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White Dove by Benjamin Moore Complete Review (and Dupes!) OC-17

    White Dove is the ultimate white paint color that always seems to take a back seat to favorites like Swiss Coffee or Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

    This color is every bit as versatile, and I happen to like it better too!

    Benjamin Moore White Dove swatched over a photo of an all-white dove living room with big bright windows.
    Background photo credit: @word_of_mouth_painting

    Let’s take a look at all things White Dove, from color palettes, to real homes, and of course dupes!

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    What Color is Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17)

    Benjamin Moore White Dove is a soft white paint color that is not an off-white, nor overtly creamy. You could think from the swatch and the way that other people describe it, that it is a warm creamy white, but I really wouldn’t say that.

    It is warm, but it’s still a pretty true white.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove swatched beside a photo of a white Dove with wings outstretched

    White Dove is sometimes called Benjamin Moore “Dove White,” but there is no such color, it’s just a little mix up.

    Of White Dove, Benjamin Moore says:

    “Unerring style defines this clean and classic white.”

    Tell me Brenda in Marketing got sick of writing color descriptions without telling me…

    A paint roller adds a swipe of colorful flowers

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    LRV of Benjamin Moore White Dove

    The LRV of White Dove according to Benjamin Moore’s new measuring system is 83. I respectfully disagree and will leave it at 84, between the old value of 85, and the new one.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove LRV plotted at 84 on a scale of 0 (black) to 100 (White) with shades of gray/brown color in between

    What is an LRV anyways?

    The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 – 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn’t reflect). True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

    In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 – 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.

    True white paint colors have an LRV of about 82+. White Dove isn’t the brightest most reflective white, but it isn’t an off-white.

    What Are the Undertones of White Dove?

    Hex code for Benjamin Moore White Dove shown with paint swatch in the yellow color family

    White Dove is in the yellow color family, but it doesn’t look yellow thanks to a good dose of gray. That keeps it quite neutral.

    I want to quickly show you the Benjamin Moore stock photo of White Dove, which is pretty stinking off if you ask me:

    Benjamin Moore White Dove stock photo from their website. White Dove looks buttery almost yellow
    Photo Credit:

    If it’s going to veer into color-land, I find that White Dove can occasionally lean ever-so-subtley peach. It tends to pick up on the warm orangey tones of artificial light perhaps a little more than your average white.

    I would not say that it ever looks as buttery as the official photo would have you believe!

    Benjamin Moore White Dove swatched over a photo of a media cabinet painted in White Dove and Tricorn Black

    I took the photo above myself, of a completed project done in White Dove and Tricorn Black. It’s just a snippet of the color, but you can see that it’s nothing like the Benjamin Moore photo.

    Speaking of painting projects:

    Don’t Forget Your Supplies!

    This little brush might look funny, but it’s my absolute ride or die!

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    DryDex is the fastest (and funnest!) way to make chips and dents disappear. (Make sure you get a small spackling tool that actually fits in the container, and a sanding sponge.)

    This tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder.

    Does White Dove Look Green?

    I have seen literally hundreds of photos of White Dove, AND I have used it in real life, and I had never seen it looking green. You could say I was pretty darn confident that it doesn’t ever look green, until I sat down to write this post…

    And whadda-ya-know, here comes White Dove nevering like it never nevered before:

    White Dove exterior siding looks green with Honey harbor trim.
    Photo Credit: @word_of_mouth_painting

    The good news is that this is an unusual situation.

    I happen to know that Word of Mouth Painting operates on Vancouver Island, which is very much like the PNW.

    White Dove on a home exteriors siding in a green yard.
    Photo Credit: @word_of_mouth_painting


    It is a very lush green area, and as we know, white is very reflective. I think White Dove can in very green situations, reflect green, much like many whites theoretically could.

    Because White Dove has a bit of yellow in it, it also could look green under strong blue reflections. This is probably more of an issue inside. So I would be mindful to test the walls in your home that could put White Dove opposite of any bold blue walls or furniture.

    White Dove exterior with honey harbor trim
    Photo Credit: @word_of_mouth_painting

    Finally, I think the Honey Harbor trim here being quite yellow is actually tricking our brains into seeing more green in the White Dove.

