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New Paint Colors to Use in 2024 (From Every Brand!)

    In 2024 we are looking forward to peace, prosperity, and pretty awesome paint colors!

    Let’s talk about the colors for 2024, review the colors from 2022 & 2023 (because trends take time!), and make some predictions for the decor world ahead!

    The Official Colors of the Year for 2024

    Before we look at the colors for 2024, I just wanted to say that it’s too soon to say which colors will really catch on.

    Typically paint trends take a good 2-3 years to rise, and up to 10 years to die. In my opinion, you might be further ahead choosing the best of 2022. (Because those are really what’s in right now!)

    The colors of the year from 2024 have fallen in two camps: cool blue, or ultra warm.

    2024 Colors of the year include Peach Fuzz, Upward, Cracked Pepper, Persimmon, Limitless, Renew Blue, and Blue Nova, over a sunset background over the sea.

    The big 4: Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Valspar ALL chose shades of blue as their colors of the year.

    Blue watercolor background with 4 shades of blue on top, Cracked Pepper, Blue Nova, Upward, Renew Blue.

    The coordination isn’t super surprising, as they often seem to have a group chat before they pick. (Not in 2023, as you will see in a moment!) What is surprising, is that they chose blues. I feel like people have only just hung up cool grays in favor of creams and beiges, so it remains to be seen how these colors will do.

    Once again, it will probably take a couple of years to catch on, so maybe by then we’ll be ready!

    Sherwin Williams Upward

    Upward is a soft blue-gray with a whiff of a periwinkle undertone.

    “A breezy, blissful blue. The color found when we slow down, take a breath, and allow the mind to clear.” – Sherwin Williams

    SW Upward on the walls in a living room behind a white sofa

    Full disclosure: I’ve never been much of a blue girly, but this one does feel very neutral!

    Benjamin Moore Blue Nova

    Blue Nova also has a periwinkle undertone, but it is much more saturated.

    The marketing team was doing the most with that quote. What a word salad!

    Benjamin Moore Blue Nova on cabinets in a white kitchen with open wood shelves

    I can appreciate the bold solid color of Blue Nova, while also acknowledging that this is more for accents. On the right style of house it would make for a great exterior color!

    Behr Cracked Pepper

    Cracked Pepper is a deep charcoal with a blue undertone.

    Behr Cracked Pepper on a gallery wall behind a folding chair.
    Photo Credit: @maistyleforyou

    I love this color! It is also a great substitute for black.

    Valspar Renew Blue

    Renew Blue is similar to a Tiffany blue or robin’s egg color.

    “A nourishing, green-influenced blue that creates a sense of peace wherever you place it.” – Valspar

    Swatch of Renew Blue beside a handmade mug over a background of the soft teal color.

    This color feels really classic, without being overdone. For something similar, you might also like Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal.

    HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams – Persimmon

    “Persimmon is a grounded earthy terracotta shade that feels energetic and refreshing. Persimmon’s warm, earthy elements add an uplifting personal touch to the home.” – HGSW

    I would describe Persimmon is a zesty sorbet color. As far as terracottas go, I wouldn’t say that this one is especially “earthy.”

    Swatch of SW Persimmon beside a background of the sorbet color, with dried flowers in front.

    I’ve actually included Persimmon in my favorite terracotta paint colors:

    Graphic reads "Terracotta Paint Colors" with 9 terracotta paint swatches over a background of a beautiful terracotta colored room with arched doors and windows. From top left to bottom right: Smoky salmon, persimmon, copper patina, wild flower, cavern clay, baked terracotta, baked clay, tandoori, warm brownie.

    PPG Limitless

    Limitless is a real puzzler for me. The name certainly didn’t conjure visions of a buttery yellow.

    “Limitless instills a warm, sunny vibe that hints at growth and blooming energy. Pairing beautifully with both warm and cool finishes – this hue’s agility across numerous design directions is what makes it a star.” – PPG

    Swatch of PPG Limitless beside a room in the same color with a yellow occasional chair.

    In fairness to Limitless, it’s not all butter. There is a hint of a peachy undertone. The hue’s “agility” is a question mark for me. There is definitely a place for a color like this in Victorian designs, but I think pairings might be a bit tricky.

    For a slightly more subdued version of this, you might really like Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca.

    Pantone Peach Fuzz

    Of course Pantone doesn’t make paint colors, but they are widely recognized as color trendsetters, so it’s worth keeping track of their picks!

    “Peach Fuzz is a velvety gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches heart, mind, and body.” – Pantone

    Pantone Peach Fuzz Swatched beside a cut open peach  zoomed in.

    Predictions for 2024 (Based on Real Life and in Real Time)

    Since trends often run a bit behind of announcements, let’s talk about what will actually be big this calendar year!

