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Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca Review (and Dupes!)

    If you are pushing aside bright whites and grays for something a little warmer, Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca might just be the shade for you!

    Swatch of Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca beside a living room wall painted in Casa Blanca with a white fireplace
    Background photo credit: @franklin.manor

    Let’s take a look at it’s undertones, see it in real homes, and of course, check out some dupes!

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    What Color is Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca (SW 7571)

    Casa Blanca is an extreme version of an antique white. Technically it’s light enough to be considered an off-white, but it’s very warm and pigmented.

    Casa Blanca paint dot swatched in a hall in Casablanca

    LRV of Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca

    The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 – 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn’t reflect). True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

    In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 – 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.

    The LRV of Casa Blanca is 76.

    That puts it into the off-white paint color range. It is so saturated (aka not gray at all) that I find it more often reads like a light paint color than a white.

    Casa Blanca plotted at 76 on a scale of 0 (black) to 100 (true white)

    I would not choose Casa Blanca if you are shopping for soft white. This one is a cream paint color, at best.

    What Are the Undertones of Casa Blanca?

    Casa Blanca has very obvious peach undertones. It can also look a little yellow.

    Here it is on the hex scale:

    Casa Blanca charted on the hex scale, over a background of a creamy entrance area

    Is Casa Blanca Warm or Cool?

    Casa Blanca is a warm paint color. When you see it on the wall, it’s pretty obvious.

    You might have noticed it’s in the same color family as a lot of neutral greiges and beiges, so why is Casa Blanca is so warm?

    It’s true that many neutral off-whites will be in the same LRV range as Casa Blanca, but you will find them much further left on the hex chart. Kind of in the area where gray and color meet.

    You can see in the graphic that Casa Blanca is truly a very light tangerine color.

    Graphic reads "Nail down your neutral color scheme in 60 minutes or less" with an image of the foolproof neutrals ebook. Button below reads "Show me how!"

    Casa Blanca Color Strip

    Like many Sherwin Williams colors, Casa Blanca is grouped into a collection of similar off white paint colors, and not in a traditional light to dark color strip.

    Here is the collection:

    Casa Blanca Sherwin Williams off white color collection. FeaturesShell White, Crisp Linen, eggwhite, casa blanca, Navajo White, Echelon Ecru, and Lotus Pod

    If you would like a better idea of the color in a light to dark strip, it fits pretty well in the color strip from Rice Grain to Best Bronze:

    Casa Blanca added to the color strip that includes beige paint colors to dark brown, including: Rice Grain, Ramie, Favorite Tan, Sawdust, High Tea, and Best Bronze.

    Lighter Version of Casa Blanca

    A lighter version of Casa Blanca could be taken two ways. There are off whites that read a bit more neutral (and therefor “whiter”), such as Shoji White or Creamy.

    Casa Blanca lighter, darker, and more neutral alternatives. Shoji White and Creamy are more neutral, White Flour is lighter, and rice grain is darker.

    For a truly lighter shade that is similar, I think Sherwin Williams White Flour fits the bill.

    Darker Version of Casa Blanca

    It looks a bit more yellow in the swatch, but Rice Grain is a darker and slightly more saturated version of Casa Blanca.

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca Color Palette

    I struggled a little bit with a palette for Casa Blanca, because I truly think simpler is better with this one. Introduce the wrong colors and this paint is going dated in a hurry!

    Safe bets are similar toned whites and neutrals, or complementary blues and teals.

    Casa Blanca Color palette features Casa Blanca, Cascades, White Flour, Aegean Teal, Blue Peacock, and Dhurrie Beige swatched over a photo of a kitchen in a cream paint color with blueish teal cabinets

    Coordinating Colors For Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca

    Dhurrie Beige

    Sherwin Williams Dhurrie Beige is a nice warm beige that leans peach like Casa Blanca. Together they look more neutral. This is a better choice than a gray or greige in my opinion.

    Paint dot of Dhurrie Beige beside a paint dot of Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca

    Aegean Teal

    Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal works great with Casa Blanca. I like this one because it’s quite a subdued teal.

