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Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink (Plus 24 Dupes!)

    Farrow and Ball’s Sulking Room Pink is a gorgeous color that manages to be both pink and neutral. This moody shade is perfect in a bedroom, study, or living room.

    A swatch of sulking room pink

    In this article I will slink my way through all things Sulking Room Pink, and most importantly, dupes! I’ve got options from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Valspar. (And a lot of them!)

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    What Color is Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink?

    In Farrow & Ball’s own words, Sulking Room Pink is:

    “Not to be seen as overtly pink, but rather a muted rose with enormous warmth, its powdery feel makes it incredibly soft and easy to use with complementary tones. Sulking Room Pink is evocative of the colours so often used in boudoirs, a room named after the French “bouder” – to sulk.”

    Sulking Room Pink is a complicated mix of rosey mauve and tan.

    sulking room pink in a Victorian study with high cream ceilings
    Photo Credit: @thejordansathome

    This is just the first of a few photos of Marianne’s house from @thejordansathome. You will really get to see how versatile this color is!

    Sulking Room Pink LRV

    Sulking Room Pink has an LRV of approximately 27.

    Farrow & Ball give basically no information about their colors, so we are left to guess at some of the details.

    It could be a teeny tiny bit darker, like 25 or 26, but most of the dead ringer doubles of Sulking Room Pink have an LRV of 27. I’m pretty confident in this guesstimate.

    Photo of Sulking room pink on a wall behind mantle.
    Photo Credit: @thejordansathome

    What does that mean exactly?

    The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 – 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn’t reflect). True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

    In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 – 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.

    Truly dark colors (in my opinion) have an LRV of 10 or less.

    An LRV under 50 means that the color absorbs more light than it reflects, so at 27, Sulking Room Pink is a nice mid-toned color.

    Sulking Room Pink Hex Code & RGB

    I found a hex code for Sulking Room Pink that wasn’t quite right, so I took it a little bit lighter and I think it’s pretty perfect.

    Hex: A48682

    RGB: 164 134 130

    Sulking room pink behind a side table and artwork
    Photo Credit: @thejordansathome

    I get why some paint brands don’t share their color info, but it’s still a bummer. If you want Sulking Room Pink, and you don’t want to (or can’t) purchase Farrow & Ball, consider a dupe below! That way you know it will be mixed right.

    Sulking Room Pink Undertones – Warm or Cool?

    Sulking Room Pink is definitely a warm color. Even though it has a hint of mauve, it maintains enough yellow to stay cozy and rosy.

    That said, it does work incredibly well as a neutral! Pinks like Sulking Room were once very popular in the Victorian era, and they still work well with everything from creamy white to rich navy.

    Sulking Room Pink Complementary and Coordinating Colors

    The complementary color for Sulking Room Pink is a gray green color. For this palette I chose Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze:

    A Victorian living room in Sulking Room Pink with cream ceilings, above a palette of coordinating colors.

    Coordinating Colors for Sulking Room Pink

    Sulking room pink looks amazing with creamy whites and jewel tones. I’ve seen it pair well with dark greens, navy blue, gold tones, and more. It is a really versatile color, which is a surprise, seeing as it’s pink!

    From left to right, palette colors are:

    Sherwin Williams Eider White

    Eider white is one of the few whites that I haven’t reviewed yet, but I do cover it in this post about Snowbound.

    If you are after a creamy white, check out Sherwin Williams Whitetail.

    Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink

    Of course!

    Graphic reads "Nail down your neutral color scheme in 60 minutes or less" with an image of the foolproof neutrals ebook. Button below reads "Show me how!"

    Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze

    Acacia Haze is a really nice gray green color. If you like it, I have covered a lot of similar shades in my post about Eucalyptus Green.

    Update: I have since written a post about Acacia Haze.

    Valspar Nocturnal Green

    Sherwin Williams Greenblack

    Both of the dark greens in this palette I have already covered (and many more!) in my Dark Green Paint Colors post.

    Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

    Hale Navy is super versatile and would look great with Sulking Room Pink, or really any of these colors.

