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Rock Bottom by Sherwin Williams (Review and Dupes!) SW 7062

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom is a deep gray green paint color that is an overlooked cousin of big time favorites like Iron Ore or Urbane Bronze.

    Rock Bottom swatched beside a tower of gray green slate

    If you love a deep green but you don’t like overly “bright” colors, you are going to love Rock Bottom.

    (Probably the only time you’re going to love Rock Bottom.)

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    What Color is Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom (SW 7062)

    Rock Bottom is a deep moody green with a healthy dose of gray.

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom Color Card Swatch

    It’s kind of a strange name if you ask me, because it isn’t particularly reminiscent of either rocks or bottoms (I’ll see myself out…), and I certainly think you should reach for this color well before you reach rock bottom!

    LRV of Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom

    The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 – 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn’t reflect). True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

    In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 – 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.

    LRV of Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom plotted at 7 on a scale of 0 - Totally Black to 100 - Pure white

    The LRV of Rock Bottom is 7. This means that it is definitely a dark paint color approaching black, but it isn’t there yet.

    In certain situations with really light colors or low lighting, Rock Bottom may look close to black because it is so grayed out.

    What Are the Undertones of Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom is a green paint color.

    If you were expecting a gray, or if it looks gray to you, then know that it will have a green undertone.

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom paint dot beside a chart of it's hex code over a background of a similar colored rocky cave

    Rock Bottom can occasionally lean a little olive. Sometimes it can even look a touch blue-ish, particularly in bright natural light. I will try to point out as many different tones as I can when we get to real pictures.

    You should note that any color that is really gray tends to be a chameleon. I think it’s because our brains are wired to see color.

    Is Rock Bottom Warm or Cool

    In my opinion, Rock Bottom is a neutral paint color. It has times that it might look cool, and times that it might look warm.

    I’m not about to get in a fight with anyone, but many people consider green to be a cool color. I think it’s neutral because green is the transition area of the color wheel between yellow and blue.

    Sherwin Williams paint dot of rock bottom superimposed onto a mirror in a picture of a Rock Bottom painted living room

    Olive greens are warm, seafoam is cool, and Rock Bottom is right in the middle of the green range.

    The important thing is that it pairs well with a lot of other colors, and I think you can use it like a neutral.

    Rock Bottom Color Strip

    I love me a deep green, and the Rock Bottom color strip is full of really sultry gray greens:

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom Color strip includes other gray greens from Silver Strand, to Rock Bottom with Night Owl, Attitude Gray, Illusive Green, Unusual Gray, and Magnetic Gray in between.

    Okay….so I actually kind of made it up.

    Like so many of their colors, Sherwin Williams doesn’t have Rock Bottom on a color strip. It is grouped into a collection of other dark paint colors.

    I know you love to see a color strip, and I do too, so I tacked it onto the closest strip possible which is the Silver Strand to Night Owl color strip.

    Now you may notice that on paper, Rock Bottom is just a little cooler than these other gray-greens, but I had a look at how these colors look in real life, and this line just fit the best.

    If you do want slightly cooler alternatives, check out the Sherwin Williams Jasper color strip.

    Sherwin Williams Jasper color strip from Rainwashed, through Quietude, Halcyon Green, Jasper Stone, Underseas, Rocky River, and Jasper over a background of a blue green river in Jasper National Park

    Lighter Version of Rock Bottom

    In real life, Night Owl looks very very much like a lighter version of Rock Bottom.

    Darker Version of Rock Bottom

    For a darker version of Rock Bottom, there is the color Jasper that I just mentioned, or Sherwin Williams Greenblack – which is pretty close to black.

    (I’ll compare the two in just a minute!)

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom Color Palette

    Here is neutral gray green color palette inspired by Rock Bottom:

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom color palette features Oyster White, Analytical Gray, Oyster Bay, Rock Bottom, and Original White

    Coordinating Colors for Rock Bottom

    This palette features all colors by Sherwin Williams.

    Oyster White

    Oyster White is a neutral off white that would make for a great wall or cabinet color with Rock Bottom.

    Paint lid of Rock Bottom on a beach beside a paint can lid of Coordinating color Oyster White

    Analytical Gray

    Analytical Gray is another option for a whole home wall color that is a little more concentrated than Oyster White. This greige is a perfect neutral earthy tone to pair with Rock Bottom.