    Casa Blanca also looks nice with dusty blues, if teal is not your jam.

    Paint dot of Aegean Teal beside a paint dot of Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca

    Blue Peacock

    Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock is a bold and vibrant teal for all of you brave ones out there!

    Paint dot of Blue Peacock beside a paint dot of Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca

    Casa Blanca likes teal because of it’s peach undertones. You could think of Casa Blanca as an extremely light and subdued terracotta…and terracotta LOVES teal!


    Sherwin Williams Cascades is a super dark and saturated teal color. It can almost look black at times.

    Paint dot of Cascades beside a paint dot of Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca

    If you are looking for a cabinet color with Casa Blanca, Cascades is worth a look!

    You might also like Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green.

    Complementary Color

    Like most warm off-white paint colors, the “official” complementary color (the color directly across the wheel) for Casa Blanca, is a dusty blue bordering on periwinkle. This time I chose the Sherwin Williams shade Breathtaking:

    Paint dot of Casa Blanca and Breathtaking over a photo of a creamy Victorian home with dusty blue trim on the ceiling

    What Trim Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca?

    I think that you could make darker wood trim work with Casa Blanca, but I would steer clear of using this shade with honey oak.

    The good thing about oak and Casa Blanca, is that warmer toned wood will calm down some of the peach color, making each appear a bit more neutral. The reason I would not use it, is that Casa Blanca is similar in tone to early 2000’s “builder beige,” which was often paired with oak.

    It’s just a vibe you may not be keen to revisit.

    White Paint that Goes with Casa Blanca

    For trim, ceilings and doors, you could actually use Casa Blanca for everything. It’s a riskier strategy if you end up not loving the color, but going all in will make it look the whitest and most neutral. (If that’s your goal.)

    ANY white paint paired with Casa Blanca, is going to highlight the color, which is not a problem if you want your walls to look cream, but just keep that in mind.

    Casa Blanca with trim choices Pure White, White Flour, Alabaster, and West Highland White

    You can see from this example, that lighter and brighter white paints will make Casa Blanca look darker and more saturated.

    Sherwin Williams West Highland White would be my first choice for trim to create a subtle contrast without emphasizing Casa Blanca’s peach tones.

    Sherwin Williams White Flour achieves the same goal, but with more contrast.

    I wouldn’t pair Casa Blanca with Sherwin Williams fan favorite Alabaster, because Alabaster has a bit too much gray in it, but it is a soft white that you may like.

    You could go with Sherwin Williams Pure White, if you want to pump up the warm peachy tones.

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca Home Interior

    Let’s take a look at some real life Casa Blanca inspo.

    This color is a real up-and-comer, so unfortunately there aren’t a lot of images out there. (But hey, that’s why you’re here!)

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca in a Living Room

    Franklin Manor (@franklin.manor) has primarily Casa Blanca walls throughout.

    Here it is in the living room:

    Casa Blanca in a cozy living room after dark
    Photo Credit: @franklin.manor

    After dark in this cozy room, Casa Blanca looks soft, creamy, and more yellow.

    Here it looks a touch more peach:

    Casa Blanca walls behind a white fireplace, framed by two windows at night
    Photo Credit: @franklin.manor

    Here is a picture of Casa Blanca with no white trim showing, so you can see how it looks without that influence:

    Casa Blanca on the walls behind a hall table
    Photo Credit: @franklin.manor

    Next is Casa Blanca in daylight, where you can see more of the peach tones:

    Casa Blanca walls with white trim in a living room  with a blue dresser
    Photo Credit: @franklin.manor

    All in one house you get to see the many faces of Casa Blanca! Next lets check out the bedroom.

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca in a Bedroom

    In this bedroom Casa Blanca again looks more yellow than peach, which is perplexing at first, until you notice how many soft pink influences there are!

    Casa Blanca looking buttery yellow in a bedroom with a wood four poster bed
    Photo Credit: @franklin.manor

    Of course next to pink, a slightly peach color like Casa Blanca will look more yellow.

