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Sherwin Williams White Flour (Review, Comparisons, and Dupes!)

    Sherwin Williams White Flour is being made very popular thanks to a few different home decor reality shows. Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

    Here I will show you White Flour on walls, exteriors, and cabinets, as well as make some comparisons to other popular white paint colors.

    Sherwin WIlliams white flour on a paint lid on a floured butcher block surface.

    I will also give you a sample color palette and tell you the color matches for White Flour in other brands.

    Let’s take a look at whether or not White Flour is the perfect country white for your home!

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    What Color is Sherwin Williams White Flour SW 7102

    Sherwin Williams White Flour is a creamy white that is particularly popular in modern farmhouse color schemes.

    White Flour can look like a true white, or it can look very creamy depending on the situation. Such is the nature of whites!

    White flour with other neutral paint colors

    I will say that indoors, I have not seen White Flour looking yellow, or even especially creamy. It is exteriors that can sometimes show off the “not white” properties.

    LRV of Sherwin Williams White Flour

    Let’s talk LRV!

    The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 – 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn’t reflect). True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

    In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 – 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.

    True white paint colors tend to have an LRV of around 84 or higher.

    White Flour LRV plotted at 87 on a chart showing where other whites and off-whites fall

    The LRV of Sherwin Williams White Flour is 87, so it is still a white, and not an off-white. It’s actually lighter and brighter than many of the popular Sherwin Williams creamy whites, which might push it ahead in your rankings.

    Is White Flour Warm or Cool

    White Flour is absolutely a warm white. It is warm all day, every day.

    White Flour on a rural two story home in the winter
    Photo credit: @thenottinghome

    Even when it looks truly white, there is a little something about it that tells your brain it is a cozy white.

    It may sometimes look neutral, but never ever cool.

    What Are the Undertones of SW White Flour

    White Flour is in the orange color family (like most popular cream colors).

    Sherwin Williams White Flour swatched beside a hex chart of the color, over a background of flour and wheat

    Orange whites are great, because they are warm and creamy but they tend to have a soft beige undertone, and not yellow.

    Sherwin Williams White Flour Color Strip

    Like many of their white colors, Sherwin Williams does not place White Flour into a tidy little light to dark color strip. That would just be too easy! Instead it is in this white and off-white collection:

    The Sherwin Williams White Flour color strip features swatches of the shades Marshmallow, White Flour, Downy, Futon, Modest White, Reliable White, and Pacer White, over a background of a White Flour living room with an orange sofa and modern decor.

    It’s interesting that none of these colors are super popular

    Sherwin Williams White Flour Complementary Colors

    Complementary colors are those that sit across the color wheel from each other. For White Flour, that would be a pale blue color.

    Here are a couple of popular soft blues that would complement Sherwin Williams White Flour:

    White flour on a paint lid on a floured butcher block with krypton and snowdrop

    Sherwin Williams Snowdrop

    Snowdrop is a soft pale blue that is pretty close to the perfect complement for White Flour (from a technical perspective).

    It looks a little purpley in this little swatch, but it’s really a true pale blue.

    Sherwin Williams Krypton

    Krypton is a powder blue that has some chameleon-like qualities. It can look warm and ambiguous, but it can also look icy blue.

    I think Krypton and White Flour together make a historical looking pair.

    Sherwin Williams White Flour Coordinating Color Palette

    White flour on a paint lid amongst baking items above coordinating colors.

    White Flour Coordinating Colors:

    Sherwin Williams Greenblack

    Greenblack most often appears as a true black with just the tiniest hint of green. I think it could be an up and coming challenger to SW Tricorn Black, because there is something special about it.

    The main reason I chose it, is because I have a gorgeous house to show you that used White Flour and Greenblack on their whole exterior!

    (I will get there in just a moment.)

    I covered Greenblack and other similar colors in this post: Dark Green Paint Colors.

    Sherwin Williams Naturel

    I haven’t seen Sherwin Williams Naturel being used a whole lot, but I think it’s a really nice “natural” color.

    It would probably be classified as a greige, because it is close to beige but maintains a bit of gray. I might classify it as a sand color.

    Benjamin Moore Enchanted Forest

    There are so many amazing green colors out right now, and most of them would look really nice with White Flour.

    I chose this Benjamin Moore’s muted mid-green Enchanted Forest, because I thought it paired particularly well with this creamy white.

    I also have a boatload more gray green paint colors that you can browse!

