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Ridiculously Chic Two Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls in 2022

    Why have just one colour in your bedroom when you could have two?

    Half and half paint, colour blocking, accent walls, whatever you call it, here is some killer inspiration for your next bedroom project!

    thumbnail images of four of the colour combos from the article

    I did try to keep the colour combinations involving white and cream to a minimum, but those are obviously some of the more popular ones, so there is still a lot.

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    Clay and Dark Green

    A dark clay color on the ceiling and lower half of a wall. Upper half has a woodsy themed wallpaper in clays and Dark Greens
    Photo credit: @marialovesrealestate

    I led with one of my favourite of all the combinations I saw. Okay, so technically that wallpaper is not a solid colour, but I LOVE how these two go together.

    If you want to recreate the look, I happen to know that Maria used the Sherwin Williams colour Hushed Auburn. To get the same vibe as the wallpaper in a solid colour, try a dark green like Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green.

    Color sample hushed auburn and  tarrytown green

    Just for fun, because Hushed Auburn is so scrumptious, here it is with cream, before Maria put up the wallpaper:

    Hushed Auburn and cream in a toddler's room
    Photo credit: @marialovesrealestate

    Pale Pink and Light Sage

    This could just as easily be inspiration to pair a light sage with coral, because the coral accents in this room also work incredibly well with the board and batten.

    This combo is a perfect pastel duo that doesn’t read “baby room.”

    To recreate this look, try Benjamin Moore October Mist with Sherwin Williams Abalone Shell:

    Color sample October Mist with Abalone Shell

    Lavender and White

    Lavender and White in a bedroom

    Lavender is a classic bedroom choice because it’s soft and soothing. Paired with white and natural wood tones, this room reads restful.

    Get the look with Sherwin Williams Pure White and Sherwin Williams Silver Peony.

    Color sample Pure White with silver peony

    Let me tell you, it is hard to find a lavender colour that is subtle enough! It took me a while, but Silver Peony is a winner!

    Light Blue-Green and White

    A soft gray green color on a bedroom wall and white on the other wall

    I didn’t really know what to call this colour because it’s almost mint, but a little more blue. It’s like a subdued aqua.

    I wish the lighting was a bit better in that picture, but you get the idea! This is another classic soothing bedroom combo.

    Dupe this room with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace and Sherwin Williams Rainwashed.

    Color sample rainwashed and chantilly lace

    (Rainwashed is definitely brighter and a little more blue in real life than it looks here.)

    Soft Aqua and Greige

    Keeping that soft aqua colour in mind, here is a room where it’s paired with a greige:

    A soft minty color with greige

    The wall colour is borderline just beige and not greige, but so is Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray!

    Color sample rainwashed and agreeable gray

    That bedroom inspo also shows how a peacock blue and greige would work well together.

    Yellow and Gray

    Bright yellow and gray in a bedroom

    This bold combo isn’t for everyone, but for those that like it, it’s bound to have them waking up cheery every day!

    Try the rich yellow of Behr Buzz In with Sherwin Williams Peppercorn.

    Color sample Buzz In with Peppercorn

    Peppercorn isn’t actually as dark as it looks here. In a bright room it appears more like a mid-gray.

    Aqua and Coral

    A bright aqua and coral room

    Should we call this a coral reef colour scheme? This bright aqua colour looks amazing with calming coral.

    This is the kind of colour scheme that I wish I had the guts for!

    If you have the courage, try Sherwin Williams Calypso with Sherwin Williams Sockeye:

    Color sample Calypso with Sockeye

    Help! Why does this combo make me want ice cream?

    Terracotta and Cream

    An Orange ceiling in a cream colored Victorian room
    Photo credit: @two_priors_in_a_pod

    Tell me that Hayley from @two_priors_in_a_pod, isn’t the boldest. Go ahead, try! Her fiery choice for the ceiling is mellowed by the soft and creamy wall colour.

    Here her ceiling is colour matched to Lick Paint Terracotta Red. I wasn’t able to find enough info to colour match it myself, but you can replicate the look with Behr Deep Fire and Sherwin Williams Natural Choice.

    Color sample Deep Fire with Natural Choice

    If you want a terracotta colour that is a touch more subtle, check out my post of all the best terracotta paint colours!