    Here is a shot in lower light, which shows Casa Blanca almost as dark as it ever looks:

    Casa Blanca looking light yellow on a bedroom wall with pink drapes
    Photo Credit: @franklin.manor

    Finally let’s take a look at a couple photos where Casa Blanca looks it’s most neutral:

    Casa Blanca looks neutral beige behind two paintings of jays and black and white plates.
    Photo Credit: @franklin.manor

    On this wall it looks almost beige.

    Casa Blanca behind a horse weather vane.
    Photo Credit: @franklin.manor

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca in the Kitchen

    John from High Standard Construction (@high_standard_construction) used Casa Blanca on the walls in his open plan home, and here it also looks quite neutral.

    Open plan kitchen and living room features Casa Blanca walls with a live edge wood island
    Photo Credit: @high_standard_construction

    Here it is going in:

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca sprayed in a new build
    Photo Credit: @high_standard_construction

    For the white paint they used Sherwin Williams White Duck, which is an off-white in the same LRV range. You can see how Casa Blanca looks like a more subtle cream when paired this way.

    An example of Casa Blanca with White Duck trim

    How Would Casa Blanca Look with Oak Cabinets?

    For the same reason that I wouldn’t use Casa Blanca with oak trim, I also wouldn’t use it with oak cabinets. Not that it would look bad, but I’m not sure the combination does anything good either.

    Casa Blanca walls with oak cabinets

    I’m not ruling out your vision though!

    Can You Use Casa Blanca on Kitchen Cabinets?

    It’s just my opinion, so do whatever suits you, but I wouldn’t use Casa Blanca on cabinets. I find it too finicky to use predictably as a white, and it’s not quite dark enough to look intentionally beige.

    If you do want to charge ahead, consider using it as the only white in the room. Here this has been done successfully with the off white SW Shoji White:

    Shoji White kitchen cabinets
    Photo credit: @oakstorydesign

    Of course I can always be swayed, but I was only able to find one person who used Casa Blanca on their cabinets, and they had already repainted.

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca Exterior

    I haven’t personally seen Casa Blanca on an exterior, so I tried to find something very close.

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca inspired siding exterior with a paint dot of Casa Blanca over top and a paint dot of nutshell

    I do think it’s likely that Casa Blanca will appear a little lighter than this, as most colors do when they are outside.

    For exteriors, try pairing Casa Blanca with a warm gray brown like Sherwin Williams Nutshell.

    Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze could also be quite nice, but it might be a bit too gray.

    Casa Blanca Compared to Similar Paint Colors

    Let’s take a quick peek at other colors you are likely to bump into when you are looking at Casa Blanca.

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca vs Shoji White ( SW 7042)

    Shoji White is in the same LRV range and general color family as Casa Blanca, but it’s more neutral.

    Sherwin Williams Shoji White on half of a wall with Casa Blanca on the other half

    Shoji White is definitely still warm, it only looks greige in comparison.

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca vs Accessible Beige (SW 7036)

    Accessible Beige is quite a bit darker than Casa Blanca. It is also classed as a greige, so while it’s still warm to neutral, it is much cooler than Casa Blanca.

    Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige on half of a wall with Casa Blanca on the other half

    Read all about it: The Ultimate Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige Review (Plus Dupes!)

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca vs Alabaster (SW 7008)

    Alabaster is a creamy white, but it is still a white paint color, as opposed to Casa Blanca which is very much an off white.

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster on half of a wall with Casa Blanca on the other half

    In terms of color, Alabaster is much more gray than Casa Blanca, and a little more yellow rather than orange.

    Read more about Alabaster: Alabaster by Sherwin Williams a Classic White Review (and Dupes!) SW 7008

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca vs Natural Choice (SW 7011)

    Natural Choice is an off white in a similar LRV range to Casa Blanca, but it is cooler and more gray.

