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Take a Vacation With Sherwin Williams Retreat (Complete Review & Dupes!)

    Sherwin Williams Retreat is one of my all time favorite accent colors. This sagey-green really goes with anything!

    If you have any dated browns, grays, or wood in your home, Retreat is my go-to for freshening up without clashing.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat swatched beside a picture of a lakeside cabin retreat

    Today we will look at Retreat in real homes, see it in a color palette, and of course, track down some dupes.

    Let’s get into it!

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    What Color is Sherwin Williams Retreat (SW 6207)

    Retreat is a medium-dark shade of sage green. It’s a bit too dark to use in your whole home, but it’s great for accents or small rooms.

    Paint swipe swatch of Retreat on color card

    LRV and RBG of Sherwin Williams Retreat

    The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 – 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn’t reflect). True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

    In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 – 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.

    The LRV of Retreat is 21.

    The LRV for Retreat plotted at 21 on a scale of 0 (black) to 100 (pure white) over a background of a forest cabin retreat

    At 21, Retreat is much darker than most whole-home colors (which will fall into the 50-60 range) but it isn’t really dark either.

    Truly dark paint colors have an LRV of around 10 or less. Basically, Retreat is a nice darker green that won’t ever look black, or close to it.

    The RGB for Retreat is: Red 122, Green 128, Blue 118.

    What Are the Undertones of Retreat

    I have actually studied Retreat a decent amount in real life, and I don’t find that it does anything unpredictable. Compared to the swatch it can have slightly more blue-ish gray undertones, but most sage greens tend to.

    Retreat paint dot and hex chart over a background of a lake cabin

    Is Retreat Warm or Cool

    Technically Retreat is a cool color because it is green and can have slightly more cool blue undertones. However it is warmer than plenty of other gray greens.

    Personally, I would use it like a neutral. It does not ever look olive, nor does it look blue. Just a nice predictable sage color.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat Color Strip

    The color strip that Retreat belongs to, is full of Sherwin Williams bangers! Sea Salt, Oyster Bay, Acacia Haze, Pewter Green, and Ripe Olive are all decently popular colors.

    Here is the full list:

    Sherwin Williams Retreat color strip runs from Spare White, through Sea Salt, Comfort Gray, Oyster Bay, Acacia Haze, Retreat, Pewter Green, and Ripe Olive, over a background photo of a cabin on Emerald Lake.

    Spare White (SW 6203)

    Spare White is the lightest shade on the color strip. It’s a cool toned off-white that looks just a bit gray.

    (It has an LRV of 77, so it’s not actually white.)

    Sea Salt (SW 6204)

    Read all about Sea Salt: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (Complete Review and Color Matches!)

    Comfort Gray (SW 6205)

    Oyster Bay (SW 6206)

    Retreat (SW 6207) 

    Acacia Haze (SW 9132)

    Read all about Acacia Haze here: Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze: A Delicious Gray Green (Deep Dive & Dupes!) SW 9132

    Pewter Green (SW 6208)

    I’ve written a whole post about Pewter Green too!

    Ripe Olive (SW 6209)

    You can see a bit more of Ripe Olive in my post: Best Dark Green Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and More!

    Lighter Version of Retreat

    While Acacia Haze is one shade lighter than Retreat on the same color strip, you may find that the LRV is actually quite close still. Try Oyster Bay for a noticeably lighter alternative.

    For a whole home color, I would recommend Sea Salt.

    Darker Version of Retreat

    Pewter Green is one shade darker than Retreat, but noticeably so.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat Color Palette

    Here is a Retreat inspired color palette for you to ponder:

    Retreat color palette features Sherwin Williams Retreat with Shoji White, Alabaster, Cyberspace, Agreeable Gray, and Redend Point all on paint lids scattered over a wooden worktop with Eucalyptus leaves running down the side.

    Don’t Forget Your Supplies!

    This little brush might look funny, but it’s my absolute ride or die!

    Rollers like these hold the most paint and make the job faster. Get a metal roller cage for easy on and off.

    DryDex is the fastest (and funnest!) way to make chips and dents disappear. (Make sure you get a small spackling tool that actually fits in the container, and a sanding sponge.)

    This tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder.

    Coordinating Colors for Retreat

    Retreat with Agreeable Gray

    Why not pair Retreat with another go-with-anything neutral: Agreeable Gray!

    Sherwin Williams Retreat paint dot beside coordinating color Agreeable Gray

    Agreeable Gray is actually a greige paint color, so it’s warm and comfy as far as “grays” go. I think these two look classic and neutral together.

    Alabaster and Retreat

    Speaking of classic and neutral, Sherwin Williams most famous white Alabaster, would make a great companion for Retreat. This one is soft and warm without being off-white.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat paint dot beside coordinating color Alabaster

    Read more about Alabaster here: Alabaster by Sherwin Williams a Classic White Review (and Dupes!)