    Benjamin Moore Steep Cliff Gray

    Steep Cliff Gray is a delightful warmer-toned smokey blue color that looks excellent with White Flour and most other neutrals.

    Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze

    Urbane Bronze should probably scare us a little, because it is so trendy, but also unlike most other paint colors that have come and gone.

    For some reason, I really don’t think Urbane Bronze will have us feeling like fashion victims anytime soon. This rich dark brown looks amazing on exterior trim and accents.

    Read my post about Urbane Bronze here.

    White Flour is the perfect contrast with Urbane Bronze, particularly if you don’t want to go quite as harsh as black.

    More White Flour Color Palettes

    Many of us will choose a white that coordinates with the colors that we really want to use, and Sherwin Williams White Flour is incredibly versatile.

    I have already used it in a number of other palettes, so I though I might as well share!

    From my best terracotta post:

    Pin reads Southwest Inspired Terracotta Palette Colors from top to bottom are: Sage Wisdom, Chantilly Lace, White Flour, Baked Terracotta, and Warm Brownie.
    Warm Terracotta Palette - Colors from top to bottom: White Flour, Manchester Tan, Peale Green, Baked Terracotta, and Warm Brownie.

    This palette is from my warm blue gray paint colors post:

    Warm Blue Gray Coordinating Color palette including white flour

    Finally, in my post about two-color combinations for bedrooms, a LOT of the best combos involved a creamy white.

    Here I have White Flour with SW Kind Green, but any of the color schemes that involved a cream color would work well with White Flour.

    Color sample White Flour and Kind Green
    Robin's egg and cream living room
    Photo credit: @radsandrafters

    What White Paint Goes With Sherwin Williams White Flour?

    Because White Flour is so white, I would probably stick with it for the trim too. (Which if you’re a DIY painter will be music to your ears!)

    If you want a subtle contrast, pick up White Flour in satin or semi-gloss. It’s amazing what a sheen difference will do!

    If you want more contrast, try Sherwin Williams High Reflective White, or Behr Ultra Pure White.

    For more white-on-white combos, check out this post: White Walls with White Trim? (Alabaster with Pure White & More!)

    Just remember that if you gain contrast by choosing a whiter trim color, you will be making White Flour look much creamier.

    Graphic reads "Nail down your neutral color scheme in 60 minutes or less" with an image of the foolproof neutrals ebook. Button below reads "Show me how!"

    Sherwin Williams White Flour Cabinets

    I didn’t find a ton of people using SW White Flour on their cabinets, which to me is always a good thing. Why not be a little different?

    Here is a kitchen with a green island painted in Sherwin Williams Rosemary:

    A SW Rosemary Island with White Flour Cabinets
    Photo credit: @jendulacdesign

    Beautiful combo!

    If you are thinking about using White Flour anywhere inside your home, you will want to check out the home of Rachael from @firsthouseonfinn. She used White Flour throughout their interior, and it looks beautiful!

    White Flour Kitchen cabinets
    Photo credit: @firsthouseonfinn

    Sherwin Williams White Flour Walls

    White Flour makes for a great cabinet color, but what about using it as a whole home color?

    White Flour works great here as well! It’s not nearly as popular as Sherwin Williams Alabaster, but it should definitely be on your list!

    Here it is in Rachael’s living room:

    Living room walls painted in sherwin williams white flour
    Photo credit: @firsthouseonfinn

    Rachael used SW Tricorn Black as accents throughout her home to create a classic black and white color scheme.

    sherwin williams white flour living room walls
    Photo credit: @firsthouseonfinn

    Moving on to the dining room:

    White Flour dining room
    Photo credit: @firsthouseonfinn

    Yep! Looks amazing here too.

    White Flour looks really great with greenery, so if you are a plant lover, you might also be a White Flour lover!

    Don’t Forget Your Supplies!

    This little brush might look funny, but it’s my absolute ride or die!

    Rollers like these hold the most paint and make the job faster. Get a metal roller cage for easy on and off.

    DryDex is the fastest (and funnest!) way to make chips and dents disappear. (Make sure you get a small spackling tool that actually fits in the container, and a sanding sponge.)

    This tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder.

    I also love that Rachael has used warm white lights in her house. I detest “daylight” bulbs.