    On this closer photo of the door, it’s not as much of an issue:

    White Dove exterior siding looks more white next to a charcoal door.
    Photo Credit: @word_of_mouth_painting

    In fact if you cover the window, White Dove looks quite white, but if you cover the door it looks a little green again.

    Yay brains!

    Is White Dove Warm or Cool?

    White Dove is a warm white paint color, but you can use it like a neutral. It doesn’t have enough color in it to be worried about clashing, except maybe with other whites.

    White Dove Color Strip

    Today I have an actual photo of the White Dove color strip. Like many white paint colors, it is not a traditional light to dark strip, but rather related light neutrals.

    White Dove Color strip includes Dove Wing, Seapearl, and Pale Oak

    Lighter Version of White Dove

    If you are looking for a white paint that reads just a little lighter than White Dove, I would recommend Sherwin Williams Pure White.

    I would say the same if you are looking for White Dove at 75% strength. Pure White is also a soft white. Technically it isn’t lighter than White Dove, but it’s a little more gray than creamy, so it reads lighter on the wall.

    White Dove with Pure White and Simply White, Lighter and more neutral alternatives to White Dove

    For a lighter brighter white that’s still just as creamy, try Benjamin Moore Simply White.

    Darker Version of White Dove

    Dove Wing is a great choice if you are looking for a color that is just a little darker than White Dove.

    Dove Wing and Oyster White are darker alternatives to White Dove. All three swatched over a white background.

    In the same vein of off whites, you might also like Sherwin Williams Oyster White.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove in a Color Palette

    This palette was easy to make because there are a few favorites that people always like to see with White Dove, so I stuck to the “Best of Benjamin Moore” if you will:

    Benjamin Moore White Dove color palette, includes: Wrought Iron, Kendall Charcoal, Hale Navy, Gray Owl, Revere Pewter and of course White Dove all on paint lids over a background photo of a White Dove Exterior

    Psst…More than one of these colors are in my Foolproof Neutrals Guide:

    Graphic reads "Nail down your neutral color scheme in 60 minutes or less" with an image of the foolproof neutrals ebook. Button below reads "Show me how!"

    Coordinating Colors for White Dove

    Here are all the favorite coordinating colors for White Dove:

    White Dove with Kendall Charcoal or Wrought Iron

    This is an “either/or” situation. Both Kendall Charcoal and Wrought Iron are deep charcoal colors that look nice with White Dove.

    White Dove swatched with Kendall Charcoal and Wrought Iron

    For less contrast and a bit more warmth, Kendall Charcoal is a great choice for exterior trim or accent walls with White Dove.

    Wrought Iron will give you maximum contrast without actually being black, and it has an overall cooler/smokier look than Kendall Charcoal, which is just lighter.

    If this is the type of pairing you like, you will also love White Dove with Sherwin Williams Iron Ore:

    White Dove walls and ceiling in a grand vaulted living room with Iron Ore on an accent wall and seasonal christmas decor everywhere.
    Photo Credit: @tararowemckenna

    Revere Pewter or Pale Oak with White Dove

    When it comes to greiges, White Dove looks great with those too!

    Honestly when is the everlasting Revere Pewter a bad choice? (Okay, if you want to be unique then it is…) Either Revere Pewter or Pale Oak look soft and comforting with White Dove.

    White Dove swatched with Revere Pewter and Pale Oak, two of its coordinating colors

    My personal preference is probably towards Pale Oak, but if you want more contrast between your colors, go for Revere!

    White Dove with Hale Navy

    Hale Navy is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular colors ever, and it has a reputation for pairing well with anything, so of course it works with White Dove.

    White Dove and Hale Navy together on kitchen cabinets with the colors swatched over top of the photos
    Background photo credit: @headwaters_painting_llc

    I love this pairing because it is just so luxurious! If I’m choosing a Victorian inspired color scheme, then Hale Navy is definitely in that palette, and White Dove is a perfect white to come along.

    Gray Owl and White Dove

    Let’s say you want a whole home neutral to pair with White Dove but you want to stick with bird names, (weird, but you do you) Gray Owl would be the perfect choice!