    Retreat with Cyberspace

    Cyberspace is a beautiful charcoal blue color, and it looks amazing with most shades of green, including Retreat!

    Sherwin Williams Retreat paint dot beside coordinating color Cyberspace

    Read more about this color here: Sherwin Williams Cyberspace (The Moodiest Charcoal Blue!)

    Retreat and Redend Point

    I’m a pretty big fan of sage greens with terracotta, so why not go with the soft clay of Redend Point with Retreat?

    Sherwin Williams Retreat paint dot beside coordinating color Redend Point

    Why Redend Point?

    It was only named the Color of the Year for 2023!

    Shoji White and Retreat

    Looking for an off-white instead of gray or beige? Try the delectable Shoji White with Retreat:

    Sherwin Williams Retreat paint dot beside coordinating color Shoji White

    Read all about Sherwin Williams Shoji White (It’s not greige!)

    Complementary Color for SW Retreat

    The “official” complementary color for Retreat (the color directly across the wheel) would be a dark purple-gray.

    I think that Cyberspace fits the bill reasonably well without actually being purple, but if you want to dive right in, try Sherwin Williams Cloak Gray.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat paint dot beside complementary color Cloak Gray

    (Cloak Gray is also not overtly purple, because I know the appeal for purple is somewhat narrow.)

    What Trim Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Retreat?

    Retreat is a great color to use if you have existing honey oak, dark wood, or other wood-toned trim. Really any sagey green will work in this scenario. Sage is a great natural color that complements wood super well!

    Bedroom with SW Retreat walls, window with hanging white curtains, bed and abstract rug.
    Photo Credit: @ravishingrooms

    Here is another example using a similar color: SW Rosemary.

    An office or sitting room with Rosemary walls, warm wood floors, mahogany ceiling, and wood panel door
    Photo Credit: @afr_design_realty

    (I will compare these two colors in just a minute!)

    White Paint that Goes with Retreat

    If you are looking for the perfect white trim paint for Retreat, here are some popular colors paired with Retreat walls:

    Sherwin Williams Retreat with a variety of trim choices including Retreat itself, Sherwin Williams Alabaster, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, and Sherwin Williams Pure White

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    We already talked about Alabaster in the color palette, but most likely you would be considering it because you are looking for a trim white.

    Alabaster is a darker white, so it will make Retreat look a little bit lighter, and its warmth will emphasize Retreat’s cool undertones.

    Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

    Chantilly Lace is just my favorite white ever. It’s nice and bright but not stark at all. It will look quite crisp with Retreat.

    Sherwin Williams Pure White

    Pure White splits the difference between Alabaster and Chantilly Lace. It’s a soft white with more gray than Chantilly Lace, but it’s not as soft and warm as Alabaster.

    Can You Use Retreat on Walls and Trim?

    You might have peeped in that graphic that I had the audacity to suggest Retreat as a trim color for Retreat walls. This is a relatively trendy concept that I have seen executed very well with darker greens.

    Here is an example using Behr Heritage Park:

    Behr Heritage Park on walls, doors, and trim. A similar sage green to Retreat.
    Photo credit: @athomewithxin

    It’s not for everybody, but it’s definitely a look!

    Sherwin Williams Retreat Home Interior

    Let’s get to seeing Retreat in real life!

    Sherwin Williams Retreat in a Living Room

    Laley (@laley.freeman) used SW Retreat in her living room makeover.

    Living room with SW Retreat walls, cats sitting on the sofa. A leaning ladder rack beside the television.
    Photo Credit: @laley.freeman

    With the light furniture, carpet, and good lighting, the room is still surprisingly bright, despite using Retreat on all of the walls.

    Living room with SW Retreat walls. A leaning ladder rack beside the television and a sofa set.
    Photo Credit: @laley.freeman

    You can see how great this color looks with neutrals like gray, cream, and beige.

    Living room with SW Retreat wall. A crochet hanging display and a small egg rattan chair. A staircase behind the sofa.
    Photo Credit: @laley.freeman

    Sherwin Williams Retreat in the Dining Room

    I just have one shot of Retreat in a dining room, but boy oh boy is it a baddy!

    A dining room with SW retreat on accent wall. Burlwood set of chair, table and beautiful Chauveau Chandelier.
    Photo Credit: @deboeverinteriors

    Lisa from DeBoever Interiors styled this chic space. Am I the only one getting Mad Men and Boho at the same time?

    Sherwin Williams Retreat on an Accent Wall

    I’m a bit surprised that Retreat is harder to find on accent walls than it is to find on every wall! That last photo in the dining room was a pretty good feature wall example, but still the whole room is the same color.

