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Sherwin Williams Oyster White (Review and Dupes!)

    Oyster White is a creamy off white with just enough gray to keep it super neutral. If you’re looking for a darker soft white that won’t end up looking yellow or pink, Oyster White may be just what you are looking for!

    The creamy white shell of a freshly shucked Oyster beside a swatch of Sherwin Williams Oyster White

    Besides all of this, Oyster White has a luxurious look that inspires feelings of comfort and coziness. It really should be a bit boring, but there’s something about this shade that is special.

    Let’s take a look at Oyster White in real homes, see it in a color palette, and evaluate some alternatives!

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    What Color is Sherwin Williams Oyster White (SW 6994)

    If you ask me (and let’s pretend you are), I think Oyster White toes the line of being a greige or beige white.

    It’s definitely more beige than gray, because you would never mistake it for gray, but it’s just cool enough to stay neutral.

    A hand holds up a closed Oyster in front of the ocean, beside a swatch of SW Oyster White

    LRV of Sherwin Williams Oyster White

    The LRV of Oyster White is 72.

    What’s an LRV?

    Well I’ll tell you!

    The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 – 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn’t reflect). True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

    In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 – 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.

    Oyster White LRV on a scale from 100 - True White to 0 - True Black. Marked at 72.

    At 72, Oyster White is actually an off-white and not a white, but it’s still lighter than a lot of popular whole home colors like Accessible Beige or Revere Pewter.

    What Are the Undertones of Oyster White

    Like all greige and beige colors, Oyster White is in the orange family.

    I have stared at many pictures of Oyster White and I am not getting any secret undertones. It’s a realllyyy creamy “white,” but it’s very up front about that.

    Paint brush swipe of Oyster White

    If there is any unexpected undertones with Oyster White, I think it would be green.

    Is Oyster White Warm or Cool

    Oyster White is a warm off-white. It is gray enough to use as a neutral, but it is still warm.

    Oyster White Color Strip

    Oyster White does not technically have a color strip. Sherwin Williams places it in a collection of white paint colors, and not on a light-to-dark card.

    Sherwin Williams does recommend pairing Oyster White with Analytical Gray, and it fits very nicely into that strip.

    Oyster White Color Strip also Features Greek Villa (lighter) and the darker colors Useful Gray, Analytical Gray, Gray Area, Adaptive Shade, and Oak Leaf Brown. Background of a calm seaside bay.

    Lighter Version of Oyster White

    If you are interested in Oyster White but finding it just a little too dark, the closest lighter paint color would be Sherwin Williams Greek Villa.

    Greek Villa lighter alternative to Oyster White side by side on a living room wall

    Greek Villa has an LRV of 84, so it is actually white, as opposed to an off-white like Oyster White.

    Greek Villa has the same general tone as Oyster White, but it is a bit less gray.

    A beautiful arched foyer painted in Greek Villa.
    Photo Credit: @zebuhill

    Darker Version of Oyster White

    While Sherwin Williams recommends Analytical Gray as a darker coordinating color for Oyster White, Useful Gray would be the shade in between.

    Useful Gray has an LRV of 59.

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White Color Palette

    I used the kitchen of Arizona Realtor Bridget Delozier (@bridgetrealestate) as my inspiration for this Oyster White color palette.

    Oyster White color palette featuring an Oyster White and Acacia Haze kitchen, with 5 colors swatched below: Oyster White, Analytical Gray, Oyster Bay, Rock Bottom, and Urbane Bronze

    Oyster White Coordinating Colors

    All of the colors in this palette just happen to be from Sherwin Williams. We have already talked a bit about Analytical Gray, but here are the other three:

    Oyster Bay

    Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay is actually one shade lighter than the color on Bridget’s lower cabinets, which is Acacia Haze.

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White and Oyster Bay on paint can lids on a sandy beach

    Rock Bottom

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom is a very deep gray green. I like it with both Oyster White, and the other colors in this palette.

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White and Rock Bottom on paint can lids on a sandy beach

    Bonus points for being an unexpected choice!