    Gray Owl is an interesting greenish grayish neutral (kind of in the same vein as Sherwin Williams Sea Salt). It’s a great option if you are totally over all things beige.

    Complementary Color for White Dove

    The “official” complementary color (the color directly across the color wheel) for White Dove is a silvery lavender color. Benjamin Moore Whisper Violet is a good match.

    White Dove and its complementary color Benjamin Moore Whisper Violet swatched together

    Remember that the complementary color is likely to bring out the color in White Dove, so if you want to minimize yellow tones, I would be careful with anything in the purple family.

    What Trim Colors Go Best With Benjamin Moore White Dove?

    If you are looking to keep existing wood trim, White Dove has enough warmth to look really beautiful with most tones of wood.

    When it comes to white paint, simple is often best. If it was my home I would go monochromatic and use White Dove for my trim, ceiling, and doors.

    Check out this post for more white-on-white advice: White Walls with White Trim?

    If you want some contrast, just choose a different finish. Flat is typically best for ceilings, eggshell for walls, and satin or semi-gloss for trim and doors.

    Not the vibe? :

    Other White Paint that Goes with White Dove

    If you really want to use a different white for your trim, here are the most popular choices:

    • Chantilly Lace
    • Simply White
    • Decorator’s White
    • Cloud White

    Chantilly Lace Trim with White Dove

    Chantilly Lace is my favorite Benjamin Moore white, and often my favorite white for trim, but not in this case.

    Chantilly Lace is a good choice if you want to accentuate the creamy tones of White Dove. It will make White Dove look a little more creamy and off white.

    For me personally, I would want White Dove to look white, so I wouldn’t choose Chantilly Lace.

    White Dove background with trim choices shown over top incuding Chantilly Lace, Simply White, Decorator's White, and Cloud White

    Simply White and White Dove

    Of the popular choices, I think Simply White is the best. It is pretty creamy but lighter and brighter than White Dove. It will give you some contrast between the trim and walls, without making White Dove look yellowy.

    Read more about Simply White here: Simply White: A Benjamin Moore Classic (Plus Alternatives!) OC-117

    White Dove with Decorator’s White Trim

    Decorator’s White is much cooler than White Dove, so it’s a good choice if you really want to max out the creaminess of White Dove, without making it look darker.

    It is also not my first choice, but that’s because I’m not a fan of cream colors in the first place, so I like my creamy whites looking white.

    White Dove and Cloud White

    Cloud White is an uber popular choice for trim regardless of your wall color. This will give you a monochromatic look, much like using White Dove itself would, so I don’t personally see the point in choosing this one.

    Cloud White is actually a little creamier than White Dove, so theoretically it could make your walls look a touch whiter, but I don’t think there’s actually enough difference there.

    Can You Use White Dove for the Ceiling?

    I mentioned briefly that I would use White Dove for everything including ceilings. It’s totally okay and even a good idea to do so!

    If you want White Dove to look it’s crispest, whitest, best on your walls, you slap it up on your ceiling too!

    Let me show you the difference between a true white on the ceiling (Chantilly Lace) vs White Dove on everything:

    White Dove walls with Chantilly Lace trim and ceilings
    Photo Credit: @thriveallprojects

    See how creamy White Dove looks?

    Compare that to:

    White Dove on walls ceiling and trim
    Photo Credit: @word_of_mouth_painting

    It makes SUCH a big difference.

    Of course maybe you want a creamier look, that’s totally valid and completely up to you:

    Chantilly Lace ceiling and trim with White Dove Walls
    Photo Credit: @thriveallprojects

    …but if you fear the yellow, go all in:

    All White Dove walls trim and ceilings in a two storey hallway with oak banister
    Photo Credit: @word_of_mouth_painting

    That upstairs hallway looks bright and breezy in an outfit of all White Dove.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove Home Interior

    As per usual I will try to go through these gorgeous examples in an orderly fashion, and the best way is to organize by room!

    That means you might see the same house in a few different places throughout this post.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove in a Living Room

    Our first photo shows off the creamier side of White Dove. With warm artificial lighting in this lower-light room, you can see that White Dove looks quite soft.