    White and Natural

    White panelled wall and one natural wood panelled wall

    Okay, so it’s not a paint combo, but white and natural wood is a classic Scandinavian combo that can’t be overlooked!

    If you don’t have it in you to create an accent wall, consider filling your room with natural wood toned furniture and accessories.

    If you like this as a colour combo, try Benjamin Moore Putnam Ivory to mimic the colour of blonde wood. Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore is a cool-toned grayish white.

    Color sample Putnam Ivory with Decorator's White

    Silver and Blush

    A silver and blush room

    To mimic this chic combo, get the silvery gray in a satin or semi-gloss finish instead of eggshell.

    Love these two colours together!

    For the perfect not-too-pink blush, choose Benjamin Moore Venetian Portico. For a silver, try Behr White Metal.

    Color sample White Metal and Venetian Portico

    Cream and Beige

    Shades of Beige
    Photo credit: @rhydygro2020

    Create a soothing room of neutrals by using a creamy white and a soft beige.

    In the photo are Farrow & Ball’s Oxford Stone and Little Green Paint Company Portland Stone Light.

    Graphic reads "Nail down your neutral color scheme in 60 minutes or less" with an image of the foolproof neutrals ebook. Button below reads "Show me how!"

    If you need an easier to find brand, try Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois with Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan.

    Color sample Soft Chamois with Manchester Tan

    In that first photo, cream and beige looks cozy and comforting, but this colour scheme can also look expensive:

    A Beige and Cream bedroom

    Here the wall colour might be a bit closer to greige, but you get the idea!

    Gray and Peach

    Gray and Peach Room
    Photo credit: @dana.traynor

    Despite the fact that terracotta and gray go very well together, I never would have thought to do gray and peach!

    This happy two colour combo makes me think of summer time.

    Dana used Valspar Mojave Sunset for the peach. For the gray, try Valspar Filtered Shade.

    Color sample Filtered Shade and Mojave Sunset

    Robin’s Egg Blue and Cream

    Robin's egg and cream living room
    Photo credit: @rads_and_rafters

    This two colour combo is in a living room and dining room, but there is no reason this wouldn’t work in a bedroom.

    I had the hardest time trying to decide what this greeny-blue colour should be called, but I settled on robin’s egg because that seemed the closest.

    The actual colour is Dix Blue by Farrow and Ball.

    Dupe the look with Sherwin Williams White Flour and SW Kind Green.

    Color sample White Flour and Kind Green

    Gray and Cream

    Gray and Cream bedroom
    Photo credit: @radsandrafters

    This is the second of three rooms where Sarah from @radsandrafters has combined creamy white with another colour.

    In this room she has used Farrow & Ball Lamp Room Gray, which you can see has a little warmth to it.

    Copy Sarah’s style with Valspar Cream in my Coffee and Behr Chelsea Gray.

    Color sample Cream in my coffee and chelsea gray

    Soft Sage and Creamy White

    Soft sage and cream
    Photo credit: @radsandrafters

    Between Sarah from @radsandrafters and Hayley from @two_priors_in_a_pod, do you want to find a Victorian home yet?

    These gorgeous curved ceilings in a creamy white look amazing with Farrow and Ball Pale Powder.

    Sherwin Williams Wavecrest is a near perfect dupe for Pale Powder, and Sherwin Williams Whitetail is a classic creamy white.

    Color sample Wavecrest and Whitetail

    Dark Blue-Green and White

    A dark blue green bedroom with white on the upper 1/4. Bed has similar colors with pink accents.
    Photo credit: @sowood_terrace

    The use of white in this room helps to keep the dark colour from swallowing up everything else. This could just as easily be an example of rose and dark blue-green, because the pink accents look beautiful in this bedroom.

    Achieve this look by using Benjamin Moore Salamander with Behr Diamonds Therapy.

    Color sample Diamonds therapy and Salamander

    How to Get Crisp Lines Between Colours?
    Scotch Blue painter’s tape is my favourite. I like it even more than the expensive tapes.

    This little brush might look funny, but it’s my absolute ride or die. The design gives you extra control.

    When it’s time to roll this tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder.

