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Is Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom the Safest Sage? (Plus Dupes!) CSP-775

    Sage Wisdom by Benjamin Moore isn’t the flashiest or most popular sage green paint color, but could it be the best? This gray green is perfectly mid-toned, perfectly neutral, and might just be perfectly YOU!

    Swatch of Sage Wisdom over a background of an open book and sprig of dried eucalyptus.

    Let’s take a look at coordinating colors for Sage Wisdom, peek into some real homes, and grab some dupes!

    What Color is Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom (CSP-775)

    Sage Wisdom is a mid toned gray green paint color with just a whiff more color than most:

    Swatch of Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom beside a photo of a smoking bundle of sage.

    LRV and RBG of Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom

    The LRV of Sage Wisdom is 43.98, so we’ll round up to 44 for simplicity.

    What does that mean?

    The LRV of a color indicates on a scale of 0 – 100 how much light a color reflects (or doesn’t reflect). True black has an LRV of 0 and pure white has an LRV of 100.

    In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 – 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white.

    Sage Wisdom marked at 44 on an LRV chart from 100 (pure white) to 0 (pure black) over a background of books on a shelf.

    At 44, Sage Wisdom absorbs a little bit more light than it reflects, but just barely. This makes it a mid-toned color. For perspective, most whole home neutrals have LRVs in the 45 to 65 range.

    The RGB of Sage Wisdom is approximately: Red 170, Green 182, and Blue 166.

    The hex value for Sage Wisdom is #AAB6A6. (Benjamin Moore does not provide them, but I find Converting Colors to be very accurate.)

    What Are the Undertones of Sage Wisdom?

    In terms of the color wheel, Sage Wisdom is a very neutral green. It sits almost perfectly between yellow and blue. The undertones of Sage Wisdom can vary from cool and slightly minty, to a warmer spring green.

    Hex chart for Sage Wisdom above a paint dot of the color over a background of a stack of books.

    Is Sage Wisdom Warm or Cool

    I would definitely label Sage Wisdom as neutral, because it isn’t predictably warm or cool. It has elements of both. This is really a “test it and see” color.

    The Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom Color Strip

    Here is the “official” Sage Wisdom color strip from Benjamin Moore:

    The Benjamin More Sage Wisdom color strip features colors from light to dark, Silver Crest, Sage Tint, Sage Wisdom, Grenadier Pond, Summer's Day, Cedar Path, and Willow Grove over a wooden background with a bundle of sage leaves over some craft paper.

    You might notice from the color numbers that they seem to have cobbled this together, rather than releasing a light to dark run of color.

    • Silver Crest (1583) – LRV 70.25
    • Sage Tint (458) – LRV 57.85
    • Sage Wisdom (CSP-775) – LRV 43.98
    • Grenadier Pond (698) – LRV 34.48
    • Summer’s Day (CSP-780) – LRV 32.32
    • Cedar Path (454) – LRV 22.95
    • Willow Grove (636) – LRV 20.2

    I don’t personally think it makes sense to have both Grenadier Pond and Summer’s Day since the LRV’s are so similar, and same goes for Cedar Path/Willow Grove. Respectfully, here is my version:

    The Benjamin More Sage Wisdom color strip features colors from light to dark, Silver Crest, Sage Tint, Sage Wisdom, Summer's Day, Cedar Path, In the Garden and Chimichurri over a background of sage leaves.

    I added In the Garden (CSP-805) and Chimichurri (CSP-810) to get us a little more variety. I kept Summer’s Day and Cedar Path because those were the closest on the color wheel to Sage Wisdom.

    Just a few ideas if you like using lighter and darker shades of a color!

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom Color Palette

    Let’s take a look at Sage Wisdom in a coordinating color palette:

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom color palette features Sage Wisdom, Soot, Solstice, White Dove, and Jogging Path all on paint lids over a background of a green door in a library wall.

    I kept things pretty neutral with this one, because that’s my personal preference. If you are feeling bold, you could easily swap any one of these for a terracotta color.

    Coordinating Colors to Use With Sage Wisdom

    Here are all of the colors from this palette, swatched with Sage Wisdom:

    Sage Wisdom and Soot

    Benjamin Moore Soot is a saturated deep blue-charcoal, and it would look amazing with the sage green of Sage Wisdom.

    Paint drop swatches of Sage Wisdom and Soot, side by side.

    If you’re into the sage and deep blue combo, you might also like Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (because who doesn’t?).