    White Dove on walls, trim, and ceilings in a living room with semi gloss finish on the trim.
    Photo Credit: @stefsqualitypainting

    Stef’s Quality Painting (@stefsqualitypainting) did an amazing job giving this whole home a White Dove makeover.

    The walls, trim, and ceilings are all White Dove in different sheens.

    All White Dove in a grand entrance with woodwork and spiral staircase
    Photo Credit: @stefsqualitypainting

    How is that for luxurious glam?

    All White Dove in a grand entrance with woodwork and spiral staircase, glimpse from the living room. A naturally dark room.
    Photo Credit: @stefsqualitypainting

    This transition area between the entrance and stairs is naturally one of those darker areas in your home (like a hallway). Here you can see how White Dove looks in an area with less light.

    White Dove in a Formal Dining Room

    Continuing through this same house by Stef’s team, we can see White Dove looking warm and mellow in the formal dining room as well.

    White Dove in a formal dining room on walls, ceilings, and trim. View from the living room.
    Photo Credit: @stefsqualitypainting

    You can see that all of the lights are very warm, so this is much creamier than White Dove will look in either natural light, or with a more neutral artificial light.

    White Dove in a formal dining room on walls, ceilings, and trim. View through the living room.
    Photo Credit: @stefsqualitypainting

    Powder Rooms and Bathrooms in Benjamin Moore White Dove

    Finishing up at the gorgeous home by Stef’s Quality Painting, we can see that same woodwork and White Dove in this bougie little powder room.

    An all White Dove Powder room on a main floor with beautiful wainscoting
    Photo Credit: @stefsqualitypainting

    White Dove looks amazing next to those pops of gold!

    Next up let’s take a look at a White Dove bathroom with a little more color!

    Christina (@ourbouldlife) is a great big HUGE fan of White Dove. When she was designing her laundry room (which we will see in a minute) she said:

    “It was super cute and adorable, really, of me to get these white paint swatches thinking that I was going to pick a color that wasn’t White Dove. ITS JUST SO PERFECT EVERYWHERE.”

    If you wanted a testimonial to send you over the edge in favor of White Dove, there you go!

    Closeup of a White Dove bathroom wall with Caldwell Green board and batten and honey oak mirror
    Photo Credit: @ourbouldlife

    In her bathroom, Christina went with Benjamin Moore Caldwell Green for both the board and batten and the trim.

    White Dove on top half of a bathroom with Caldwell Green board and batten as well as trim on the lower half and around the windows
    Photo Credit: @ourbouldlife

    White Dove in a Laundry Room

    I really think that Christina is a bit of a color expert. She uses White Dove throughout her house as a base, but she isn’t scared to feature pops of less expected colors in each space.

    White Dove walls with Haze blue cabinets and trim in a laundry room
    Photo Credit: @ourbouldlife

    In her laundry room she color matched the trim paint to her cabinets which were the manufacturer’s color “Haze.” For something similar, try Benjamin Moore Gossamer Blue:

    Benjamin Moore Gossamer Blue and White Dove swatched together

    I am seeing a hint of peach in these walls, but I am pretty sure that’s from a filter.

    Closeup of Haze cabinets (a close color match to Benjamin moore gossamer blue) with White Dove underneath.
    Photo Credit: @ourbouldlife

    Benjamin Moore White Dove Bedroom

    I have a few restful bedrooms to show you in Benjamin Moore White Dove.

    The first is half White Dove and half Woodlawn Blue, by Adrien at Word of Mouth Painting (@word_of_mouth_painting).

    White Dove in a bedroom with lower wall shiplap and Woodlawn Blue on the top half of the walls
    Photo Credit: @word_of_mouth_painting

    It’s a little hard to pick up in the photo, but the lower half is a shiplap style wainscoting. Word of Mouth uses White Dove quite regularly, and it is also the trim and ceiling color in this home.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove in a Nursery

    Back to Christina’s for this beautiful little girl’s room/nursery:

    White Dove Walls trim and ceiling in a little girls nursery or toddler room with pops of lavender and a house bed
    Photo Credit: @ourbouldlife

    White Dove looks beautiful with little splashes of lavender!

    Bear in mind if you are considering this look, that purples will make White Dove look more to the yellow side of cream.