    Paint lid of Rock Bottom on a beach beside a paint can lid of Coordinating color Analytical Gray

    Oyster Bay

    Oyster Bay had to get involved with this moody ocean palette. This gray green is a slightly brighter tone that will look amazing with Rock Bottom.

    Paint lid of Rock Bottom on a beach beside a paint can lid of Coordinating color Oyster Bay

    Rock Bottom’s Complementary Color – Sherwin Williams Orginal White

    The “official” complementary color for Rock Bottom (the shade directly across the color wheel) is actually something in the magenta-purple color family. I chose a color that is close to the right region, but looks neutral.

    Sherwin Williams Original White is a grayish off-white that actually has warm undertones. Of course I’m biased, but I do think that Rock Bottom and Original White look amazing together!

    What Trim Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom?

    I love a green with wood tones, so Rock Bottom would definitely work with either oak or antique dark wood trim.

    A round wood mirror on a Rock Bottom living room wall, with the rest of the room and opposite rock bottom wall reflected inside.
    Photo Credit: @walnutandpinedesign

    White Paint that Goes with Rock Bottom

    Here are a few popular trim choices paired with Rock Bottom:

    Rock Bottom with Alabaster Trim

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a little too soft to be my first choice for trim with Rock Bottom. I personally like a crisper white, but Alabaster is probably the second most popular trim white that Sherwin Williams carries.

    Pure White Trim with Rock Bottom

    If I had to guess, Sherwin Williams Pure White is probably the #1 choice for trim, maybe even across all brands! It’s a soft neutral white that has a little bit of gray in it.

    Pure White would look great with Rock Bottom! It’s a nice predictable white.

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom with different white trim possibilities including extra white, pure white, snowbound, and alabaster

    Rock Bottom and Snowbound for Trim

    If you are torn between a really creamy white like Alabaster or the truer white of Pure White, Sherwin Williams Snowbound is always a good choice in the middle.

    Snowbound is nice with Rock Bottom because it leans a little closer to the red-based whites, which is closer to Rock Bottom’s complementary color, while still remaining neutral.

    Extra White Trim with Rock Bottom Walls

    My first choice for trim with Rock Bottom would probably be Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. It’s a green-based white that reads like true white, but just a tiny bit warm.

    In Sherwin Williams, the most popular green-based white is Extra White. A green white will pair so harmoniously with the green undertones of Rock Bottom.

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom for Your Home’s Interior

    Now the moment you have most likely been waiting for: How does Rock Bottom look in real life?

    Well I’ll show you!

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom Living Room

    We took a little sneak peek at this living room by Kelli from Walnut and Pine Design (@walnutandpinedesign) when we talked about Rock Bottom with oak trim.

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom on Living Room Walls with honey oak ceilings, floor, and trim.
    Photo Credit: @walnutandpinedesign

    This mid-century modern space is right up my street!

    I love how Rock Bottom is a bold choice, but not quite as intimidating as something like a bright teal.

    A wood mirror on a sherwin williams rock bottom wall above a vintage record cabinet
    Photo Credit: @walnutandpinedesign

    Here is Rock Bottom looking its darkest, moodiest, best.

    Rock Bottom in a dark corner of a living room with a table lamp and interesting art on the wall
    Photo Credit: @walnutandpinedesign

    For the most part, Kelli’s home shows off the neutral to cool side of Rock Bottom.

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom close up on a living room wall with brass antelope bookends and a brass plant pot.
    Photo Credit: @walnutandpinedesign

    Here is Rock Bottom in Kelli’s hallway, with brighter natural light.

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom on a wall under a stairway in a hall
    Photo Credit: @walnutandpinedesign

    More from Kelli in just a minute, because she also used Rock Bottom on an exterior!

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom Laundry Room

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom Dining Room

    Rock Bottom on an Accent Wall

    Here is Rock Bottom on a fireplace feature wall with Oyster White, one of our coordinating colors!

    Oyster White and Rock Bottom on a fireplace feature wall in a living room
    Photo Credit: @interiorscoutco

    Riley from Interior Scout Design used board and batten to fill the awkward void in the upper half of this room.

    Rock Bottom in a Bathroom

    I don’t always manage to find colors other than white in a bathroom, but today we did it!