    Sage Wisdom with Sherwin Williams Jogging Path

    Sherwin Williams Jogging Path is a nice sandy-neutral to pair with Sage Wisdom, if you aren’t wanting to go all-green ere’thing:

    Paint drop swatches of Sage Wisdom and Jogging Path, side by side.

    You could also go with Revere Pewter, which is Benjamin Moore’s neutral hero.

    Sage Wisdom and White Dove

    I really had to contemplate what white I would use with Sage Wisdom. I think the objective “best” choice would have been Simply White, but for me, I like the complementary undertone of Benjamin Moore White Dove with Sage Wisdom.

    Paint drop swatches of Sage Wisdom and White Dove, side by side.

    Sage Wisdom and Sherwin Williams Solstice

    Sherwin Williams Solstice is an underrated neutral that splits the difference between White Dove and Jogging Path.

    Paint drop swatches of Sage Wisdom and Solstice, side by side.

    Complementary Color for Sage Wisdom

    The official complementary color for Sage Wisdom would be a mid-toned purple color. For something a little easier to use, you could either go with Soot (not purple, but purple adjacent?), or the charcoal purple of Sherwin Williams Perle Noir.

    Sage Wisdom and Sherwin Williams Perle Noir

    Perle Noir is the most use-able purple that I’ve been acquainted with. It’s deep charcoal color has a lot more widespread appeal than other purple paint colors.

    Paint drop swatches of Sage Wisdom and Complementary color Perle Noir, side by side.

    What Trim Colors Go With Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom?

    As I said when we talked coordinating colors, choosing a white took me a minute with Sage Wisdom. I really do think you can use any white or even off-white with this color, but here are my top picks:

    Sage Wisdom with a variety of different trim choices including Chantilly Lace, Simply White, White Dove, and White Flour.

    White Paint that Goes with Sage Wisdom

    Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

    Chantilly Lace is a soft-but-undertoneless white from Benjamin Moore. It reads like a true white but never like a cool blue white. Technically this color is a green-based white, so often it is my top choice with green wall colors like Sage Wisdom.

    Benjamin Moore Simply White

    Simply White is the brightest white that you can get from Benjamin Moore with creamy undertones that isn’t yellow. It also looks beautiful with Sage Wisdom, so this is just a personal preference thing.

    Benjamin Moore White Dove

    White Dove was my top pick for Sage Wisdom, just going off of instincts and what I know it to look like.

    Sherwin Williams White Flour

    I don’t often recommend White Flour for trim, because it is quite “bright” and has a touch more undertone than most trim whites. That being said, I think the creamy tone in this one might spice things up a bit with Sage Wisdom.

    Benjamin Moore Pink Damask is a dupe for White Flour, if you want to stick to one store.

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom for Your Home’s Interior

    Today we will just have to use our imaginations a little bit. I have a couple of genuine Sage Wisdom photos, and a few that are close, just to give you a better all-around idea of how this color will look.

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom in a Bedroom

    In this bedroom, Molly (@mollyforthewin) used the real deal Sage Wisdom on the walls.

    This first photo is the most typical look that Sage Wisdom has:

    Sage Wisdom on bedroom walls in bright natural light
    Photo Credit: @mollyforthewin

    In different lighting, Sage Wisdom appears quite a bit darker, and with a warmer undertone:

    Sage Wisdom on bedroom walls in deeper light where the undertone looks more olive
    Photo Credit: @mollyforthewin

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom on Kitchen Cabinets

    To show how Sage Wisdom will look on cabinets, I settled on Benjamin Moore Carolina Gull as the next best thing.

    Here is a comparison of the two, along with a color adjusted photo of cabinets.

    Swatches of Sage Wisdom and Carolina Gull with a photo of Carolina Gull on kitchen cabinets, and a color adjusted photo of the same to look like Sage Wisdom
    Cabinet Photo by @aidliespaint

    These cabinets are actually Carolina Gull, which is darker, a touch warmer, and a lot less saturated than Sage Wisdom. I adjusted the color accordingly so that it looks more accurate to Sage Wisdom.

    Here are a couple more Carolina Gull cabinets that I have brightened up, saturated, and cooled down just a touch:

    Kitchen cabinets adjusted to look like Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom
    Photo Credit: @oakstorydesign

    You can tell that the original photo was warmer to begin with on this one.

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom on an Exterior

    Moving outdoors, I used Carolina Gull again to illustrate the look of Sage Wisdom:

    I stuck with the same adjustments as with the inside photos, just to be consistent.