    2024 Decor trends features predictions including Charcoal, Cream, Sage, and Taupe with paint dots of each color, over a background of charcoal.

    Sage Greens Will Keep Gaining Popularity

    The colors released in 2022 will probably reach a fever pitch in popularity this year. Sage green is the new neutral that still adds a wink of flexible color to your home.

    Graphic reads "22+ Sage Green Paint Colors" and lists all of the light, medium, and dark sage green paint colors from the article. Background is a sage green living room with trendy decor and hanging pendant lights

    Maybe we’ll be ready to put our sage bundles down in 2025, but I kind of think this trend has more staying power than that.

    I have covered a LOT of these colors. You can browse a list on my Greens page, or here are a couple of popular ones:

    Not to put anyone off of sage, but I have seen people saying that it’s the new “millennial gray” … however they also called it “sad green” instead of sage, so let’s chalk that up to being misinformed.

    Creamy Whites are Here to Stay

    Soft whites are still the actual modern alternative to millennial gray, and they remain functional favorites into 2024. Off whites and soft beiges also fall into this category.

    Graphic reads "The best creamy white paint colors" With a liquid line of cream running over a photo of a Victorian inspired cream and gold sitting room. Colors are Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore and Behr, Simply White, Blank Canvas,Queen Anne's Lace, Bavarian Cream, Acadia White, Alabaster, White Dove, and Du jour.

    I’m not saying it won’t happen, but there is no end in site when reaching for white.

    See more on my white paint colors page, or visit these favorite posts:

    Taupe Over Gray

    Can this just be here because I’m a big fan? Whether you call it mushroom, warm greige, putty, or something else, I think taupe will continue to rise in popularity in 2024.

    Smokey Taupe swatch over a background of same color on cabinets in a kitchen with white walls

    It’s a warmer neutral for people who really can’t stand peachy or yellow undertones.

    Here are a couple favorites:

    Charcoal is the New Black

    I’ll be the first to admit that charcoal has no place on any trend list, because it’s as timeless as black!

    Favorite Charcoal Paint Colors features Rock Bottom, Soot, Cyberspace, Peppercorn, and Iron Ore over a background of ice on a black winterscape

    I do think that the solid-inky-black with bright white trend is over, which means linen and charcoal is a fresh alternative.

    Mostly I have been flabbergasted by the amount of charcoals I have found lately that work with EV-UH-RY-Thing, and I just wanted to share my faves!

    Cabinets That Aren’t White

    I don’t see anybody doing a factory white finish on cabinets anymore, and we have only just dipped our toes into all the color possibilites.

    Aegean Teal and Chantilly Lace Kitchen
    Aegean Teal – Photo credit: @archetypehomes

    What started several years ago with navy blue islands taught us that color can indeed have staying power on cabinets, and maybe it’s not that serious after all.

    Mushroom and sage seem to be the big up and comers in this area, which is no surprise really.

    Sherwin Williams Shiitake on upper cabinets on either side of a gray-green hood vent, with a gray green island in front.
    SW Shiitake & Cast Iron – Photo Credit: @btbuilderstx

    Here are a few popular cabinet posts:

    Colors of the Year from 2022 & 2023

    If 2022 and 2024 were the years when the group chat was popping between the brands, 2023 was the year when nobody was speaking…and it shows.

    All of the colors of the year from 2023. Viva Magenta, Redend Point, Blank Canvas, Darkroom, Vining Ivy, and Raspberry Blush, over a background with a spray of black charcoal.

    Note! Valspar chose to release color collections for 2022 and 2023, and did not name a single color of the year, so they are hereby excluded.

    You know what this is giving? :

    All of the colors of the year from 2023. Viva Magenta, Redend Point, Blank Canvas, Darkroom, Vining Ivy, and Raspberry Blush, edited into a kids paint palette.

    Random elementary school palette. At least that’s what I’m getting! We will brush over these quickly. But first:

    2022 Colors of the Year include Evergreen Fog, Very Peri, Aleutian, Breezeway, October Mist, and Olive Sprig over a background of tropical flowers

    OMG, what a great year 2022 was! The group chat was popping and everyone was friends. You have my permission to pretend this palette carried us for 2 years. (Heck, use it now and make it 3!)

    Sherwin Williams Redend Point – 2023

    Here’s a look at the Sherwin Williams 2023 Color of the Year Redend Point:

    Redend Point on all walls in an open plan foyer dining room

    I am most definitely in the minority with this color: I actually don’t hate it at all. I wouldn’t say that I am super pink-averse though.

    I think it gives rosy brown, or useable terracotta.

    Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog – 2022

    In 2022 Sherwin Williams selected Evergreen Fog as their color of the year.

