calculator.

(I also sprinkled in some tips for saving on paint, to help you cut down on the crazy expense that renovations inevitably seem to rack up! So really, it’s like this guide pays for itself! *wink wink*)

Not to be a late night infomercial…

But Wait, There’s More!

Not sure about sheens

I included Sheens Made Simple, an easy one page guide to help you pick the right finish for each of your paint colors.

You can also remember what paint colors you used long after the cans are gone using the Final Selections Worksheets.

(But who are we kidding? You’re going to be so proud of yourself that you will keep your palette forever too!)

Bonus: Best of Behr

Four foolproof color alternatives from everyone’s favorite big box store. 

(What, we’re on a budget mmmkay?)

Everything You Get with the Foolproof Neutrals Color Guide:

  • 16 neutral paint color choices specially selected for their versatility and predictability
  • 4 sample color palettes in a variety of styles to inspire you
  • Custom color palette worksheet
  • Accents Made Easy guide for perfect color placement
  • Room by Room Interior and Exterior Color Planner
  • Simple sheen guide
  • Final selections worksheets
  • When to hire and when to DIY cheat sheet
  • Easy budget worksheets (Includes DIY supply list, paint quantity estimator, and paint cost calculator)
  • Bonus! Best of Behr

Putting together a color consult this thorough would easily cost $400+

Save those pennies and get this guide instead!

I’m running a flash sale for the rest of May! Get the guide for 60% off:

Okay, Okay, Give me the Guide for $23 $9! *

Cover of foolproof neutrals color guide with 3 sheets from within the e-book spread out behind


Terms and Conditions:

This is not a physical product. After you make your purchase you will be provided with a link to download your digital product. The foolproof color guide is intended to help you choose paint colors quickly and efficiently. Sometimes colors do something totally unexpected. (Remember black/blue white/gold dress-gate?) I recommend testing your final choices just to be certain that they don’t do anything funky in your particular space. This e-book is a guide only, I am not responsible for any unsatisfactory outcomes.

This e-book is subject to copyright and is for personal use only. For commercial license, please contact me.