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The BEST Eucalyptus Green Colors For 2022 (From Every Brand!)

    What Color is Eucalyptus Green?

    Eucalyptus green is a green with blue undertones. It can range from the shade of a eucalyptus tree, which is a richer darker green, or to the dusty green color of silver eucalyptus.

    Eucalyptus Color Palette

    graphic reads "Eucalyptus color palette" over a background photo of a soft eucalyptus green door in a stone wall. Colored circles show Eucalyptus green in different shades and some coordinating colors.

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    The complementary color for eucalyptus green is actually purple, but purple is just so hard to do right!

    I took some inspiration from this door photo, because I thought the colors all work well together.

    The colors on the right side are:

    Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace – My very favorite green white, and one of my favorite whites period.

    Sherwin Williams Krypton – I probably wouldn’t use Krypton and the warmer tones with eucalyptus green, but I wanted to include a blue option.

    Benjamin Moore Gobi Desert – Almost a blush color, this pink beige is a good substitute for purple in complementing eucalyptus.

    Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze – Ever popular recently, this dark neutral brown would look good with almost any green. Not a surprise because earthy tones belong with leafy greens!

    Next up:

    Graphic reads "Eucalyptus green color palette" over a photo of various plant inspiration in houses and a greenhouse. Colored dots show shades of eucalyptus green and one coordinating color.

    The background color is Snowbound by Sherwin Williams, which is my favorite SW warm white. Then we have three different shades of eucalyptus green, and finally Revere Pewter.

    Revere Pewter because it is a warmer neutral that looks great with eucalyptus (assuming you didn’t want to go purple) and many people have it in their home already!

    Eucalyptus Green vs Sage Green

    This is a hard one! I find that sage green and eucalyptus green have a lot of overlap, especially when it comes to silver eucalyptus. Both are greens with a hint of blue, and both are often thought of in muted tones.

    Photos comparing Eucalyptus plant to sage plant

    Sage green tends to have a little more yellow than eucalyptus green, which is always blue-green or true green.

    I also think that when people picture sage green, they are more often thinking of pale colors, where half the time eucalyptus can be a mid-green. I hesitate to say that, because both sage green and eucalyptus green can be found in light and dark shades.

    Here is a comparison of more yellow-green versions of both eucalyptus and sage.

    Photos comparing eucalyptus plant to sage plant

    Eucalyptus even when it reaches a grassy green color, still has some blue to it. Whereas sage is still soft and muted, but more yellow.

    Eucalyptus Green Paint Colors

    I wanted to include colors that were specified as “eucalyptus” by each mainstream paint brand, but unfortunately Benjamin Moore’s offerings desperately miss the mark.

    Benjamin Moore’s “Eucalyptus” 621 is too bright to be considered a true eucalyptus color, and their color “Eucalyptus Leaf” 2144-20 is quite an olive green that looks nothing like eucalytpus.

    Benjamin Moore colors Eucalyptus - a robins egg blue - and Eucalyptus leaf - an olive brown color.

    Here are some of the best eucalyptus green paint colors that I could find:

    Graphic Reads "Eucalyptus Paint Colors" Over a white background and a photo of Eucalyptus, with six circles of Eucalyptus green colors. Top left to bottom right: cushing green, fresh eucalyptus, parsley snips, grenadier pond, eucalyptus leaf, and eucalyptus green.

    Privilege Green SW 6193

    Sherwin Williams Privilege Green is a really nice “true eucalyptus” color. It runs sort of the middle of the road in terms of how dark it is. I find it to be a really restful color.

    Sherwin Williams Privilege Green on a bedroom wall behind a wooden headboard and side table.

    Sherwin Williams Fresh Eucalyptus SW 9658

    Fresh Eucalyptus by Sherwin Williams is a really pretty green color with a lot more blue than the other shades I chose.

    It really does read “fresh” to me. I can almost smell this color!

    For anyone who is looking for a sage green color, I think Fresh Eucalyptus reads that way too.

    This color would be perfect in a spa bath!

    Sherwin williams fresh eucalyptus and Benjamin Moore's Parsley snips over a background of a white living room with natural wood and green accents

    Benjamin Moore Parsley Snips 635

    Of course Benjamin Moore names olive green “Eucalyptus Leaf” and then names an actual eucalyptus color “Parsley Snips.”