    White Dove Walls trim and ceiling in a little girls nursery or toddler room with a small rack of colorful clothes beside a window
    Photo Credit: @ourbouldlife

    A Home Office in Benjamin Moore White Dove

    Of course Christina has more inspo for you! White Dove is her favorite, why would she not?

    Here it is looking marvelous on some built ins in her home office:

    Close up of White Dove on built ins in a beautiful home office
    Photo Credit: @ourbouldlife

    Yes please!

    Side note: I love the texture on her ceilings. I don’t know what it is, but it’s subtle and perfect.

    Benjamin Moore Dove wing on wall of built ins in an office with matching trim
    Photo Credit: @ourbouldlife

    Finally for offices, we have a beautiful and classy space by Thrive All Projects (@thriveallprojects):

    All White Dove everything in a home office with bright natural light
    Photo Credit: @thriveallprojects

    This room is another example of all-White-Dove-ere’thing. It’s on the ceiling, walls, cabinetry, and trim. I definitely think this is a north facing room, because you can see that White Dove is looking it’s absolute coolest.

    All White Dove everything in a home office with bright natural light
    Photo Credit: @thriveallprojects

    I actually thought it was going to be Chantilly Lace when I first saw this room, because it looks like such a crisp true white.

    All White Dove everything in a home office with bright natural light
    Photo Credit: @thriveallprojects

    So beautiful!

    Is White Dove a Good Choice for a Fireplace?

    I wasn’t sure where else to put this, but with white paint colors people are always curious about using them on a fireplace.

    White Dove would be a really nice choice for painted brick. It has a subtle softness that works amazing on textured surfaces.

    Here are a couple of other fireplaces in White Dove:

    A White Dove floor to ceiling fireplace in a living room with Dove Wing Walls
    Photo Credit: @word_of_mouth_painting

    I *believe* the walls in this first photo are Benjamin Moore Dove Wing.

    In this next living room the fireplace is painted out with White Dove, and the inside is Benjamin Moore Escarpment. (Which looks quite gray here, but in real life it’s a little more taupey.)

    White Dove fireplace perimeter with Escarpment on the inside.
    Photo Credit: @word_of_mouth_painting

    The wall color here is Benjamin Moore Olympic Mountains.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove on Kitchen Walls and Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets are one of the odd places that White Dove just isn’t used very much.

    There is no good reason besides that maybe people tend to lean towards a crisp bright white in their kitchens rather than a soft one.

    A kitchen with all white dove cabinets
    Photo Credit: @thriveallprojects

    This first kitchen by Thrive All Projects shows off how clean White Dove can look with other neutral finishes and white tile backsplash. You can see that there is a subtle softness to White Dove, but it doesn’t look at all yellow against the tile.

    Here is another kitchen, this time by the team at Headwaters Painting (@headwaters_painting_llc):

    White Dove upper kitchen cabinets with Hale Navy lowers
    Photo Credit: @headwaters_painting_llc

    The lower cabinets are painted in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.

    This next kitchen looks much cooler. This is how you can expect White Dove to look in a North-facing room:

    Silver satin and white dove kitchen cabinets
    Photo Credit: @thriveallprojects

    The gray cabinets are Benjamin Moore Silver Satin.

    For more two toned cabinet inspo, check out this post: 27+ Fresh Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas (With Pictures!)

    Perhaps the best cabinet photos we have though, are actually in the office we saw earlier:

    All White Dove everything in a home office with bright natural light
    Photo Credit: @thriveallprojects

    Just so pretty!

    Can You Use White Dove with Carrara Marble?

    If you want White Dove to look white, then you can use Carrara marble but you will want to be careful. Carrara marble pieces with a lot of gray veining will make White Dove look more off-white because they are so cool.

    White Dove with Carrara marble on an inspiration board with different colors of hardware and an example photo

    Try to get a slab with more white in it, and choose warmer toned hardware to help White Dove look neutral. (Gold, copper, rose gold, or brass.)

    Benjamin Moore White Dove for a Home Exterior

    White Dove is a great choice for exteriors because this is one place where the lightest brightest white is often not the best choice. Exterior colors always look lighter and a good exterior white is one that has some creaminess.