    Hale Navy has a cult following because it is known for going with absolutely everything, and so far I have found that to be pretty true!

    (Read all about Hale Navy here: Hale, Yes! It’s Hale Navy!)

    Farrow and Ball Sulking Room Pink with color dupes around it

    Sulking Room Pink Front Door

    Pink might seem like an unusual choice for a front door, but it’s actually pretty historical. Victorian homes often featured pink colors.

    Here is Sulking Room Pink on a front door:

    Sulking room pink on a front door of a brick house with a wreath
    Photo Credit: @thejordansathome

    Looks delightful! You can see how in the bright natural light the color looks much lighter than it has inside.

    Sulking Room Pink Bathroom

    Sulking room pink in a bathroom with white hex tiles.
    Photo Credit: @living_next_door_to_robin

    Love the asymmetrical hexagon tiles in this Sulking Room Pink bathroom by @living_next_door_to_robin.

    Sulking room pink bathroom with white tiles and a black framed glass shower.
    Photo Credit: @living_next_door_to_robin

    This bathroom really shows that Sulking Room Pink can also be used in a more modern style.

    Sulking Room Pink Living Room

    Of course most of the pictures in this article are of the living room, but here are a couple of my favorites:

    Sulking room pink in a study across a dark hallway
    Photo Credit: @thejordansathome
    Sulking room pink in a victorian study.
    Photo Credit: @thejordansathome

    I just love The Jordans’ use of color in their home! There’s a little bit of everything, and LOTS of Sulking Room Pink, and it all works so well together.

    Sherwin Williams Sulking Room Pink Dupes

    I would like to preface this intro to all of my Sulking Room Pink dupes by saying that I had no intention of covering this many colors! I thought I would find one or two from every brand and my job would be done.

    Turns out there are actually a lot of subtle pinky-mauvey neutrals that would be gorgeous in your home.

    Let’s get into it!

    Don’t Forget Your Supplies!

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    Rollers like these hold the most paint and make the job faster. Get a metal roller cage for easy on and off.

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    This tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder.

    Sherwin Williams sulking pink room dupes as profiled in the article.

    Sherwin Williams Rosaline Pearl SW 9077

    Sherwin Williams has two near perfect matches to Farrow and Ball Sulking Room Pink: Rosaline Pearl, and Cocoa Berry.

    Rosaline Pearl is the first Sherwin Williams equivalent of Farrow & Ball’s Sulking Room Pink. I had to add a line here so that you can see where one color starts and the other ends, which is always a good sign with dupes!

    Rosaline Pearl vs Sulking Room Pink

    I’m not saying this is the closest color match in the world, once I point it out you can see the difference. Sometimes we have colors that are so close that you can’t see it with the naked eye!

    Rosaline Pearl is ever so slightly more red than Sulking Room Pink, so it reads that tiny bit more pink/purple.

    As a result of being slightly more yellow, Sulking Room Pink is a touch warmer than SW Rosaline Pearl.

    The LRV of Rosaline Pearl is 27, which is one of the reasons that I settled on 27 as the most likely LRV of Sulking Room Pink.

    Sherwin Williams Cocoa Berry SW 9078

    Cocoa Berry is the second Sherwin Williams equivalent of F&B Sulking Room Pink.

    Where Rosaline Pearl is slightly more mauve than Sulking Room Pink, Cocoa Berry is slightly more beige.

    Cocoa Berry vs Sulking Room Pink

    Personally, I think that Cocoa Berry is a little more versatile because it is even closer to a neutral than Sulking Room Pink. However, if you want more pink, go with Rosaline Pearl.

    The LRV of Cocoa Berry is also 27.

    Sherwin Williams Dressy Rose SW 6024

    With an LRV of 37, Sherwin Williams Dressy Rose is a fair bit lighter than Sulking Room Pink. It is also a tiny bit more pink.

    Dressy Rose vs Sulking Room Pink

    Where Sulking Room is more mauve and neutral, Dressy Rose is closer to a true rose color. Still very pretty, and still pretty neutral, so it could be an option if you want a lighter version of Sulking Room Pink.