    Here it is in real life:

    Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom on Kitchen Cabinets
    Photo credit: @thegraceinfused_life

    This kitchen features cooler tones, but I think Oyster White would look great in there!

    Urbane Bronze

    Urbane Bronze is one of my favorite dark neutrals! It’s just gray enough to stay sophisticated and not muddy or too warm.

    This color could really be on the same color strip as Oyster White, it’s like a super dark greige.

    Read more here: Urbane Bronze Review and Dupes (It Goes With Literally Everything!)

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White and Urbane Bronze on paint can lids on a sandy beach

    Complementary Color

    Directly across the color wheel from Oyster White, is where we find its complementary color.

    In this case it is a powdery blue. A close match would be Behr Harbor Mist:

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White and complementary color Harbor Mist on paint can lids on a sandy beach

    What Trim Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Oyster White?

    Choosing a trim color for an off-white paint is always tricky!

    If you want your off-white to look as white as possible, it should be the only white.

    That’s right: You need to really commit and go all-cream-ere’thing. Trim, ceilings, doors, etc.

    Here is a great example featuring a similar color, SW Shoji White, in different sheens:

    Shoji White in a long hallway
    Photo Credit: @piper_stromatt

    Very soft and pretty. Your brain says “cream” not beige.

    White Paint that Goes with Oyster White

    If all Oyster White is not your stride, here are a few other options:

    Oyster White with Greek Villa

    This is a nice compromise because it’s similar to Oyster White, but still a bit lighter and brighter. It won’t give the same contrast as a bright white.

    Oyster White with Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    Alabaster isn’t actually that different from Greek Villa, but I wanted to show it because many people love Alabaster for a soft white on trim. It’s a cream with a bit more yellow.

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White with lighter trim colors, White Dove, Chantilly Lace, Alabaster and Greek Villa

    Oyster White with Benjamin Moore White Dove

    White Dove is probably my favorite soft white that Benjamin Moore makes. It’s similar to Greek Villa and Alabaster, but just a touch “cleaner.”

    Oyster White with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

    If you are looking for one, Chantilly Lace could be your bright white option. Notice how much more beige Oyster White looks in comparison?

    Chantilly Lace is a true white without being cool, but you should only make this choice if you want your walls to look like a “color.”

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

    Let’s get to Oyster White in real life! How does it look? Where can it go? Will it be love at first sight?

    I usually start inside, but today let’s head outdoors and take a look at Oyster White on painted brick:

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White Painted Brick front porch area of a house with cedar beams and white windows. House number reads 218 on a black sign.
    Photo Credit: @bree_aston

    Say hello to Bree’s house! (@bree_aston)

    She painted over traditional red brick using Sherwin Williams Oyster White.

    The columns were looking a little dated, so they got a face lift too, in the form of cedar wrapping.

    Here is a look at her house prior to gutters being painted and adding the shutters:

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White Painted Brick exterior of a house with cedar beams and white windows
    Photo Credit: @bree_aston

    I actually really like the all-white look!

    Oyster White Painted Brick with Black Shutters

    Bree chose Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black for her shutters and gutters:

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White Painted Brick exterior of a house with Tricorn Black shutters, cedar beams, and white window trim
    Photo Credit: @bree_aston

    The overall look of the white is soft, but the black shutters and cedar posts still pop against it.

    These exterior photos are a great example of how Oyster White doesn’t really have an undertone. I’m finding it pretty darn neutral. It’s like a darker white without being yellowy or gray.

    Note that the trim is also Oyster White. If it was a true white, Oyster White would look more beige.

    For more colors that look great on brick, check out my post: Stunning White Paint Colors for Classic Brick Exteriors

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White Home Interior

    Moving on, let’s take a look at the inside of a few homes!