    Sage Green and White

    A sage board and batten wall in a vaulted ceiling bedroom with 3 white walls
    Photo credit: @callenderhome

    Sage greens are the “it” colour right now, so it’s fitting that they pop up a few times in our favourite two colour combinations!

    This is an interesting one, because the colour that Megan from @callenderhome actually used is Valspar Belmont Green, but that colour in real life is significantly darker and more grayish than it looks here.

    To recreate the look as it appears in the photo, try Benjamin Moore Palace Green and Sherwin Williams Greek Villa.

    Color sample Palace Green and Greek Villa

    I have actually covered a whole host of similar greens in this post: Warm Green Paint Colours, so head there to find the perfect one for your bedroom!

    Pink and Tangerine

    Tangerine and pink together in a lash studio
    Photo credit: @deltalash

    How fun is this landscape and colour combo from the @deltalash studio?

    Tangerine and pink desert landscape on a wall
    Photo credit: @deltalash

    DIY your own cotton candy and tangerine bedroom with Benjamin Moore New Dawn and Benjamin Moore Salmon Peach.

    Color sample New Dawn and Salmon Peach
    Girl's bedroom in Navy on the lower half and gray on the top half
    Photo credit: @junksavvymomma

    Back to the classics with this navy blue and gray colour scheme. The colourful pops of pink and turquoise keep the room young and fun.

    Get this look with Benjamin Moore Hale Navy and Sherwin Williams Knitting Needles.

    Color sample Knitting Needles with Hale Navy

    Gray and Terracotta

    terracotta in a bedroom with the other walls gray
    Photo credit: @micaeladicorrado

    The bold colour of this terracotta wall is mellowed with a warm gray and neutral accessories.

    Want to try this two colour combo in your bedroom? Try Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist and Valspar Chorizo.

    Color sample Balboa Mist with Chorizo

    Black and White

    Of course we wouldn’t be going anywhere without this absolute classic combination of black and white!

    Black and White Bedroom with black closet and ceiling and white walls

    Black looks great with all shades of white, from creamy and natural, to cool and bright.

    Boho chic black and white bedroom with a skyline decal on the wall behind the bed

    Probably the most popular black paint colour on the planet earth is Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. Pair it with one of their classic cozy whites: Snowbound.

    Color sample Snowbound with Tricorn Black

    Black and Pink (or Mauve!)

    A living room with rosy floral wallpaper and black wainscoting.

    I love black with this rosy mauvey pink colour! Super cozy.

    Bring this two colour combination into your bedroom with Farrow & Ball Sulking Room Pink, and Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green.

    Fun fact: Tricorn Black is often heralded as the “blackest black” on the market, but Benjamin Moore’s Black Forest Green actually has a slightly lower LRV: 2.72 vs 3. (Meaning it’s darker.)

    Benjamin Moore does not round their LRVs however, so they could actually be the same.

    Color sample Black Forest Green with Sulking Room Pink.

    If you like this shade of pink, I have a whole post about Sulking Room Pink, including dupes!

    How to Use Two Colours in a Bedroom

    You aren’t limited to putting one colour on an accent wall and having a second colour on the rest!

    • Try painting a bold shade on your ceiling and partway down the wall like some of our inspiration photos
    • Colour blocking is a great way to combine two bold shades on the same wall
    • Consider adding wainscoting or board and batten to be painted a different colour than the rest of the wall
    • Paint your trim and doors a colour other than white
    • Paint the top and bottom half of your walls different colours

    I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I am really digging all of those orange combos!

    Anyways, I have plenty more paint colours for you to peruse! Here is a selection:

    Link graphic reads Ultimate Guide to warm blue gray paint colors above a picture of storm clouds with many shades of gray blue around the picture. Bottom reads: "From Benjamin Moore and more"
    Link Graphic reads "Sherwin Williams Pewter Green Color Palette" and colored paint dots. Large dot in center top is Pewter green. Other colors from top left to bottom right are BM Chantilly Lace, SW Cavern Clay, BM Carolina Gull, SW Shoji White, SW Ripe Olive, and BM Smokey Taupe.
    Link graphic of Five different shades of terracotta paint colors on paint lids with plant pots