    I have one more living room to show you, this one is by Headwaters Painting (@headwaters_painting_llc):

    White Flour in a living room on the walls with another white in semi-gloss on the trim
    Photo Credit: @headwaters_painting_llc

    If I had to guess, the white on the trim is probably Sherwin Williams Extra White. You can see that the trim is much more white than the walls. To be honest this trim color almost gives a pinkish hue to White Flour.

    Here is that same combo in the dining room:

    White Flour in a dining room on the walls with another white in semi-gloss on the trim, and retro furniture.
    Photo Credit: @headwaters_painting_llc

    Sherwin Williams White Flour Bathroom

    Here in Rachael’s bathroom the shiplap has also been painted in White Flour:

    sherwin williams White flour painted on bathroom shiplap
    Photo credit: @firsthouseonfinn

    Powder room chandelier? Yes please!

    Sherwin Williams White Flour Exterior

    Okay, now for the exterior that I promised!

    I would like to take you to the home of the Nottinghams (@nottinghome). They have been hard at work renovating their fixer upper in Michigan, and the transformation is amazing!

    Exterior trim in dark green - sherwin williams greenblack.
    Photo credit: @thenottinghome

    They ended up using Sherwin Williams White Flour on their exterior and Sherwin Williams Greenblack on their trim and front door.

    They painted their shutters and downspouts in copper, which was just about the best idea of the century:

    Sherwin Williams Greenblack on a front door of a white house with pumpkins on the step.
    Photo credit: @thenottinghome

    Here you can see from a distance that Greenblack does look quite black with White Flour:

    White Flour and Greenblack on a home nestled in the trees
    Photo Credit: @thenottinghome

    If you live where there is snow, that might make a difference when it comes to choosing a white paint color. Some can look very off-white and creamy when the snow falls.

    White Flour stays pretty white even in the winter:

    White Flour on a snowy day
    Photo credit: @thenottinghome
    White Flour on a rural two story home in the winter
    Photo credit: @thenottinghome

    (Sherwin Williams Greek Villa is another nice creamy white, but it definitely looks very creamy in the winter.)

    White Flour Exterior and Trim

    Depending on how your windows look, you may be wanting to keep the trim white. Before the Nottinghome trim was painted in Greenblack, it still looked great in all-white:

    All white flour exterior and trim.
    Photo credit: @thenottinghome

    We actually painted the exterior of our own house white this summer, and intended to paint the trim black. The narrow trim ended up looking really awkward in black with the bulky white vinyl windows, so we painted it back!

    White Flour Exterior Painted Brick

    Here is one more exterior for inspiration!

    This_brick_house was repainted in Sherwin Williams White Flour and it turned out great! :

    Sherwin Williams White Flour on painted brick
    Photo credit: @this_brick_house

    They ended up keeping the window trim in White Flour as well.

    Here on this overcast snowy day, I’m willing to bet that this is the creamiest that White Flour will look:

    Brick painted white flour house exterior with snow flying around
    Photo credit: @this_brick_house

    You can see that even though it isn’t a “bright” cool white, it is creamy without being yellow, which gets a 5 star rating from me!

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Alabaster SW 7008

    Now for some comparisons with other popular white colors. First up, it has to be Alabaster – Sherwin Williams lights out most popular white.

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    There are three major differences between Alabaster and White Flour.

    • Alabaster is darker. (LRV 82 vs White Flour 87)
    • Alabaster is more gray. (You can see how White Flour looks a little cleaner and brighter)
    • Alabaster is a touch more yellow. (Less obvious here, but in real life Alabaster can look a little yellowy and I don’t think White Flour does.)

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Creamy SW 7012

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Sherwin Williams Creamy

    Sherwin Williams Creamy is also darker and more yellow than White Flour, but not any more gray.

    Creamy has an LRV of 81, so it would be classed as an off-white and not a true white.

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Pure White SW 7005

    Sherwin williams white flour vs sherwin williams pure white

    If I was to describe Sherwn Williams Pure White, I would say it’s a warm gray white. Here against White Flour you can really see that.

    Pure White does tend to look “pure white” on walls and doesn’t have an obvious undertone, but it isn’t a bright white either.

    Technically Pure White is more yellow than White Flour, but it is so desaturated that it never looks yellow.

    Pure White is also a touch darker than White Flour, it has an LRV of 84.

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Greek Villa SW 7551

    Sherwin Williams white flour vs sherwin williams greek villa

    Definitely getting more subtle with the differences now!