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White Living Room

    MaKell (@makell.creates) used Oyster White in her living room, and it is kitty cat approved:

    Oyster White on a wall beneath a window in a living room behind a Mid century wood chair with a white seat cushion and a siamese cat curled up on it.
    Photo Credit: @makell.creates

    Oyster White is a nice neutral backdrop for MaKell’s gallery wall:

    Oyster white walls with floating shelves styled with pictures and plants, In the background Sherwin williams Skyline Steel is just visible on the front door
    Photo Credit: @makell.creates

    The color on the front door in the background is Sherwin Williams Skyline Steel, which MaKell also used on the shiplap fireplace:

    Skyline steel shiplap fireplace in a living room with Oyster White walls. Fireplace is decorated for fall with pumpkins and orange, olive, and white garland.
    Photo Credit: @makell.creates

    Skyline Steel looks amazing with Oyster White!

    It’s still kind of about the cat though, isn’t it?

    Flame Point Siamese cat climbs down a chest of drawers in front of an Oyster White wall
    Photo Credit: @makell.creates

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White Accent Wall

    Moving on to a special creation by Wood Visions (@wood_visions), here we see Oyster White on a cool feature wall.

    Wood Geometric feature wall painted in Sherwin Williams Oyster White
    Photo Credit: @wood_visions

    White may not be the first color you think of for an accent wall, but Oyster White brings the sophistication!

    Oyster White on Shiplap

    Speaking of wood features, here is one more living room that features Oyster White, but this time on vertical shiplap.

    A retro living room with vertical shiplap paneling and stone fireplace painted in Oyster White.
    Photo Credit: @threedinteriors

    Oyster White in this room by Three D Interiors (@threedinteriors) is giving allll of the cozy cottage feels.

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White on Kitchen Cabinets

    Now for a little more from Bridget, whose beautiful kitchen inspired the color palette earlier!

    You might have already seen Bridget’s kitchen in my Acacia Haze post, but let’s look again:

    Acacia Haze lower cabinets two tone kitchen with Oyster White uppers and bold light granite
    Photo Credit: @bridgetrealestate

    One of my favorite color combos! I love how the gold hardware looks with the Oyster White upper cabinets.

    Oyster white upper cabinets and acacia haze lower cabinets in a two tone kitchen with gold hardware and gorgeous granite island
    Photo Credit: @bridgetrealestate

    Oyster White was a smart choice with the creamy colors in the stone countertops.

    This kitchen was actually brand new when Bridget and her husband bought, but it was dark wood, and just wasn’t for them.

    Kitchen with dark wood cabinets before acacia haze and Oyster white were added
    Photo Credit: @bridgetrealestate

    If you look closely, the pendant lights, wall color, flooring, countertops, and backsplash, are all the same as before!

    Hard to believe isn’t it?

    Acacia Haze lower cabinets with Oyster white uppers and pendant lights over the isalnd.
    Photo Credit: @bridgetrealestate

    If you like this kitchen, you might like my post: 27+ Fresh Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas (With Pictures!)

    Oyster White Compared to Other Sherwin Williams White Paint Colors

    The world of white is a confusing place, but if you’ve spent any time shopping for white paint, I don’t need to tell you that!

    Here is how Oyster White compares to other popular white paint colors by Sherwin Williams, that you may also be considering:

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White vs Alabaster (SW 7008)

    Alabaster is Sherwin Williams knock down, drag out, most popular creamy white.

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White color chip compared to seven similar white paint colors. Larger than the rest is the swatch of Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    Alabaster is lighter than Oyster White, with an LRV of 82. It is right on the line of white/off-white whereas Oyster White is clearly off-white.

    Oyster White is also a bit more beige and gray than Alabaster, which leans a touch more yellow.

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White vs Greek Villa (SW 7551)

    We already talked about Greek Villa, but here is a comparison to refresh your memory:

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White color chip compared to seven similar white paint colors. Larger than the rest is the swatch of Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White vs Natural Choice (SW 7011)

    Now we are getting into some really similar shades!

    Oyster White and Natural Choice are kind of like identical twins, you might be able to tell them apart side by side, but when you see them out and about, it’s a lot tougher!

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White color chip compared to seven similar white paint colors. Larger than the rest is the swatch of Sherwin Williams Natural Choice

    Natural Choice is a hair lighter than Oyster White, with an LRV of 74. It is also a smidgen less gray, and a whiff more yellow than Oyster White.