    Oh well…Parsley Snips is a great eucalyptus green. I like how it manages to be saturated and soothing at the same time. Although I am not convinced it’s a parsley color, it works perfectly for this color round-up!

    Benjamin Moore Grenadier Pond 698

    I looove the color Grenadier Pond by Benjamin Moore. I don’t know what it is, because it’s not especially different from the other shades here. It’s a soothing mid-toned green with lots of blue.

    I find grenadier pond to be right on the money compared to actual eucalyptus.

    Benjamin Moore Grenadier pond and Behr's Eucalyptus Wreath over a background of a kitchen with mid-toned eucalyptus cabinets.

    Behr Eucalyptus Wreath N390-5

    Behr Also has a color named “Eucalyptus Leaf” but it is closer to a robin’s egg blue. Eucalyptus Wreath is a nice mid-green eucalyptus color.

    I find this one to be a touch too yellow for me, but if you want a warmer-toned eucalyptus, than Eucalyptus Wreath could be the one for you!

    This color is squarely in sage territory in my opinion.
    (Nothing wrong with that, I love sage too!)

    Graphic reads "Nail down your neutral color scheme in 60 minutes or less" with an image of the foolproof neutrals ebook. Button below reads "Show me how!"

    Valspar Eucalyptus Leaf CI180

    If you’re keeping track, Valspar’s Eucalyptus Leaf brings us to three colors of the same name!

    Usually I like to do a side-by-side comparison when I find colors of the same name, but these ones are so different that it doesn’t serve a purpose.

    So a reminder:

    Benjamin Moore Eucalyptus Leaf – Olive Green

    Behr Eucalyptus Leaf – Robin’s Egg Blue

    Valspar’s Eucalyptus Leaf? Well, it’s pretty good!

    For me Eucalyptus Leaf may be slightly too…minty? I’m not sure. I do love the color in this kitchen though, and it’s looking very close to the swatch!

    Eucalyptus Leaf by Valspar and Privilege Green by Sherwin Williams over a background of a modern style kitchen with eucalyptus green cabinets and warm wood floors.

    Dark Eucalyptus Color

    We would be wrong to end after only six classic eucalyptus colors and not talk about beautiful, rich, dark eucalyptus.

    These are my favorites. I love a deep green! These dark shades are a great range of sage to emerald, while staying in the eucalyptus family.

    A graphic showing darker toned Eucalyptus colors. Colors are cushing green, gothic green, vine leaf, succulent, rocky river, and billiard green

    Don’t Forget Your Supplies!

    This little brush might look funny, but it’s my absolute ride or die!

    Rollers like these hold the most paint and make the job faster. Get a metal roller cage for easy on and off.

    DryDex is the fastest (and funnest!) way to make chips and dents disappear. (Make sure you get a small spackling tool that actually fits in the container, and a sanding sponge.)

    This tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder.

    Benjamin Moore Cushing Green HC 125

    Cushing Green by Benjamin Moore almost looks out of place with the rest of the dark eucalyptus greens because it is definitely more yellow.

    However this is due to being side-by-side with the more blue-greens I feel.

    Benjamin Moore cushing green over a background of a bright white modern living room with natural wood furniture and green accents.

    On it’s own, Cushing Green still reminds me of of a sprig of eucalyptus.

    Benjamin Moore Gothic Green 637

    It’s not that I want to comment on the name of every color, it’s that Benjamin Moore forces me to.

    I don’t know why this is called Gothic Green. I can’t even hazard a guess. (Actually I have been guessing which is why it’s bothering me.)

    Beautiful color though!

    (and I don’t hate the name, I just don’t understand the reference.)

    Gothic Green is more of a true green, especially compared to the two by Sherwin Williams.

    It has a really great “plant” vibe to me, which is perfect for a eucalyptus green.

    Benjamin Moore gothic green and Valspar Billiard Room over a graphic of a living room with bold graphic stripes of different shades of eucalyptus green on the wall.

    Valspar (Lowes) Billiard Room 5005-6C

    Billiard Room might be my favorite color of the bunch! It’s getting very close to emerald green territory, but it’s still a dark eucalyptus green if we are speaking literally.

    Valspar Billiard Room on half of a wall in a bedroom with white on the other half. A wooden bed with white bedding sits in front of the wall as well as plants and a cream hanging macrame swing.

