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Read This Before Choosing Behr Platinum OR Sterling (Complete Review & Dupes!)

    First and Foremost, Behr Platinum and Behr Sterling are one and the same light gray paint colors. They have the exact same RGB composition according to Behr themselves. If you have both on your short list, congratulations! You must like this color.

    Behr Platinum swatched beside a photo of a bride holding white high heeled shoes with platinum beading and stones decorating the heels

    Anyways, moving forward this review applies to both colors. (I know: “Thanks, Captain Obvious.”)

    Today we will take a look at this color in real homes, see it in a coordinating color palette, and of course, check out some dupes!

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    What Color is Behr Platinum/Sterling (PPU26-11/780-3)?

    Behr Platinum paint swiped on a color card

    Platinum aka Sterling is a very light gray with cool undertones. It can range in appearance from a true plain gray to a light blue-gray or gray-purple.

    LRV and RBG of Behr Platinum

    The LRV of Platinum is 65.

    What does this mean?

    The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 – 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn’t reflect). True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

    In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 – 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.

    Behr Platinum LRV plotted at 65 on a scale of 0 (black) to 100 (pure white)

    At 65, Platinum is on the lighter end of wall colors, but not light enough to be mistaken for an off white. (Inside at least.)

    The RGB for Platinum that Behr provides is Red 209, Green 212, Blue 209.

    Using the RGB values, the hex code for Platinum is #D1D4D1.

    What Are the Undertones of Platinum?

    Platinum is actually a green-based gray.

    Behr Platinum on a hex chart over a background of platinum nuggets

    Once you know the green undertone is there, you are a bit more likely to spot it, but generally Platinum has cool blue or even slight purple undertones.

    You can see from the hex chart that this color is almost completely gray, so this is why the undertones can be a bit less predictable.

    Is Platinum Warm or Cool?

    Platinum is an icy cool color that never looks like a warm gray.

    The Behr Platinum Color Strip

    Behr does not have Platinum in a light to dark color strip, so I went ahead and assembled my own:

    Behr Platinum color strip features Silent White, Platinum, Engagement Silver, Flipper, Coastal Storm, Black Locust, and Space Black over a background of a platinum tray with a string of pearls on it.
    • Silent White (PPU26-13) 
    • Platinum (PPU26-11)
    • Engagement Silver (PPU25-14)
    • Flipper (PPU25-15)
    • Coastal Storm (MQ6-20)
    • Black Locust (PPU25-02)
    • Space Black (N460-7)

    Lighter Version of Platinum

    Behr Silent White is a great tone match for Platinum, but a little lighter. It has an LRV of 79, so it is on the lighter end of off-white.

    Darker Version of Platinum

    Engagement Silver has an LRV of 55, so it is just a slightly darker version of Platinum. It is a little less likely to have a purple undertone.

    If that isn’t quite enough darker for you, try the color Flipper. It has an LRV of 40 and has a very similar tone to Platinum.

    Behr Platinum in a Color Palette

    I did stick with pretty much all cool coordinating colors for this one. Grays can be quite tricky and unpredictable and this one is more likely to go off-script when paired with warm colors.

    Behr Platinum color palette features Diamonds Therapy, Flipper, Graphic Charcoal, and Platinum, all in small paint containers over a crinkled white sheet with a sprig of eucalyptus

    This is not to say that you can’t use it with warm tones, but you are more likely to emphasize the blue and purple undertones.

    Graphic reads "Nail down your neutral color scheme in 60 minutes or less" with an image of the foolproof neutrals ebook. Button below reads "Show me how!"

    Coordinating Colors for Behr Platinum (aka Sterling)

    Behr Diamonds Therapy

    Diamonds Therapy is a really nice neutral white by Behr. I don’t think it gets used nearly enough! This one has a hint of warmth next to platinum.

    Platinum color drop sampled beside coordinating color Diamonds Therapy

    Behr Flipper

    I’ve already selected Flipper as a darker version of Platinum, but why not use these two together? I certainly don’t mind a monochromatic moment.

    Platinum color drop sampled beside coordinating color Flipper

    Behr Graphic Charcoal

    Graphic Charcoal is a pretty popular dark gray by Behr. I find that it tends to have a slight green undertone, which is a nice complement for Platinum (but may accentuate any purple undertones).

    Platinum color drop sampled beside coordinating color Graphic Charcoal

    Complementary Color for Platinum

    In my opinion, you could use Graphic Charcoal as a complementary color for the slight purple undertone in Platinum.

    On paper, a gray-blue with slight purple undertones would be the “official” complementary color for Platinum (aka the color directly across the color wheel). Try Benjamin Moore Hale Navy as a super palatable goes-with-anything option:

    Platinum color drop sampled beside coordinating color Hale Navy

    What Trim Colors Go With Behr Platinum?

    Here is a selection of white paint colors that would work as trim with Behr Platinum/Sterling:

    Behr Platinum with a variety of trim colors including Pure White, Chantilly Lace, Ultra Pure White, and Polar Bear

    Sherwin Williams Pure White

    SW Pure White is kind of a foolproof white option for whatever your project is. This one is not the brightest white, but it is super neutral while still being a touch warm.

    Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

    Chantilly Lace is a great white to use with Platimum for trim because it is also a green based color. Chantilly Lace is a brighter white, and has no real undertones to speak of.

    Behr Ultra Pure White

    Ultra Pure White is the cleanest brightest white available (allegedly) and is a great pick from Behr for that traditional crisp look.