    Greek Villa has all the same differences as Alabaster, but to a lesser extent:

    • More yellow (but not as yellow as Alabaster)
    • Slightly more gray
    • Tiny bit darker (LRV 84)

    I really like Greek Villa, especially inside. I find it does more often look off-white on exteriors.

    Here is my full review of Greek Villa.

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Whitetail SW 7103

    Sherwin WIlliams Whitetail vs White Flour

    Not long ago, I decided to review Sherwin Williams Whitetail because I hadn’t seen many people talking about it.

    Since then it seems to be gaining popularity, so if you want to choose an up-and-coming white, put Whitetail on your list!

    You can see that SW White Flour and SW Whitetail are very similar.

    Whitetail is the teeniest tiniest bit more yellow than White Flour, and the LRV is 86, so just one level darker.

    You could choose either and possibly never be able to tell the difference!

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

    I just wanted to toss in this comparison because Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee is one of the most popular creamy whites on the market.

    Swiss Coffee is significantly more yellow than White Flour and just a little more gray.

    The LRV of Swiss Coffee is 84, so it is a little darker than White Flour as well.

    See some Sherwin Williams Swiss Coffee inspired paint colors here.

    I already had this graphic from my Valspar Cream in my Coffee post, but White Flour is here amongst the other whites, so I thought it would be helpful to add here:

    Valspar Cream in my Coffee in a palette of other creams and whites

    Remember that the white of the background isn’t possible in paint, so none of these colors are as dark or creamy as they look here!

    Dupes for Sherwin Williams White Flour

    Finally time to get some dupes for this color! Here are the best options that I came across, to get the White Flour look in other brands:

    Dupes for White Flour include Pink Damask, Pale Bloom, and White veil. All three are swatched with White Flour over a background of a white kitchen with butcher block countertops

    White Flour Benjamin Moore Version

    I found some near perfect dupes for Sherwin Williams White Flour, so let’s take a look!

    White Flour vs Benjamin Moore Pink Damask 890

    The Benjamin Moore equivalent of White Flour is Pink Damask.

    Don’t let the name scare you!

    I think they named it “pink” because it is on the more red side of orange, just like White Flour is.

    (Thus why all of the other whites we compared are a bit more yellow than White Flour.)

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Benjamin Moore Pink Damask

    The LRV of Pink Damask is 87.28, which is the same as White Flour’s 87. Benjamin Moore does not round their LRV numbers but Sherwin Williams does, so I don’t think they are truly different.

    Valspar Equivalent to White Flour (Lowe’s)

    Valspar Pale Bloom 7002-8 is their version of Sherwin Williams White Flour.

    Valspar Pale Bloom vs Sherwin Williams White Flour

    Pale Bloom has an LRV of 85.118, so it is just the tiniest bit darker than White Flour.

    Valspar Pale Bloom is still a little more yellow than White Flour, but it is incredibly subtle.

    White Flour Behr Equivalent (Home Depot)

    I have two “equivalents” from Behr, only because they actually have their own color named “white flour” so I wanted to check it out!

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Behr White Flour OR-W10

    Behr White Flour vs Sherwin Williams White Flour

    Behr’s version of White Flour is actually pretty similar to the Sherwin Williams version.

    Behr White Flour is a tiny bit more orange and less gray than SW White Flour. It also has an LRV of 86, so it is just a hair darker than the Sherwin shade.

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Behr White Veil OR-W14

    Although Behr White Flour is pretty close, I found a near perfect double of Sherwin Williams White Flour in Behr White Veil.

    Sherwin Williams White Flour vs Behr White Veil

    If you look closely you can see that Behr White Veil is a tiny bit more yellow than White Flour.

    The LRV for both is the same: 87.

    Dupes for White Flour include Pink Damask, Pale Bloom, and White veil. All three are swatched over a background of white flour with a graphic of wheat behind.

    Final Thoughts on White Flour

    Sherwin Williams White Flour has really grown on me! When I saw it as a swatch, I thought it would be quite yellow and too creamy for my liking, but it really isn’t at all.

    White Flour is a great cozy white and you should definitely put it on your shortlist if you are looking for the perfect warm white.

    Don’t forget that the easiest way to choose a paint color is by comparing it to others and checking it out in your home.

    I have covered quite a lot of white paint colors, so here are some other choices for you to browse:

    A palette of colors to coordinate with Snowbound.
    House with white exterior brick. Text reads White Brick Paint colors
    Graphic Reads Diamond White, above the alternatives to Diamonds THerapy, under a picture of diamonds.