    A sage green exterior adjusted to the color of Sage Wisdom. Exterior is stucco
    Photo Credit: @word_of_mouth_painting

    This last photo turned out very warm, but it was to begin with as well. I think there is direct sunlight on this exterior.

    I know these aren’t perfect, but hopefully it helped you picture the color in real life. To see the originals of all these photos, you can find them in my Carolina Gull post.

    Sage Wisdom Compared to Other Gray Green Paint Colors

    Speaking of colors that are similar to Sage Wisdom, here are some other sage paint colors that you might want to consider:

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom vs October Mist

    October Mist is a tiny bit lighter, a touch less gray, and a heap warmer than Sage Wisdom.

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom on half of a wall and October Mist on the other half in a living room with a dark gray leather sofa.

    I do think these colors look more similar in the flesh than they do on paper. Here is October Mist on a dresser:

    October Mist looking minty and light on a dresser.
    Photo credit: @bayberrymoon

    Not quite the fall straw color you may have been picturing!

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom vs Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

    Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams is darker, warmer, and more gray than Sage Wisdom.

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom on half of a wall and Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog on the other half in a living room with a mustard colored sofa.

    Here is this color in real life:

    Pashmina double vanity in bathroom with wallpaper on sink wall and evergreen fog on the rest
    Photo Credit: @built_frm_scratch

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom vs Saybrook Sage

    Saybrook Sage is another Benjamin Moore sage color that is a lot warmer than Sage Wisdom. It is also a tiny bit less gray.

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom on half of a wall and Saybrook Sage on the other half in a living room with a mint colored sofa.

    Here is Saybrook Sage on cabinets:

    Saybrook Sage kitchen
    Photo Credit: @aliciahewittinteriors

    If you picture these with a cooler undertone, they actually give you a pretty good idea about Sage Wisdom as well.

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom vs Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay

    I wanted to compare Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams and Sage Wisdom because I feel like they read pretty similar in real life. On paper, Oyster Bay is darker, more gray, and a whiff warmer than Sage Wisdom:

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom on half of a wall and Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay on the other half in a living room with a white sofa.

    Here is a photo of Oyster Bay in a real home:

    Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay
    Photo credit: @morgan.baswell

    Dupes for Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom

    Want to get the look in another color line? I’ve got all the best dupes from other brands:

    Background of colorful book bindings with swatches of Sage Wisdom, and dupes from other brands, including Bog Fog, Green Balsam, and Forever Green.

    Sherwin Williams Sage Wisdom Equivalent

    We’ve already gone over some of Sherwin Williams popular sage colors compared to Sage Wisdom, but the closest color match is the shade Forever Green.

    Sherwin Williams Forever Green (SW 9653)

    Forever Green is a hair lighter and a hair more saturated than Sage Wisdom.

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom on half of a wall and Sherwin Williams dupe Forever Green on the other half in a living room with a wood bookshelf and a sage green velvet sofa.

    Valspar (Lowe’s) Equivalent to Sage Wisdom

    Over at Lowe’s, the best color match for Sage Wisdom is the unfortunately named color: Bog Fog.

    Valspar Bog Fog (8003-4D)

    Bog Fog is cooler and lighter than Sage Wisdom, so it does read a bit more minty.

    A canvas hanging on a white brick wall, painted half in Sage Wisdom and half in Valspar dupe Bog Fog.

    Sage Wisdom Behr Equivalent (Home Depot)

    Over at Home Depot there were a few shades similar to Sage Wisdom, but in the end the closest match is Green Balsam.

    Behr Green Balsam (PPU11-15)

    Green Balsam is a little bit darker and a touch more gray than Sage Wisdom.

    Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom on half of a wall and Behr dupe Green Balsam on the other half on a living room gallery wall.

    Here are all of the dupes again:

    Sage Wisdom background with swatches of dupes over top from other brands, including Bog Fog, Green Balsam, and Forever Green.

    Color Inspiration Similar to Sage Wisdom

    I hope you found your perfect match in Sage Wisdom! Thank you so much for reading to the end. This really helps my blog!

    Not the one? don’t fret! I have lots of similar colors to help narrow things down:

    Paint dots of Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage and it's dupes: Stone Walls, Dried Basil, and Artemis over a background of Svelte Sage on cabinets
    Paint dot of Clary Sage and paint dots of dupes Croquet, Bay Water, Jade, and Weekend Getaway
    Graphic reads "22+ Sage Green Paint Colors" and lists all of the light, medium, and dark sage green paint colors from the article. Background is a sage green living room with trendy decor and hanging pendant lights