    Kristen (@kkendrickbigley) used Rock Bottom on the walls in her little powder room. Of this space under the stairs, Kristen said:

    It’s the tiniest, most awkward space in the house and it needed some love to take it beyond the builder-grade blah.

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom on the walls of a powder room with a black hex mirror.

    Again Rock Bottom really makes the natural colors pop! In a small room like this, it does look quite close to black.

    (Of course Kristen would have an eye for this sort of thing, because she’s an Artist! Check out her jewelery at @kkbmetalstudio.)

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom on Kitchen Cabinets and Walls

    I have an amazing kitchen FULL of Rock Bottom cabinets to show you today!

    This kitchen build belongs to Crystal from @thegraceinfused_life. She used Rock Bottom on her cabinets, island, and open shelves.

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom Kitchen Cabinets
    Photo credit: @thegraceinfused_life

    Let’s move in for a closeup, shall we?

    close up of Rock Bottom cabinets
    Photo credit: @thegraceinfused_life

    Yup. It’s nice from here too!

    I go back and forth on whether Rock Bottom looks warm or cool here. I think arguments could be made for both, which is a good sign that it’s pretty neutral.

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom on Kitchen Cabinets
    Photo credit: @thegraceinfused_life

    You might recognize Crystal’s kitchen from my post about Green Kitchen Cabinet Ideas, which would really be a good read for you, if that’s why you’re here!

    You might already have deduced from the earlier photos that Rock Bottom is a contender for kitchen walls when you have oak cabinets, but just in case, here’s a gift from me:

    Rock bottom walls with honey oak cabinets

    Am I a photo shop guru? No. But does it seem like it? Also no.

    But did that help? I hope so!

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom on an Exterior

    I love Rock Bottom inside and out! Let’s take a look at the exterior of Kelli’s home that we saw earlier.

    Rock Bottom on a mid-century modern bungalow with a half orange brick front.
    Photo Credit: @walnutandpinedesign

    Kelli’s house is a real color lovers dream, so the door is really no surprise:

    A black and white dog sits on the step of a Rock Bottom painted bungalow in front of a lime green door.
    Photo Credit: @walnutandpinedesign

    The electric lime door is Sherwin Williams Humurous Green. In the carport is where you can see a warmer green look to Rock Bottom.

    Here’s a closer shot of the siding:

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom on older wood siding running the length of a carport, with a brick planter box and snake plants along the whole bottom.
    Photo Credit: @walnutandpinedesign

    I actually love that older wide siding. Our own bungalow had it as well. It looks ever-so-slightly olivey here.

    Rock Bottom also looks great with the orange brick color!

    Now for a new build, rather than a re-paint, is the home at Highland Haven (@highland.haven). It’s not quite done here, but you get a good idea of the color:

    Rock Bottom siding on a new build in a modern farmhouse style
    Photo Credit: @highland.haven

    Rock Bottom works just as well with the darker colored brick.

    In that photo you can also see the color looking cooler. (But it is also a bright blue day!)

    Rock Bottom on Shutters

    This white brick home has got to be one of my favorite exterior color combos…maybe ever!

    Alabaster white brick exterior with Rookwood Dark Green Door and Rock Bottom shutters
    Photo Credit: @thehybridhome

    The exterior is Sherwin Williams Alabaster, the door is SW Rookwood Dark Green, and the shutters are of course, Rock Bottom.

    Rock Bottom Compared to Other Sherwin Williams Moody Paint Colors

    There are a few uber popular chameleon colors by Sherwin Williams, and two of those are Iron Ore and Urbane Bronze. Both are not reallyyy the same as Rock Bottom at first glance, but both can also look greenish on occasion.

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom vs Iron Ore (SW 7069)

    Okay, Iron Ore is a warm charcoal that is technically in the yellowy beige color family. The funny thing about Iron Ore, is that it more often has an almost blueish charcoal appearance.

    Here is Iron Ore vs Rock Bottom “on paper” so to speak.

    Iron Ore on half of a bedroom wall with Rock Bottom on the other half

    Iron Ore looks much greener here than it normally would, because it’s beside the gray green of Rock Bottom.