    Sherwin Williams Natural Choice on half of a wall with Casa Blanca on the other half

    I covered this one a little bit in my post: Sherwin Williams Natural Choice vs Alabaster (Which to Choose?)

    Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca vs Neutral Ground (SW 7568)

    Neutral Ground is a little bit darker than Casa Blanca, and more neutral. (Go figure.)

    Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground on half of a wall with Casa Blanca on the other half

    Dupes for Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca

    Let’s say you want Casa Blanca, but you don’t want (or can’t get!) Sherwin Williams.

    Here are some great options from other brands:

    Dupes for Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca, includes Honey Moon, Cameo White, Buckwheat Flour, and French Manicure, over a background photo of a tower in Casablanca

    Casa Blanca Behr Equivalent (Home Depot)

    All these dupes are reallly close this time, but I think Behr has the edge!

    The closest dupe for Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca that I found, is the Behr shade Buckwheat Flour.

    Behr Buckwheat Flour (S280-1)

    You can see that these two are pretty identical, so what is the difference?

    Behr Casa Blanca Dupe Buckwheat Flour on half of a wall with Casa Blanca on the other half.

    Buckwheat Flour is ever so slightly lighter and a tiny bit more saturated than Casa Blanca. I think the difference is negligible, but of course it’s a good idea to test it out.

    If you like a creamy white with peach undertones, you might also like the Behr 2023 Color of the Year Blank Canvas.

    Benjamin Moore Casa Blanca Equivalent

    The best alternative to Casa Blanca that Benjamin Moore offers, is French Manicure.

    Benjamin Moore French Manicure (1086)

    French Manicure is a little lighter and a touch less muted compared to Casa Blanca.

    Benjamin Moore Casa Blanca Dupe French Manicure on half of a wall with Casa Blanca on the other half behind some rattan furniture

    Valspar (Lowe’s) Equivalent to Casa Blanca

    If you prefer to pick up your paint from Lowe’s, you’re also in luck. There are two very solid options by Valspar, but the best dupe for Casa Blanca is Cameo White.

    Valspar Cameo White (7002-21)

    Not to be confused with the Behr shade of the same name, Valspar’s Cameo White is a near perfect dupe for Casa Blanca. It is just a tiny bit more saturated. (Meaning it may appear slightly more peach.)

    Valspar Casa Blanca Dupe Cameo White on half of a wall with Casa Blanca on the other half behind a mustard sofa

    So if Cameo White is nearly perfect, why do I have two Valspar options?

    Valspar Honey Moon (8003-22A)

    Honey Moon, (another color that should surely be one word: Casablanca… honeymoon… no?) is a tiny bit lighter than Casa Blanca, and a hair more gray.

    This would be a great dupe if you are nervous about going any more peach.

    Valspar Casa Blanca Dupe Honey Moon on half of a wall with Casa Blanca on the other half behind a gray sofa with jewel toned cushions

    Here’s another image to help you spot the difference between all five colors:

    Casa Blanca background with dupes Honey Moon, Cameo White, Buckwheat Flour and French Manicure swatched over top.

    Honestly, I think any of these dupes would achieve the goal.

    Casa Blanca Pros & Cons

    You made it to the end! Thank you! Let’s quickly recap with the pros and cons:


    • Casa Blanca is a cream color that is newly on trend, and should remain in style for at least a few years
    • Very warm and cozy
    • Nice and light while still being a color
    • Perfect for a country-chic or modern Victorian vibe


    • Very warm. This may be categorized as a neutral, but in terms of warm/cool it is not
    • Strong peach or yellow undertones (not necessarily a con, but a con if you are expecting a subtle off-white)
    • Can be unpredictable. Is heavily influenced by decor and trim choices

    Are you feeling Casa Blanca? If not, I’ve got plenty more where this came from!

    Whitetail color card above several other whites and a picture of a fireplace with white stockings.
    Alabaster with three dupes: Dune White, Silky White, and White, plus the similar Behr Color of the Year for 2023 Blank Canvas
    Shoji white paint dot in front of a shoji white great room

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