    Pashmina double vanity in bathroom with wallpaper on sink wall and evergreen fog on the rest
    Photo Credit: @built_frm_scratch

    Love this one! (Although I actually prefer Retreat slightly.)

    Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush – 2023

    In 2023, Benjamin Moore took a page out of their wild color description book, and named Raspberry Blush as their color of the year.

    Swatch of Raspberry Blush   beside board and batten in the same color.

    Sadly I chose to skip out on reviewing this one because it was just too ultra specific. I always feel like “Would I put this on cabinets?” is a good test, and very very few people are in the market for Raspberry Blush cabinets.

    Benjamin Moore October Mist – 2022

    In 2022, the subdued sage of October Mist was named as the Benjamin Moore color of the year:

    October Mist looking minty and light on a dresser.
    Photo credit: @bayberrymoon

    If you like this color, you will also like Fieldstone.

    Behr Blank Canvas – 2023

    DIY enthusiasts gave Behr a hard time for picking the white shade Blank Canvas as their color of the year for 2023, but we could all do with more options!

    Dining Room with Blank Canvas walls

    This one is pretty similar to the popular Benjamin Moore color White Dove. Personally, I think colors of the year should be very useable.

    Behr Breezeway – 2022

    Behr had a slightly mintier take on the gray green trend in 2022 with their color of the year Breezeway:

    Swatch of Behr Breezeway beside an image of a victorian breezeway in a similar color.

    I really like this shade. It reminds me of a mix between Valspar’s pick for 2024 (Renew Blue) and Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

    If you like this color, you would probably really like Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay, or another Behr shade: Light French Gray.

    HGTV Sherwin Williams Darkroom – 2023

    In 2023, HGTV x SW chose Darkroom as their color of the year. This is an almost-black with a hint of a violet undertone.

    Swatch of Darkroom beside a roll of film

    If you like this color, you will also love Sherwin Williams Perle Noir.

    HGTV Sherwin Williams Aleutian – 2022

    In 2022 the HGTVSW color of the year was Aleutian: A mid-toned shade of denim blue.

    Swatch of Aleutian beside a photo of a cliff beside the sea.

    Interesting enough, Aleutian is on the same color strip as the Sherwin Williams 2024 color of the year: Upward.

    Sherwin Williams Upward color strip includes Upward, Windy Blue, Aleutian, Daphne, Bracing Blue, Distance, and Indigo Batik over a background of neutral decor

    I did actually check to see if HGTV x SW seems to test drive the color of the year for Sherwin Williams a couple years prior, but this one seems to be a coincidence.

    PPG Vining Ivy – 2023

    The PPG pick of the year for 2023 was Vining Ivy. This color is actually much more teal than you might think from the name “Ivy.”

    Swatch of PPG Vining Ivy beside ivy crawling up a wall.

    If you like this color, you might like the slighty darker Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock.

    PPG Olive Sprig – 2022

    Olive Sprig was very on theme with the other 2022 colors of the year. This warm sagey color would still be perfect in 2024.

    Swatch of PPG Olive Sprig beside a tray with olives and an olive sprig.

    This color is actually very similar to Sherwin Williams Clary Sage.

    Pantone Viva Magenta – 2023

    Of course the Pantone colors again, aren’t paint. The 2023 color of the year was Viva Magenta:

    Swatch of Viva Magenta beside a teal room with a Magenta chair

    Pantone Very Peri – 2022

    In 2022, Pantone selected Very Peri as the color of the year, which seems like maybe it could have influenced some of the 2024 colors:

    Swatch of Very Peri beside a room painted in periwinkle with neon lights and signs.

    Final Thoughts Looking into 2024

    Thanks so much for reading this post until the end! This really helps my blog! I hope you’ve enjoyed this recap and predictions. It’s a bit of a different style of post for me.

    I’m entering the decorscape of 2024 with a see-what-happens attitude, but I do think these are pretty safe predictions based on what people look at around here.

    2024 Decor trends features predictions including Charcoal, Cream, Sage, and Taupe with paint dots of each color, over a background of a white wall with feather and flower vase on a console table.

    If you’re here for solid color reviews, check out these other posts:

    The Fieldstone color strip features from light to dark: Winter Orchard, Vapor Trails, Silver Song, Fieldstone, Arctic Shadows, Antique Pewter, and Castle Peak Gray, over a background of a stone village.
    Shoji white paint dot in front of a shoji white great room
    Perle Noir Color Strip from Sherwin Williams contains swatches of colors from light to dark: Destiny, Fashionable Gray, Mystical Shade, Moonlit Orchid, Special Gray, Cloak Gray, and Perle Noir, over a background of a black pearl in a shell.