    Like this color? You might like: Sherwin Williams Natural Choice vs Alabaster (Which to Choose?)

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White vs Shoji White (SW 7042)

    Like Natural Choice, Shoji White is also really similar to Oyster White, and it also has a lighter LRV of 74.

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White color chip compared to seven similar white paint colors. Larger than the rest is the swatch of Sherwin Williams Shoji White

    Shoji White is on the other side of Oyster White from Natural Choice, it is a touch more red (instead of yellow). It is also a teeny tiny bit less gray.

    If you like Oyster White, you will likely also like Shoji! Read more here: Sherwin Williams Shoji White Review and Alternatives

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White vs Snowbound (SW 7004)

    I have a couple of posts about Snowbound around here:

    But here’s a quick comparison anyway:

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White color chip compared to seven similar white paint colors. Larger than the rest is the swatch of Sherwin Williams Snowbound

    Snowbound is much lighter than Oyster White, with an LRV of 83. It is also a little bit more red.

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White vs Creamy (SW 7012)

    SW Creamy is warmer (more red), lighter (LRV 81), and less gray than Oyster White.

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White color chip compared to seven similar white paint colors. Larger than the rest is the swatch of Sherwin Williams Creamy

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White vs White Duck (SW 7010)

    White Duck is another super similar shade to Oyster White, just like Natural Choice and Shoji White:

    Sherwin Williams Oyster White color chip compared to seven similar white paint colors. Larger than the rest is the swatch of Sherwin Williams White Duck

    White Duck is a little warmer than Oyster White, and a little lighter, with an LRV of 74.

    Oyster White Dupes

    No color review is complete without finding a few dupes!

    3 color matches for Oyster White, including Benjamin Moore Olympic Mountains, Valspar Quiet Interlude, and Behr Light Granite. Graphic reads "Oyster White Dupes" over a background of an Oyster White gallery wall.

    In the case of Oyster White, it was a little easier than normal, because each competing brand had just one great option.

    Benjamin Moore Oyster White Equivalent

    Benjamin Moore does not provide hex codes for any of their colors, so we are at the mercy of online tools. I generally find Encycolorpedia to be the most accurate.

    In the case of Oyster White, we lucked out, because Encycolorpedia says that one Benjamin Moore color has the exact same hex code as Oyster White: Olympic Mountains.

    Olympic Mountains (971 or OC-31)

    Benjamin Moore Oyster White Dupe Olympic Mountains beside Oyster White on a wall behind a gray leather sofa

    There was really no reason to create the side by side comparison since the color code was the same, but I do love a graphic.

    Valspar (Lowe’s) Equivalent to Oyster White

    I personally sifted through many similar shades by Valspar, and found Quiet Interlude to be the closest color match to Oyster White.

    Valspar Quiet Interlude (8005-4A)

    I’ll give you a second to try and guess what the difference is:

    Oyster White vs Quiet Interlude Valspar Dupe

    Quiet Interlude is a little more red and a little more gray than Oyster White. I feel like once you know that, it’s easy to spot.

    Still a very good dupe!

    Oyster White Behr Equivalent (Home Depot)

    The closest Behr dupe for Oyster White (and it is really close) is the color Light Granite.

    Behr Light Granite (N340-1)

    Oyster White vs Behr Dupe Light Granite on a wall behind a mustard yellow couch

    Light Granite is just one number off of Oyster White when it comes to the color code. That slight change makes it a touch warmer, but I’m not convinced you could ever spot the difference.

    Oyster White dupes on an Oyster White background to show how similar they are.

    Oyster White Final Moody Musings

    We have come to the end of another creamy white color review! Let’s recap:

    • Oyster White is an underrated alternative to other Sherwin Williams off-whites like White Duck or Natural Choice.
    • Oyster White is neutral, creamy, and predictable, with no real undertones.
    • Painting brick? Oyster White is a fabulous soft white for exteriors.
    • Oyster White is a great middle ground if you are torn between white, gray, or beige kitchen cabinets.

    But that’s not all! Check out these other posts:

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