    Sherwin Williams Hushed Auburn SW 9080

    Sherwin Williams Hushed Auburn has the same rosy tan quality of Sulking Room Pink without any of the mauve tones. It’s kind of like a rose gold paint color.

    Hushed Auburn vs Sulking Room Pink

    Hushed Auburn is probably closer to what I would have guessed Sulking Room Pink is, because at first glance I didn’t really notice how mauve Sulking Room really is.

    Hushed Auburn would be a great choice if you want an interesting pinky neutral, but you don’t like mauve. It would also work well if you are looking for a muted terracotta-clay color, that isn’t so orange.

    The LRV of Hushed Auburn is 26.

    Sherwin Williams Dutch Cocoa SW 6032

    Sherwin Williams Dutch Cocoa has more yellow in it than Sulking Room Pink, and therefore it reads a little more neutral/brown.

    It is also darker than Sulking Room Pink, with an LRV of 18.

    Dutch Cocoa vs Sulking Room Pink

    If you’re looking for the overall feeling of Sulking Room Pink however, I feel like Dutch Cocoa does that and more. It isn’t really pink, but it still has a bit of a pink tone in certain lights.

    If you’ve been thinking about trying Sulking Room Pink, but you want a “safer” option, SW Dutch Cocoa might be perfect!

    Here Tabitha of @leopard_and_lime painted a fun pink toned mural on her living room wall using Dutch Cocoa. The mid-toned pink is Sherwin Williams Cabbage Rose.

    Living room with pink tones including dutch cocoa
    Photo Credit: @leopard_and_lime

    Sherwin Williams Socialite SW 6025

    Sherwin Williams Socialite is darker and more mauve than Sulking Room Pink.

    The LRV of SW Socialite is 20.

    Socialite vs sulking room pink

    Overall Socialite is still pretty similar to Sulking Room Pink, but I think it lacks the softness. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s cooler toned?

    I would say that Socialite pops a little more, so if you wanted to make a pinky-mauve statement, this could be the one!

    Benjamin Moore Sulking Room Pink Dupes

    The Benjamin Moore equivalent of Sulking Room Pink is Barberry, but there are several other colors with a similar feel!

    Benjamin Moore dupes vs sulking room pink

    Benjamin Moore Barberry 1244

    First off: Benjamin Moore Barberry.

    Barberry has an LRV of 26.69, because Benjamin Moore always provides an ultra specific number. Rounded up, it’s still 27 like the other closest Sulking Room Pink Dupes.

    Barberry is slightly more red than Sulking Room Pink, so again, it reads slightly more pink/purple.

    Barberry vs sulking room pink

    Overall it’s a really good color match, and while you can tell the difference side-by-side, I don’t know that you would be able to tell in a room.

    Barberry is ever so slightly cooler than Sulking Room Pink.

    Benjamin Moore Mauve Mist 1264

    Honestly, Benjamin Moore Mauve Mist isn’t all that similar to Sulking Room Pink, but I wanted to compare it because it is one of their more popular subtle pinks.

    Mauve Mist vs sulking room pink

    Mauve Mist is a fair bit lighter than Sulking Room Pink, with an LRV of 36 (35.93). It is also significantly more purple, or mauve, as the name suggests.

    Mauve Mist is quite an in-your-face pink, without the neutral tones of Sulking Room Pink.

    Benjamin Moore Sandblast 2103-50

    I thought that I would like Benjamin Moore Sandblast more than I do. Despite how it looks here, in real life it tends to look like a slightly toned down bubblegum pink.

    Sandblast vs sulking room pink

    Sandblast would be perfect if you really want to play with fun colors, but it doesn’t really achieve the same goal as Sulking Room Pink. It’s not moody in the slightest.

    Also I hate the name, not least because it’s impossible to find pictures of it when you search for “sandblast paint.” Another reason being that it doesn’t make sense. It isn’t even sandy??

    Anyways, the LRV of Benjamin Moore Sandblast is 38.46, so it’s quite a bit lighter than Sulking Room Pink.

