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Jasper by Sherwin Williams: Palettes, Dupes, and Real Homes (Soo pretty!) SW 6216

    Jasper is a sexy forest green in the truest sense of the color. It has a mystical deep dark quality, just like a forest.

    Here we will take a look at the best uses for Jasper, see it in action, look at some coordinating colors, and finally, mull over some alternatives.

    Paint drop swatch of Jasper Stone over a background of a river running through Jasper National Park Forest

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    Let’s go!

    What Color is Sherwin Williams Jasper (SW 6216)

    Jasper is a very deep forest green. It can even look black in low light.

    From the swatch, you might think that it is a gray green, but in real life it doesn’t tend to look gray at all.

    Jasper paintbrush swipe swatch

    LRV of Sherwin Williams Jasper

    The LRV of Jasper is 4.

    The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 – 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn’t reflect). True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

    In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 – 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.

    At 4, Jasper really is almost black.

    What Are the Undertones of Jasper

    Like I said, Jasper is a fairly true forest green color. To me, that means it can look like a warmer green, or a slightly more blue green depending on the light.

    (Again, like a real forest!)

    Paint drop of Jasper over background photo of white dining room with a Jasper feature wall

    Is Jasper Warm or Cool

    In my opinion, Jasper is a neutral paint color.

    Some people regard greens as cool paint colors, but many others consider the transition between yellow (warm) and blue (cool) to be neutral, and I agree.

    Jasper itself is right in the middle of the green range, so I would not consider it to be either a warm or cool green, but rather a versatile little chameleon.

    Jasper Color Strip

    The Sherwin Williams color strip that Jasper is on, happens to have a few fan favorites!

    Let’s take a look:

    Sherwin Williams Jasper color strip from Rainwashed, through Quietude, Halcyon Green, Jasper Stone, Underseas, Rocky River, and Jasper over a background of a blue green river in Jasper National Park

    Such beautiful colors!

    Lighter Version of Jasper

    One shade lighter than Jasper on the same color strip, is Rocky River (SW 6215).

    Sherwin Williams Rocky River is a really beautiful color, but with an LRV of 15, you may find it to be too much lighter than Jasper.

    For other alternatives that are just a bit lighter than Jasper, stay tuned for dupes a little further down in this post.

    Here are the rest of the colors in this strip:

    Sherwin Williams Rainwashed (SW 6211)

    LRV 59

    Sherwin Williams Quietude (SW 6212)

    LRV 48

    Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green (SW 6213)

    LRV 39

    Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone (SW 9133)

    LRV 32

    You may have noticed from the number (9133) that Jasper Stone is actually a color that Sherwin Williams added after the fact.

    Sherwin Williams Underseas (SW 6214)

    LRV 25

    Sherwin Williams Rocky River (SW 6215)

    LRV 15

    Darker Version of Jasper

    With an LRV of 4, you will be hard pressed to find colors that are truly “darker” than Jasper. What you may be after is a color that is less saturated, and for that, Greenblack fits the bill!

    Jasper vs Greenblack on a wall in a bedroom

    Greenblack has the same LRV as Jasper, but it is way more gray, so it looks like a black with the most subtle hint of green.

    Greenblack and pure white cabinets
    Photo credit: @bridlewoodacres

    See more of Greenblack in my post: Sherwin Williams White Flour (Review, Comparisons, and Dupes!)

    Sherwin Williams Jasper Color Palette

    Here is a palette that features Jasper with some other popular Sherwin Williams colors:

    Jaspe color palette featuring iron ore, ethereal white, Urbanze Bronze, and Accessible Beige over background of an open plan home with Jasper feature wall
    Background photo credit: @bertrand_residence

    Jasper Complementary & Coordinating Colors

    Jasper with Ethereal White

    Ethereal White is a subtle creamy white with green undertones. It would be a nice complement to Jasper, and is a less common choice than other Sherwin Williams whites.

    Jasper and Ethereal White paint drops

    Accessible Beige with Jasper

    Accessible Beige has long been one of Sherwin Williams most popular neutrals. Even so, it’s experiencing a resurgence and it would look great with the woodsy color of Jasper.

    Jasper and Accessible Beige paint drops

    Check out my post: Accessible Beige vs Agreeable Gray (How to Choose!)