    Let’s start with what I think is probably the best example of a White Dove exterior, because we can see it in all different lights.

    White Dove on exterior siding of a two storey Scandinavian inspired farmhouse
    Photo Credit: @petitemodernlife

    This European-inspired farmhouse belongs to Karissa of @Petitemodernlife.

    Probably the best test of how white a color is, is to see it on a snowy day. Here you can see that White Dove really is not an off-white:

    White Dove exterior lookin crisp and white in the snow
    Photo Credit: @petitemodernlife

    For the warmer side of White Dove, check it out during sunset golden hour:

    White Dove on exterior siding of a two storey Scandinavian inspired farmhouse. The color looks creamy as the sun goes down.
    Photo Credit: @petitemodernlife
    A close up of creamy white dove at sunset on a two storey exterior with an organic brick chimney running up the side
    Photo Credit: @petitemodernlife

    Here is one final picture of it looking quite creamy:

    close up of the side of the White Dove farmhouse with brown garage door and natural looking brick
    Photo Credit: @petitemodernlife

    I love how it looks with the wood garage door and bronze lantern.

    Exterior Stucco in White Dove

    On this stucco home by S & L Painting (@slpaintingsf), White Dove looks like a nice neutral white, without being too bright and washed out.

    Stucco exterior painted in white dove with incense stick dark brown trim and doors
    Photo Credit: @slpaintingsf

    The dark brown trim and doors are Benjamin Moore Incense Stick.

    White Dove on a stucco exterior on a sunny day with dark brown roof and accents
    Photo Credit: @slpaintingsf

    The trim color reminds me a bit of Sherwin Williams Black Fox. If you like this color with White Dove, but find it just a touch too warm or brown, you would probably love it with Urbane Bronze.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove Exterior with Benjamin Moore Incense Stick Door
    Photo Credit: @slpaintingsf

    Where we are sadly lacking is to see White Dove on a brick exterior. I feel like this is how you know the color really is overlooked. (Well that and how little it is used on cabinets!)

    For similar inspiration, or to see other solid choices for white brick, check out my post: Stunning White Paint Colors for Classic Brick Exteriors

    White brick home with green door behind words reading "White brick Paint colors." Image links to post.

    White Dove Compared to Other White Paint Colors

    When it comes to white paint colors there are just waaay too many to choose from (trust me, I know!) and likewise there are too many to compare here and keep your attention.

    Here are just a few popular white paints compared to White Dove, and I will put the rest in a separate post coming real soon!

    Benjamin Moore White Dove vs Dove Wing (OC-18)

    First up let’s compare the few colors with similar names, just to clear up which is which!

    Benjamin Moore White Dove vs Dove Wing on a color card featuring many off white paint colors.

    As we saw on the color strip, Dove Wing is similar to White Dove, but it’s a true off white.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove vs White Winged Dove (1457)

    I mean honestly, Benjamin Moore has White Dove and Dove Wing, did they really also need White-Winged Dove?

    Benjamin Moore White Dove on half of a living room wall with the other half in White Winged Dove

    White Winged Dove is a taupey soft gray, so it’s not particularly similar to White Dove or Dove Wing. It’s closer to what you think of if someone were to say “dove gray.”

    Benjamin Moore White Dove vs Kelly Moore White Dove (32)

    Kelly Moore’s version of White Dove is actually pretty close to Dove Wing. It’s an off-white sandy color.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove on half of a living room wall with the other half in Kelly Moore White Dove

    Benjamin Moore White Dove vs Swiss Coffee (OC-45)

    Benjamin Moore’s version of Swiss Coffee is actually very VERY similar to White Dove:

    Benjamin Moore White Dove on half of a living room wall with the other half in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

    So what is the difference?

    Swiss Coffee is a little more beige and less gray than White Dove. Is the difference visible? You tell me:

    Photo Credit: @simplyslade

    Chrissy from @simplyslade used White Dove on the trim and Swiss Coffee on the walls throughout her home. In some pictures I think I can see it, but many I can’t.

    This is far from the only Swiss Coffee color, see them all in this post: Swiss Coffee Paint Colors Reviewed (Are They All the Same?)