    Benjamin Moore Brown Teepee 2102-40

    Another name that I’m not sure I like. Is this….cool?

    Benjamin Moore Brown Teepee is actually quite a nice color. It is a tiny bit more yellow than Sulking Room Pink, and it is also a little more saturated.

    Brown Teepee vs sulking room pink

    I really feel like Brown Teepee, while it is different, achieves the same feeling as Sulking Room Pink.

    It’s a gorgeous moody color without much pink, so for the fearful, it’s pretty perfect!

    The LRV of Brown Teepee is 24, so it is a little wink darker than Sulking Room Pink.

    Benjamin Moore Hickory Stick 2103-40

    As far as I can tell, Benjamin Moore Hickory Stick would be the next color on the strip with Brown Teepee. It has an LRV of 20 (19.94) so it’s a little darker than both Sulking Room Pink and Brown Teepee.

    Hickory Stick vs sulking room pink

    I really love this color. Be my hero and use it in your home!

    I wasn’t able to find a soul who has used Hickory Stick, which is quite sad. If you can send me the pics that would be great, kay thanks.

    In all seriousness though, if you want to pick a color like Sulking Room Pink, that literally nobody uses, choose Hickory Stick or Brown Teepee. The more I look, the more I love!

    Benjamin Moore New England Brown 2104-40

    Apparently I like what I like, because New England Brown is also very similar to the last two Benjamin Moore colors, Brown Teepee and Hickory Stick.

    In comparison with Sulking Room Pink, New England Brown is:

    • Tiny bit darker (LRV of 20.18)
    • Tiny bit more red
    • Tiny bit more saturated
    New England Brown vs sulking room pink

    All in all, New England Brown is very much like a slightly richer version of Sulking Room Pink, without any purple tones.

    Behr Sulking Room Pink Dupes

    Behr really turned out when it came to dupes for Sulking Room Pink.

    I usually have to scrape around for 2 or three Behr options of a color, but this time they were serving up alllll the neutral pinks!

    Behr Dupes vs sulking room pink

    Behr Blackberry Mocha 120F-4

    Blackberry Mocha is the Behr Equivalent of Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink. It may even be the closest dupe on the list.

    Again the LRV of Blackberry Mocha is 27, which is the same as what we’ve guessed at for Sulking Room Pink.

    Blackberry mocha vs sulking room pink

    So what is the difference?

    Behr Blackberry Mocha is the slightest bit more yellow than Sulking Room Pink, and that’s about it. You can see that it is a hint more neutral when they are side by side.

    If you want the Home Depot version of Sulking Room Pink, this is it!

    Of course I’m not done though…

    Behr Plumvillle N120-5

    Behr Plumville is a very sophisticated mauve color that is a bit different from Sulking Room Pink, but I feel like it gives the same vibe.

    Plumville vs sulking room pink

    With an LRV of 21, Plumville is darker than Sulking Room Pink and clearly more purple.

    Behr Mystere N130-5

    Behr Mystere is another dupe that is pretty similar to Sulking Room Pink, but it has a touch more yellow so it reads more neutral.

    Mystere is also a little bit darker with an LRV of 24.

    Mystere vs sulking room pink

    I like Mystere a lot! This is a great home depot option that is a little less pink than Sulking Room.

    Behr Cameo Rose PPU 17-15

    Cameo Rose by Behr is very close to the same as Sulking Room Pink. It is a little bit more pink, and that is the only major difference.

    The LRV of Cameo Rose is 28. A negligible difference from Sulking Room Pink, which we estimated at 27.

    Cameo Rose vs sulking room pink

    Cameo Rose lacks a little bit of the warmth that Sulking Room Pink has.

    Behr Touch of Class MQ1-47

    Behr Touch of Class is darker than Sulking Room Pink, with an LRV of 18. It is also more red, and should really look mauve compared to the Farrow & Ball shade, but that’s not the case.

    Touch of Class vs sulking room pink

    Touch of Class just looks like a darker version of Sulking Room Pink, in my opinion. It strikes a very similar balance of pink, mauve, and beige.