    Jasper and Iron Ore

    Iron Ore is a deep charcoal verging on black. You can see more of Jasper and Iron Ore together when we look at kitchen cabinets in just a minute.

    Jasper and Iron Ore paint drops

    Check out my post: Sherwin Williams Iron Ore vs Peppercorn (Full Comparison!)

    Urbane Bronze with Jasper

    Urbanze Bronze is a warm dark charcoal that was the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year for 2021.

    It looks amazing with other deep colors, and of course Jasper loves another woodsy tone!

    Jasper and Urbane Bronze paint drops

    Urbane Bronze is not too far from the color that would be directly across the color wheel from Jasper, which makes it a good complementary color too.

    What Trim Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Jasper?

    With dark paint colors, people usually want to know: “How will this look with dark wood or oak trim?”

    Well here is a fancy shmancy little graphic to help you decide:

    Jasper background with a variety of trim choices as outlined in the article

    I really like all shades of wood with most greens, so I think it works. If you have traditional dark wood trim and aren’t sold on Jasper, take a look at Hale Navy.

    White Paint that Goes with Jasper

    High Reflective White is the whitest white that Sherwin Williams offers. This would be a high-contrast option.

    Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is my personal favorite white. It is also a bright clean white, and not stark at all.

    Sherwin Williams White Flour is a creamy white that reads a bit brighter than their cult favorite Alabaster.

    Sherwin Williams Jasper Home Interior

    Now let’s get to the good stuff and take a look through some real homes that feature SW Jasper!

    Sherwin Williams Jasper Open Plan Living Room/Dining Room

    First let’s take a look at the beautiful new home of Leah and Matt of @bertrand_residence.

    Jasper on a feature wall in a dining room behind an open plan livingroom and kitchen with Iron Ore cabinets
    Photo Credit: @bertrand_residence

    I used their home as a bit of inspiration in my color palette earlier, because Leah and Matt were not scared to use bold colors!

    You can see Jasper on the feature wall in the dining room.

    Geometric wood feature wall in a dining room painted in Sherwin Williams Jasper
    Photo Credit: @bertrand_residence

    Here it is with furniture:

    Dark Green Jasper wall in a dining room
    Photo Credit: @bertrand_residence

    Sherwin Williams Jasper Kitchen Cabinets

    In the wide shot of the Betrand Residence, you may have been wondering if the cabinets are also Jasper.

    They are actually Iron Ore, and the island is Jasper:

    Jasper on an island in a white kitchen with iron ore cabinets
    Photo Credit: @bertrand_residence

    Here’s a picture where you can see the colors a bit better:

    Jasper on a kitchen island with white countertops and Iron Ore perimeter cabinets and white countertops on all. The backsplash is white stacked tile, and the floor is a natural oak color
    Photo Credit: @bertrand_residence

    The contrast is subtle, but I happen to really like that.

    Jasper With Oak Cabinets

    How a color will look with existing oak cabinets in a kitchen is always part of the conversation.

    If that’s you, and you are looking at Jasper, here’s a graphic to help you visualize:

    Jasper on a wall behind oak cabinets and white subway tile

    Sherwin Williams Jasper Laundry Room

    We don’t often get to see laundry rooms in a particular color, but today we are lucky!

    Leah and Matt also used Jasper on the cabinets in their laundry room:

    Jasper on laundry room sink cabinet with stacked tile walls and funky black and white geometric tile floors
    Photo Credit: @bertrand_residence

    My goodness I love this color!

    Isn’t that graphic tile fun?

    Jasper on laundry room cabinets with stacked tile walls and funky black and white geometric tile floors
    Photo Credit: @bertrand_residence

    I honestly don’t know if I’ve seen a brighter laundry room! They are usually relegated to closets or pokey back rooms.

    (Not speaking from personal experience or anything…)

    Jasper on laundry room cabinets with stacked tile walls and funky black and white geometric tile floors
    Photo Credit: @bertrand_residence

    I do love a stacked tile as well.

    Sherwin Williams Jasper Bedroom

    Next we will take a look at Jasper in the home of Elizabeth from @livingthatlakelife.