    Behr Polar Bear

    Polar Bear is Behr’s version of a white that is warm while still being bright and pretty neutral. Many consider this to be the perfect soft white by Behr.

    Don’t Forget Your Supplies!

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    Behr Platinum for Your Home’s Interior

    Platinum remains an underused soft gray color by Behr (whether you call it Platinum or Sterling!), but I do have a few examples for you!

    Behr Platinum Living Room and Dining Room

    First we see Platinum looking its most blue, here in the dining room of Alison (@albyroch):

    Behr Platinum aka Sterling on a dining room wall behind oak furniture with bright oak floors.
    Photo Credit: @albyroch

    I think it’s very likely that Platinum looks more blue because of how bright and orange toned the flooring is in this particular room.

    Next we see this color on a fireplace in Jasmine’s (@hi_jazz) living room.

    Platinum looking slightly more purple on a fireplace column wall
    Photo credit: @hi_jazz

    Here the color does have a slight lavender tint, particularly on the lower part of the wall, but the lighting isn’t the best either.

    Behr Platinum in a Bathroom

    In Becci’s (@homewithbecci) bathroom, Platinum looks like a true cool gray.

    Behr Platinum aka Sterling in a bathroom with white shiplap on the lower half of the wall
    Photo Credit: @homewithbecci

    Should You Use Behr Platinum (Sterling) on an Exterior

    My personal opinion is that Platinum/Sterling is just a little bit too light for an exterior gray. Pretty much any color will look lighter outside, and this one could go off-white pretty easily.

    For an exterior I would look for a gray with an LRV below 60.

    Platinum Compared to Other Behr Paint Colors

    Let’s take a look at this Behr light gray vs others:

    Behr Platinum vs Behr Sterling

    I know I’ve already said it, but I also know you might love to skim! Behr Platinum and Sterling are one and the same color.

    Behr Platinum vs Behr Sterling. They are actually the same light gray color.

    Behr Platinum vs White Metal (N520-1)

    Depending on your screen, it may be hard to spot the difference here. White Metal is a touch warmer (more purple) than platinum. It’s also a hair darker.

    Behr White Metal and Platinum each on half of a wall behind a mustard color sofa

    Behr Platinum vs Silver Feather (BWC-29)

    Silver Feather is also warmer than Platinum, but in a yellow-green way. It is also lighter.

    Behr Platinum and Silver Feather each on half of a wall behind a white sofa

    Behr Platinum vs Behr Light French Gray

    I recently wrote a review of Behr Light French Gray, and I am finding it to be pretty similar to Platinum. Light French Gray tends to be a bit more colorful and not as gray, but it’s a color you may want to consider.

    Behr Light French Gray vs Platinum, each on half of a wall with a light pink chair and accessories in front

    Check out that post here: Behr Light French Gray: The Same as Sherwin Williams? (Review & Dupes)

    Dupes for Behr Platinum/Sterling

    Home Depot not your jam? Here are some top-tier dupes for this Behr color:

    Platinum Dupes Sterling, Polar Star, Reflection, and Platinum itself over a background of a bathroom with a view over silver gray mountains

    Benjamin Moore Platinum Equivalent

    Not to be confused with the color Sterling Silver, Benjamin Moore Sterling is the closest color match for Platinum.

    (An added layer of confusion since Behr Sterling is also the same color as Platinum.)

    Benjamin Moore Sterling (1591)

    Sterling is a hair darker than Platinum, and that is the only difference. The color family and saturation is a perfect match.

    Behr Platinum and Benjamin Moore Sterling each on half of a wall behind a white sofa

    Valspar (Lowe’s) Equivalent to Platinum

    The best Platinum/Sterling color match that you can get at Lowe’s, is the color Polar Star.

    Valspar Polar Star (4005-1A)

    Polar Star is a little cooler and lighter than Behr Platinum.

    Behr Platinum and Valspar Polar Star each on half of a wall behind a white sofa

    Platinum Sherwin Williams Equivalent 

    From Sherwin Williams, the best alternative to Platinum is the color Reflection.

    Sherwin Williams Reflection (SW 7661)

    Reflection is just a hair lighter than Platinum, and that’s the only difference. This is another near perfect dupe.

    Behr Platinum and Sherwin Williams Reflection each on half of a wall behind a black and copper chandelier.

    Here’s a quick reminder of all of these dupes:

    Platinum dupes include Sterling, Polar Star, and reflection over a background of Platinum/Sterling with a white outline of eucalyptus.

    Platinum Pros & Cons

    That brings us to the end of this review! Thank you so much for reading to the end and for sharing on any platform. It really helps my site!

    Here is a quick recap for Platinum:


    • Nice and light interior paint color while not being off-white
    • A calm cool gray
    • Flexible with different whites and any number of cool coordinating colors
    • Wide appeal


    • Might not play predictably with warm tones
    • Can look purple (Not a huge problem, but some people HATE purple)
    • A bit too light for exteriors
    • Probably not the right gray for cabinets

    Not the one? Well, well, well, if it isn’t more colors!:

    Behr Silver Drop color strip features Irish Mist, Silver Drop, Dolphin Fin, Granite Boulder, squirrel, dusty mountain, and black bean
    Behr Silver Bullet color strip runs from White Metal to Carbon with Silver Bullet, Flannel Gray, Cool Ashes, Iron Mountain, and Asphalt Gray in between.
    Dolphin Fin looking like a traditional gray on the wall behind round natural fiber wall decor