    If you aren’t afraid of the dark, and you love Sulking Room Pink, you should consider Touch of Class.

    (Also it has a good name. Ooh la la bougie.)

    Behr Antoinette MQ1-56

    Our final Behr dupe for Sulking Room Pink is Antoinette.

    Antoinette is lighter, with an LRV of 32, and pinker.

    Antoinette vs sulking room pink

    It’s a little hard to say what Antoinette would do in your space. In a well-lit room I think she could go a little too darling, but she should have a muted beige quality similar to Sulking Room Pink.

    There’s only one way to find out!

    Valspar Sulking Room Pink Dupes

    I apologize in advance if you are from the UK, because I believe Valspar does a lot of different color names there. Hopefully if one of these suits you, someone with Valspar can help you find the UK name!

    Valspar Forest Trail 1005-9C

    The Valspar equivalent to Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink is called Forest Trail.

    Forest Trail vs sulking room pink

    It is so close to the real thing, that to look at it, it is hard to put your finger on what is different.

    So I’ll tell you!

    Well…not much. The LRV of Forest Trail is 23.381, so it is a smidge darker than what we estimate Sulking Room pink to be, but it’s close.

    In terms of the actual color, Forest Trail is a sliver of a hair more red than Sulking Room Pink. However!

    Remember that our hex code for Valspar colors are official and correct, and Sulking Room Pink is our best guess.

    I would say that Forest Trail is the ultimate dupe for Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink, because I couldn’t even say for sure that they aren’t the same color!

    Valspar Southern Road 1006-9C

    Valspar Southern Road is similar to the Benjamin Moore dupes that I really liked! It has more yellow to it, so it’s a warmer more saturated color.

    It also has an LRV of 19.112, so it’s darker.

    Southern Road vs sulking room pink

    You already know I like it! It could have a little something to do with it being a safer, more neutral option. I want to love bold colors, I really do, but sometimes I’m a chicken.

    This color is still a standout, just less pink.

    Valspar Cherry Mocha 1006-7C

    Valspar Cherry Mocha is also darker than Sulking Room Pink, with an LRV of 20.5.

    Cherry Mocha is more red, so it looks both pinker and more mauve-toned than Sulking Room.

    Cherry Mocha vs sulking room pink

    This color doesn’t have the beige tones that Sulking Room Pink has, but it’s a very pretty color.

    Valspar Mauve Blush 1006-10A

    Valspar Mauve Blush is a blush color, but it’s definitely not mauve! Especially not beside Sulking Room Pink.

    The LRV of Mauve Blush is 33.16.

    Mauve Blush vs sulking room pink

    Mauve Blush is kind of like the perfect pinky nude color. It reminds me a lot of Venetian Portico, which I have used in quite a few of my palettes.

    Mauve Blush isn’t really a dupe for Sulking Room Pink, but it could be a nice lighter alternative that is more neutral. Beige is really coming back this year, and I prefer a pink version to a yellow one. Mauve Blush fits the bill!

    Valspar Plum Ribbon 1007-7C

    Like a LOT of other colors on this list, Plum Ribbon is close to Sulking Room Pink, but it’s more pinky mauve.

    Plum Ribbon has an LRV of 25.785 (close enough to 26).

    Plum Ribbon vs sulking room pink

    Valspar Wild Frontier 2001-9C

    Valspar Wild Frontier is another lighter and beiger option compared to Sulking Room Pink.

    Wild Frontier vs sulking room pink

    It has an LRV of 28.22, so it’s only a little bit lighter. Wild Frontier sits somewhere between Sulking Room Pink and Mauve Blush.

    Sulking Room Pink Final Thoughts

    Wow! That was a lot! I can’t see you leaving this post and wishing you had more choices. If anything, I’ve muddied the waters, so sorry about that!

    Here’s a reminder of the best of the best Sulking Room Pink dupes:

    All the best Sulking Room Pink Dupes as discussed in article

    If you’ve picked your perfect pink, here are loads of the BEST green colors that will complement your choice! :

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