    She used Jasper in a couple of places, including the accent wall in this #lakelife bedroom:

    SW Jasper on a bedroom wall behind a white bed and three lake themed prints
    Photo Credit: @livingthatlakelife

    Not going to lie, the cozy color with the beach themed prints is making me want to have a nap!

    Sherwin Williams Jasper Bathroom

    The other place that Elizabeth used SW Jasper, is in the bathroom. Here you can see it living up to its darkest potential:

    white bathroom with SW Jasper on lower half of the walls
    Photo Credit: @livingthatlakelife

    The creamy white here is Sherwin Williams Greek Villa.

    The vanity has also been painted with Jasper:

    Jasper on powder room vanity
    Photo Credit: @livingthatlakelife

    Here is one last shot. You can see that even closeup, the artificial light doesn’t show off much of the color in Jasper. It still looks pretty black!

    Jasper on board and batten with matching vanity in greek villa bathroom

    Sherwin Williams Jasper Exterior

    If you’ve been browsing around through some of my other dark green paint colors, you might have seen this exterior by Headwaters Painting before!

    Sherwin Williams Jasper on an exterior with a red door
    Photo Credit: @headwaters_painting_llc

    I have used it to illustrate how similar colors would look on an exterior, but finally I am writing a post about the real thing: Jasper!

    I love what Headwaters had to say about this paint job:

    You know those houses that make you do a double take?…

    This may be the most daring and bold color change we’ve done and we are all about it!

    Our client went with Jasper by Sherwin Williams on both the body and the trim – and sticking with the same sheen on both – to achieve a more blended, modern look.

    – Headwaters Painting

    I LOVE the red door with Jasper. What a rich color scheme!

    Are you ready to see Jasper at its absolute brightest and boldest?

    Oh good.

    Jasper exterior and trim in bright outdoor light from the back
    Photo Credit: @headwaters_painting_llc


    This picture really did surprise me! I couldn’t believe that Jasper could look this green!

    This photo is a touch more mellow:

    Jasper exterior and trim in bright outdoor light from the side
    Photo Credit: @headwaters_painting_llc

    I have never seen Jasper looking this bright anywhere else, so it’s definitely down to the bright direct sunlight. Maybe do a couple test patches all the same.

    Even if you aren’t a fan of the brighter herby green, I still think it would be worth the occasional bright day, to have the moody opulence of this color:

    SW Jasper exterior and trim with bright red door
    Photo Credit: @headwaters_painting_llc

    I mean, come ON!

    Sooo gorgeous.

    Jasper on a Front Door & Trim

    We will have to use our imaginations somewhat when it comes to using Jasper on a front door. I found two houses with doors that appear to be similar colors:

    Jasper lookalike on front door and trim of victorian home
    Photo Credit: @peanutbuttertoast

    On this heritage home, the same Jasper lookalike is used on the trim.

    If you ever have trouble visualizing an exterior paint color, check out @peanutbuttertoast on Instagram. I swear they have every color under the sun!

    Here is the second door that I think looks pretty close to Jasper:

    Jasper lookalike on front door of an old teal two story
    Photo Credit: @peanutbuttertoast

    Jasper would look amazing with a red brick exterior!

    In my opinion, you could use it in almost anywhere in place of a black door.

    Jasper Compared to Other Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

    There are a LOT of great dark green paint colors out there, and Sherwin Williams themselves make several.

    Here is how Jasper compares to a few other popular dark greens:

    Sherwin Williams Jasper vs Rookwood Shutter Green (SW 2809)

    Rookwood Shutter Green also has an LRV of 4.

    They look super duper similar, but Rookwood is just a bit cooler than Jasper.

    Jasper vs Rookwood Shutter Green on a wall in a living room

    Sherwin Williams Jasper vs Ripe Olive (SW 6209)

    Ripe Olive is much warmer and a little lighter than Jasper.

    Jasper vs Ripe Olive on a wall

    From the swatch you might think it was close to brown, but Ripe Olive is definitely green:

    Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive kitchen cabinets
    Photo credit: @savasconstruction

    The LRV of Ripe Olive is 6.

    Jasper Dupes

    Let’s take a look at some dupes for Jasper, shall we?