    I just have a feeling that Billiard Room is a color that will go with everything!

    I have been really impressed with Valspar lately. I am finding all kinds of great colors by them.

    Behr Vine Leaf N400-7

    I considered not including Vine Leaf because I wasn’t 100% sure that it fit the brief.

    It’s a beautiful plant-y color, but is it too jungle green?

    Ultimately, I decided that if the color could be seen in a real-life eucalyptus plant, then it must be eucalyptus green.

    Behr vine leaf over a dark eucalyptus green colored bedroom with wood accents, white bedding, and plant themed accessories and decor.

    Plus, Vine Leaf is a really nice color, and I know how everyone likes to have options from Behr! So there you go, justified now, so that you can get eucalyptus green at Home Depot.

    Sherwin Williams Succulent (SW 9650)

    Both of these next two colors are really great dark eucalyptus options by Sherwin Williams.

    Succulent is a more neutral, almost gray green, compared to the other colors that we’ve looked at.

    I actually really like that.

    When I hear “dark eucalyptus” I still picture the muted quality of the lighter eucalyptus greens, and this color really captures it!

    I think Succulent is so versatile. Read more about it here: Don’t Use Sherwin Williams Succulent (Unless You Want to Everyone to Copy You!)

    Sherwin Williams succulent and rocky river over a background of a white and cream themed living room with green accents

    Sherwin Williams Rocky River SW 6215

    Rocky River could be portrayed as either a dark eucalyptus green or a dark sage green. It is definitely heavier on the blue, but still manages to be green.

    Rocky River would be a bold choice in any room! The LRV for Rocky River is 15, so it’s well on it’s way to black. (0 is black, 100 is white)

    Silver Eucalyptus Paint Color

    From dark to light, now let’s look at some silver eucalyptus colors!

    These are for anyone who pictures that beautiful faded silvery green when they think of eucalyptus.

    graphic reads "Silver eucalyptus paint colors" over six pale eucalyptus green dots. Colors from top left to bottom right are wythe blue, fresh eucalyptus, silver eucalyptus, clothesline fresh, eucalyptus, and sea salt.

    I let Fresh Eucalyptus stay on the list from the main “Eucalyptus Green” list because I think it does double duty.

    Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143 ADBCB3

    I was just about to comment on the name, but I fell it’s getting out of hand, so I won’t.

    You can see that it isn’t blue right? Okay, just checking.

    Wythe Blue (and really most of the silver eucalyptus colors) can easily be considered sage green in my opinion.

    This is another of my favorites. I can see it being a total chameleon! It’s also light enough to use in your whole home.

    a living room with Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore on the wall behind a beige couch.

    Wythe Blue is kind of the overlooked fraternal twin of the famous Palladian Blue. It’s actually on the same color strip, so maybe it’s the older sister?

    At any rate, Wythe Blue is a nice gentle green that hearkens to a stem of silver eucalyptus.

    Valspar Silver Eucalyptus

    Valspar’s Silver Eucalyptus is almost more of a true eucalyptus, but it treads the line well.

    If you can’t decide between a true eucalyptus or a more muted sagey color, than you will probably love this one!

    Valspar clothesline fresh and silver eucalyptus over a photo of eucalyptus and candles.

    Valspar Clothesline Fresh CI14

    I am not someone who has ever really gravitated towards very cool toned light colors, but Clothesline Fresh might just get me there! It is such subtle, complicated, pale blue-green.

    I think it’s a perfect silver eucalyptus for anyone wanting a light color that can act as a neutral.

    It is similar to Benjamin Moore’s October Mist, in that it is versatile enough to use in your whole house.

    Behr Eucalyptus QE-44

    Now for the final two colors!

    Behr Eucalyptus is a pretty perfect silver eucalyptus color. It is still green, with just enough blue.

    I don’t really have anything else to say about it, it’s dead on.

    eucalyptus by Behr and sea salt by sherwin williams over a photo of a pink bathroom with a white bathtub and a vase of eucalyptus

    Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204

    Sea Salt is one of my favorite colors. It just goes with anything and everything! It’s a trendy replacement for greige and gray, especially if you aren’t into tan.

    It also happens to be a pretty good silver eucalyptus color! Sea Salt is very close to Valspar Clothesline Fresh. It’s just a little lighter. I did some detective work with the hex codes and that’s the only discernible difference.

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