    Benjamin Moore White Dove vs Simply White (OC-117)

    Simply White, as we discussed earlier, is lighter and brighter than White Dove. It’s one of the lightest whites that Benjamin Moore makes.

    A swatch of Benjamin Moore Simply White compared to White Dove, beside a number of other white color chips as mentioned in the article

    Benjamin Moore White Dove vs Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

    Chantilly Lace we also saw earlier. It’s a light bright white that is still a little warm.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove on half of a living room wall with the other half in Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

    Chantilly Lace is the white for you if you want a true white with no real undertone that also isn’t stark.

    Read about Chantilly Lace in depth here: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (Complete Review and Dupes)

    Benjamin Moore White Dove vs Sherwin Williams Alabaster (SW 7008)

    Alabaster is a little bit darker and more gray than White Dove. It’s also a hint more beige as it’s closer to the orange color family than White Dove is.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove on half of a living room wall with the other half in Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    Benjamin Moore White Dove vs Cloud White (OC-130)

    Cloud White is a touch lighter and a touch more yellow than White Dove. I find on the wall that the extra hint of yellow is more obvious.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove on half of a living room wall with the other half in Benjamin Moore Cloud White

    White Dove Dupes

    If you don’t want to head down to your nearest Benjamin Moore store, or you’re looking to save a few pennies, here are some alternatives to White Dove from other brands.

    Sherwin Williams White Dove Equivalent

    Sherwin Williams surprised me, because they are the godfather of white paint colors, they just have sooo many, but White Dove was a little hard to match.

    The closest white from Sherwin Williams that is the same tone, is their color Cold Foam.

    Sherwin Williams Cold Foam (SW 9504)

    Cold Foam is a touch darker than White Dove, but is very much in the same spirit.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove on half of a living room wall with the other half in Sherwin Williams Cold Foam

    A close second in terms of color match was Sherwin Williams White Sand, but it is a tiny bit cooler.

    The majority of Sherwin Williams whites are in the orange or red color families, so a yellow white is hard to match.

    Farrow & Ball White Dove Equivalent

    Farrow & Ball has a pretty limited color selection compared to the other major brands, so I was honestly surprised to get as close of a match as I did.

    The closest color match to White Dove is Farrow & Ball Wimborne White.

    Farrow & Ball Wimborne White (No. 239)

    Wimborne White is a little brighter and peachier than White Dove. It doesn’t have the same muted creamy quality.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove on half of a living room wall with the other half in Farrow and Ball Wimborne White

    Valspar (Lowe’s) Equivalent to White Dove

    Valspar and Behr have the best overall dupes for White Dove.

    The closest color match from Valspar is the aptly named “Dove White.”

    Valspar Dove White (7002-7)

    Dove White is very very similar to White Dove. Technically it is a little bit warmer and less gray, but the difference is hard to spot.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove on half of a living room wall with the other half in Valspar Dove White

    White Dove Behr Equivalent (Home Depot)

    Finally Behr’s dupe for White Dove is the color Snowy Pine.

    Behr Snowy Pine (PPU10-13)

    Ignoring for a moment that a color named Snowy Pine should surely be a frosty green, this creamy white is an excellent match for White Dove.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove on half of a living room wall with the other half in Behr Snowy Pine

    Snowy Pine is essentially in the exact same area of the color wheel, but it’s just a little less gray.

    Now that we’re done with all the color matches, I should add that you might also like Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year: Blank Canvas

    Blank Canvas color card on top of a blank Canvas

    White Dove Pros & Cons

    That’s about it for this review, let’s recap!


    • Soft and Classic
    • Goes with everything
    • A touch of gray keeps it neutral
    • Warm but still a true white


    I have to say I am fighting for these cons. I thought of the pros right away, but now I’m stalling!

    • Not obviously creamy if that’s what you’re going for
    • Not the lightest white, which may bother you if you want to use it everywhere

    Of course I have used White Dove myself, and if there were obvious cons I would not have, so that’s the best I can do.

    Not the one? I have sooo many whites, I promise you can find one here. Check out my dedicated white page, or take a look at these other great colors:

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster and a color card full of other creamy whites, over a background of an alabaster room with an arched doorway
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