    Here are some close-ish options that I found from other brands:

    Jasper dupes as outlined in the article

    Benjamin Moore Jasper Equivalent

    I found three dark green paint colors by Benjamin Moore that you might like in place of Jasper: Essex Green, Black Forest Green, and Topsoil.

    (Clearly not all made that graphic.)

    Benjamin Moore Essex Green (HC-188)

    Essex Green doesn’t look like the closest possible color match for Jasper, but in real life, these two look very similar!

    Jasper vs Benjamin moore Essex Green

    Essex Green is just a little more saturated than Jasper, but it’s pretty close to the same general green color:

    Dark Essex Green perimeter cabinets with light wood island
    Essex Green – Photo Credit:

    Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green (HC-187)

    You can see that Black Forest Green is just a bit cooler (more blue) than Jasper. On paper, this is the closest color match that Benjamin Moore carries, but it does have a lot more of a blue undertone than Jasper. For this reason, I actually think Essex Green is the better dupe.

    You can read all about this color in my post: Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green (Review and Dupes!)

    Jasper Benjamin Moore dupe black Forest Green side by side on a wall

    Benjamin Moore Topsoil (CC-692)

    Topsoil is clearly not the closest dupe to Jasper, but it has the earthy green quality that Jasper sometimes gives, so I wanted to include it.

    Jasper Benjamin Moore version Topsoil

    Topsoil is lighter than Jasper, with an LRV of 7.56.

    Valspar (Lowe’s) Equivalent to Jasper

    Valspar and Behr have the same sort of problems, they just don’t make that many deep dark colors. Unfortunately, this means our dupes are more like alternatives than actual doubles.

    From Valspar, the closest color matches we can get to Sherwin Williams Jasper are Blackened Pine and Forest Canopy.

    Valspar Blackened Pine (5003-2C)

    Blackened Pine is a dupe in the same way that Benjamin Moore’s Topsoil is. It’s a fair bit lighter, but the overall tone is pretty close to right.

    Jasper Valspar Dupe Blackened Pine beside Jasper on a wall

    Vaslpar says the LRV of Blackened Pine is 6.5, but their LRVs are alway way different than the other brands. I think it’s probably closer to 9.

    Valspar Forest Canopy (5010-1)

    Forest Canopy is way more gray than Jasper, but it’s the closest green that Valspar offers that is decently dark.

    Jasper Valspar Dupe Forest Canopy beside Jasper on a wall

    Valspar says the LRV of Forest Canopy is 3.7, but it’s probably in the 6-8 range.

    Jasper Behr Equivalent (Home Depot)

    Behr Limousine Leather (MQ5-05) 

    Limousine Leather is not super close to Jasper, but it’s the closest black that Behr offers. Unfortunately, Behr just doesn’t make many variations on black, and Limousine Leather is the only green-based black (and realistically it’s still a blue-green).

    Jasper Behr dupe Limousine Leather side by side on a wall

    The LRV is the same, at 4.

    While Limousine Leather is technically a green black, it’s almost all the way desaturated, so there is not much “color” in it at all. Basically it’s just “black.”

    Behr Alpine Trail (N420-7) 

    While Alpine Trail is a good bit lighter than Jasper (LRV of 10), it is a pretty good color match otherwise. I find it has a similar vibe to Jasper.

    Jasper Behr dupe Alpine Trail side by side on a wall


    Jasper Final Moody Musings

    That’s all I have on Jasper for now! Let’s go through a little refresher:

    • Jasper should be at the tippy top of your list if you are looking for a green or dark exterior paint color
    • Jasper plays well with a large variety of other colors
    • Sometimes there is a tendency for Jasper to shift between warm green and blue-ish green depending on the light
    • If you want a dark green that never looks black, make sure you have lots of natural light, or choose a different color!

    Still dreaming of green? Well this is definitely the right place! Check out these other colors:

    Sherwin williams rosemary swatch over a photo of a rosemary den
    Graphic of 9 green circles reads "Dark Green Paint Colors" From top left to bottom right colors are: vogue green, vine leaf, vintage vogue, tarrytown green, black evergreen, ripe olive, cascades, greenblack, and salamander. Background photo is dark green palm fronds.
    Cascades paint swipe over a background of a waterfall

    Ready to Paint?

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