    Here is the slightly darker Pewter Green on a gorgeous feature wall:

    Pewter Green on a geometric wood feature wall in a white living room with a cream sofa
    Photo Credit: @wood_visions

    Sherwin Williams Retreat in a Bedroom

    Jill from @RavishingRooms used Retreat in this bedroom makeover.

    A Sherwin Williams Retreat in a bedroom wall with an overview window, a cream cabinet and a knitted blanket over the bed.
    Photo Credit: @ravishingrooms

    By most people’s standards the color shift in here is somewhat subtle. The room went from a sort of turquoise color to Retreat.

    Room with turquoise wall and a window.
    Photo Credit: @Ravishingrooms

    It’s amazing how much more sophisticated the room looks now!

    Sherwin Williams Retreat on a bedroom wall. A knitted blanket on a white queen size bed.
    Photo Credit: @ravishingrooms

    Sherwin Williams Retreat in a Nursery

    Retreat would make for a beautiful gender-neutral nursery color. Here is the similar color Benjamin Moore Vintage Vogue in a nursery:

    Vintage Vogue, similar to Retreat, on an accent wall in a nursery bedroom with other walls in cream
    Photo Credit: @ourvarghesehome

    The lighting isn’t great in this shot, but you get the idea!

    Using your imagination a little, I could see this design also looking beautiful in Retreat:

    A dark clay color on the ceiling and lower half of a wall. Upper half has a woodsy themed wallpaper in clays and Dark Greens
    Photo Credit @marialovesrealestate

    Sherwin Williams Retreat in a Bathroom

    Celine (@celine.jenn) decided to use Sherwin Williams Retreat on her bathroom vanity.

    A Sherwin Williams Retreat on a vanity bathroom cabinet and a round black mirror.
    Photo Credit: @celine.jenn

    The walls here are Sherwin Williams Spare White, which you may remember is the lightest color on the same strip.

    A Sherwin Williams Retreat on a vanity bathroom cabinet beside toilet bowl and Moroccan rug
    Photo Credit: @celine.jenn

    Retreat looks beautiful and calm in this space!

    Sherwin Williams Retreat on Kitchen Cabinets

    Green is big big BIG for cabinets right now. I think this color is going to have all the staying power of navy blue, which still hasn’t really died.

    Here is Retreat on the kitchen cabinets from @hottohouse:

    A Sherwin Williams Retreat on kitchen cabinet beside dishwasher with white kitchen backsplash.
    Photo credit: @hottohouse

    You might have seen these before, because I also share them in my Trend-Setting Green Kitchen Cabinet Ideas post.

    A Sherwin Williams Retreat on kitchen cabinets with white kitchen backsplash and white countertops
    Photo credit: @hottohouse

    I’m not sure what else to say about this kitchen. I love everything about it! The white countertops and tile are a great choice with the darker green cabinets, and the walnut color on the floor is just *chef’s kiss*.

    (But of course I love the tile, I’ve literally used it before!)

    Retreat on an Island

    If you don’t want to commit to an all-over Retreat look in your kitchen, try painting just your island!

    This is what Amber (@amlopo1) did!

    A plant vase on top a kitchen island painted Sherwin Williams Retreat and butcher block countertops.
    Photo Credit: @amlopo1

    I know I’ve already said it, but the big draw to Retreat is that it works so well with any and all shades of wood. You can see that it looks great with the warm floors in that last picture, as well as with the cabinets.

    Here is a quick mock up of how Retreat would look with existing honey oak cabinets:

    Honey Oak cabinets with white tile backsplash and Retreat walls

    Not bad at all!

    Sherwin Williams Retreat for Your Exterior

    Here is Retreat on an exterior with vinyl siding:

    A Sherwin Williams Retreat on house exterior with black gate garage, blue trash bin and grass on roadside.
    Photo Credit: @_rileydevney

    Riley (@_rileydevney) totally committed to the look and went dark with the shutters and garage door too. For those she chose Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.

    A Sherwin Williams Retreat on house exterior and a concrete entryway.
    Photo Credit: @_rileydevney

    If you didn’t want to go quite so dark, either Shoji White or Agreeable Gray would also have looked beautiful on the shutters and garage.

    You can see that the texture on the bricks makes Retreat look a tiny bit darker on the lower part of the house.

    Retreat on a Front Door

    You might have noticed that Riley’s front door looks almost like the rest of the house. At first I thought it was also Retreat, but it’s actually the lighter shade Oyster Bay.

    Either way, that should give you a decent idea of how Retreat would look on a front door.

    As another example, here is the Sherwin Williams Color Rookwood Blue Green:

    Alabaster white brick exterior with Rookwood Dark Green Door and Rock Bottom shutters. Front Door is similar to Retreat.
    Photo Credit: @thehybridhome

    This color is a little bit brighter and less gray than Retreat, but a good example. The exterior brick is painted in Alabaster, and the shutters are Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom.