    Here’s a pretty good example of Iron Ore looking like Rock Bottom:

    Iron Ore looking a little more olive green gray on an accent wall and media cabinets in a living room with white furniture
    Photo Credit: @westandco

    This is a more typical look for Iron Ore:

    Iron ore on a fireplace wall and media cabinets in a pure white living room with vaulted ceilings and a mustard couch
    Photo Credit: @bertrand_residence

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom vs Urbane Bronze (SW 7048)

    Urbane Bronze is a deep gray-brown. It is not technically green at all either.

    On paper, Rock Bottom looks almost teal in comparison.

    Urbane Bronze on half of a living room wall behind a gray sofa and rock bottom on the other half

    Here is a good example of Urbane Bronze looking like Rock Bottom:

    Urbane Bronze in warm artificial light with a little bit of Christmas greenery
    Photo credit: @oliveandoakhome

    Here is a more typical look for Urbane Bronze:

    Urbane Bronze built-ins around a brick fireplace in a cottage
    Photo Credit: @lakeglenvillecottage

    The important thing to remember is that:

    • Rock Bottom most often looks like a dark gray green
    • Iron Ore most often looks like a slightly cool charcoal
    • Urbane Bronze most often looks like a warm charcoal brown

    In my opinion, Rock Bottom is less of a shape-shifter than these other two. If you are having trouble deciding, I would test all three. You just never know!

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom vs Greenblack (SW 6994)

    Sherwin Williams Greenblack is also a dark gray green, but it is a good bit darker than Rock Bottom and looks black about 70% of the time.

    SW Greenblack on half of a wall behind a black and white gallery collection, with rock bottom on the other half

    Greenblack is also cooler. It’s in the aqua family.

    Dupes for Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom

    Almost ready to pull the trigger, but need to see some alternatives? I got you, boo!

    Rock Bottom dupes graphic features dark gray green stones poking out of a foamy ocean. Dupes swatched are Astronomical, Deep River, and Sable Calm.

    Benjamin Moore Rock Bottom Equivalent

    Funny enough, my dupe for Rock Bottom was also one of my dupe options for the greener look of Iron Ore.

    The closest color match to Rock Bottom in Benjamin Moore is the color Deep River.

    Benjamin Moore Deep River (1582)

    Deep River is a little warmer and a touch lighter than Rock Bottom,

    Rock Bottom, Iron Ore, and Deep River all compared on a wall.

    Valspar (Lowe’s) Equivalent to Rock Bottom

    The best dupe for Rock Bottom in Valspar, is the color Sable Calm.

    Valspar Sable Calm (5002-2C)

    Take a look, and bear with me!

    Valspar Dupe for rock bottom, Sable calm, and rock bottom compared on a wall behind a gray sofa.

    Sure, Sable Calm is a fair bit lighter than Rock Bottom, but it was the best match in terms of tone. I would rather show you dupes that are the same color, rather than the same lightness.

    Valspar still classifies Sable Calm as a black, so you know you are getting a nice dark shade.

    Even though it’s lighter, I personally like this option.

    Rock Bottom Behr Equivalent (Home Depot)

    I really think that Behr has the worst selection of very dark colors. Particularly when it comes to varieties of “black” they are always hard to color match. So imagine my surprise when I found a good dupe right off the bat!

    The best Behr dupe for Rock Bottom, is the color Astronomical.

    Behr Astronomical (N450-7)

    Astronomical is a little cooler than Rock Bottom, and it’s also just a hair darker.

    Behr Dupe for rock bottom, Astronomical, and rock bottom compared on a wall behind a cream sofa.
    Rock bottom background with three dupes. Dupes swatched are Astronomical, Deep River, and Sable Calm. A leafy sketch sits behind.

    Rock Bottom Pros and Cons

    Let’s recap with a good ‘ol pros and cons list!


    • Really neutral
    • Less popular and more predictable than other deep chameleon colors
    • An amazing statement for exteriors, cabinets, or feature walls


    • If you despise olive, you may not love Rock Bottom (test it out!)

    I don’t have a lot of cons for Rock Bottom because I love the color! I didn’t really want to sit here thinking of things to dislike. If you like it at face value, I really think you will love this color too!

    Not the one? I’ve got some other choices that might be! :

    Paint drop of Jasper over background photo of white dining room with a Jasper feature wall
    Paint Swipe Swatch of SW Thunderous
    Cascades Sherwin Williams Color Strip including Gale Force, Santorini Blue, Deep Sea Dive, Saeworthy, Cascades, Mount Etna, and