    Love this look? Check out my post: Stunning White Paint Colors for Classic Brick Exteriors

    Retreat Compared to Other Dark Green Paint Colors

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Pewter Green

    As you already know, Pewter Green is one shade darker than Retreat on the same color strip.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Pewter Green, each on half of a wall in a living room behind a camel colored sofa

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Acacia Haze

    Acacia Haze is one shade lighter than Retreat on the same color strip.

    This is a color that Sherwin Williams added to the color strip after the fact, to make the jump from Retreat to the much lighter Oyster Bay, more subtle.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Acacia Haze, each on half of a wall in a living room behind a green sofa and an oak book shelf

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Succulent

    To be honest, Succulent looks like a color that could also be from the same strip as Retreat, but it isn’t.

    Sherwin Williams Succulent is darker than Retreat, and cooler (much more blue).

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Succulent, each on half of a wall in a living room behind a white sofa

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Evergreen Fog

    Evergreen Fog was the 2022 Color of the Year from Sherwin Williams, and it sure does have a lot in common with Retreat!

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Evergreen For, each on half of a wall in a living room behind a white chair and small coffee table

    Evergreen Fog is lighter and a bit warmer than Retreat. Here is a look at the dueling color strips:

    Pewter Green color strip from Spare White to Ripe Olive compared to the Evergreen Fog color strip from Ethereal White to Shade Grown.

    Super similar!

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Rosemary

    Another shade from the Evergreen Fog color strip, is the color Rosemary. Here is a side by side of Rosemary compared to Retreat.

    Rosemary is warmer and darker.

    Rosemary vs retreat on the wall behind a gray sofa

    You can see more from this alternative gray green here: Sherwin Williams Rosemary (The Unofficial Color of the Year?)

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Dried Thyme

    Dried Thyme also appears on the Evergreen Fog color strip and is the comparable LRV for Retreat. You can see here that Dried Thyme is a little warmer and more olivey than Retreat.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Dried Thyme, each on half of a wall in a bedroom behind a white bed

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Benjamin Moore Carolina Gull

    Honestly, Retreat and Benjamin Moore’s Carolina Gull are so similar that Carolina Gull could have been my choice as a dupe for Retreat.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Carolina Gull on the wall

    Carolina Gull is just a little bit lighter.

    I have a whole post where you can get a good look at it: Benjamin Moore Carolina Gull (The Latest in Sage Greens!)

    Dupes for Sherwin Williams Retreat

    Well now that we’ve covered some colors that are different from Retreat, let’s take a look at some that are virtually the same!

    Sherwin Williams Retreat with dupes from other brands including Rainy Afternoon, Village Green, and Sage Slate

    Benjamin Moore Retreat Equivalent

    I wasn’t able to find as close a match from Benjamin Moore for Retreat as I would have liked to. There seems to be a pretty big gap with their gray greens where they are either significantly lighter or darker than Retreat.

    (As you saw, Carolina Gull is also very similar, but quite a bit lighter.)

    In the end the closest color match that I found was Rainy Afternoon.

    Benjamin Moore Rainy Afternoon (1575)

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Benjamin Moore Rainy Afternoon, each on half of a wall in a living room behind a gallery of black and white photos

    Rainy Afternoon is a bit darker than Retreat, and also a touch warmer.

    Valspar (Lowe’s) Equivalent to Retreat

    The closest color match that Valspar offers for Retreat, is the color Sage Slate.

    Valspar Sage Slate (8004-32F)

    Sage Slate is a little bit warmer (more yellow) and darker than Retreat.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Sage Slate, each on half of a wall in a living room behind a mint green sofa and a wooden floor lamp

    Retreat Behr Equivalent (Home Depot)

    From Behr the closest alternative for Retreat is the shade Village Green.

    Behr Village Green (N410-5)

    Village Green is a little bit cooler (more blue) and lighter than Retreat.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat vs Village Green, each on half of a wall in a living room behind a dark leather chair and ottoman and a variety of plants
    Retreat background with swatches over top of dupes Village Green, Rainy Afternoon, and Sage Slate, with a white botanical graphic behind

    Retreat Pros & Cons

    Thank you so much for reading to the end of this post! That really helps my blog to grow. If you want to support this site for free, please share with your friends on any social media platform! 🙂

    Let’s talk pros and cons for Retreat real quick:


    • Goes with anything!
    • The perfect color to refresh spaces with dated wood
    • Dark enough to make a statement, but not super dark


    • Shan’t.

    If this wasn’t the one for you, I should have a degree in green! (A de-green?) Here are some more fab colors:

    Vintage Vogue paint dot over a background of Vintage Vogue board and batten in a bathroom
    Green Kitchen Cabinets in a kitchen with lots of warm wood tones
    Paint drop of Jasper over background photo of white dining room with a Jasper feature wall