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Boho Aesthetic Color Palette Inspiration for 2023 (Plus 28 Paint Colors to Use!)

    Boho is back baby! Will I be wearing a headband over my forehead again? Maybe not just yet, but if the situation calls for it…

    Let’s take a look at an earthy neutral take on Boho, including specific paint colors that you can use to get the look.

    Boho inspired color palette over an image of a boho outdoor living room. Colors are Sherwin Williams Alabaster, Natural Choice, Shiitake, Hushed Auburn, Retreat, and Urbane Bronze

    The Boho Interior Design Color Palette

    When I was looking for a Boho inspired color palette, I didn’t find that the options were anything that I would consider to be the “Boho aesthetic.”

    I was seeing rainbow-bright or pastel palettes that seem far from the easy-breezy Boho vibe that I picture. This is why I decided to put together my own!

    Here are the Boho colors from this palette:

    Boho inspired color palette below and image of a boho living room. Colors are Sherwin Williams Alabaster, Natural Choice, Shiitake, Hushed Auburn, Retreat, and Urbane Bronze

    Sherwin Williams Alabaster

    I’ll be honest, Alabaster isn’t my favorite white of all time, only because it is sooo popular. It is however the first white I think of when I think “Boho white,” so here we are!

    Alabaster in Living room with Alabaster Fireplace and walls and a vintage vibe with olive couch
    Photo Credit: @ludic_living

    Alabaster is a creamy still-white paint with enough gray to keep it from being yellow.

    See more Alabaster here: Alabaster by Sherwin Williams a Classic White Review (and Dupes!)

    Sherwin Williams Natural Choice

    Natural Choice is an off-white paint color that reads “creamy natural.”

    Sherwin Williams Natural Choice in a dining room with cottage style accents.
    Photo Credit: @keepingtammykate

    It’s giving Pampas. It’s giving hemp. It’s giving Boho!

    See more Natural Choice here: Sherwin Williams Natural Choice vs Alabaster (Which to Choose?)

    Sherwin Williams Shiitake

    Shiitake isn’t an uber popular Sherwin Williams color, but it’s up there with the most versatile neutrals. I personally love that Shiitake is natural and beige without being overly orange or yellow. It reads sandy-Boho baby!

    Sherwin Williams Shiitake on interior doors in an upstairs landing with Benjamin Moore classic gray walls and white trim
    Photo Credit: @homeonportsmouth

    Sherwin Williams Hushed Auburn

    I love a super warm color in any Boho color scheme. This can be any shade of terracotta, clay, or even berry. For this color palette I went with Sherwin Williams Hushed Auburn, which is the color on this nursery ceiling:

    A dark clay color on the ceiling and lower half of a wall. Upper half has a woodsy themed wallpaper in clays and Dark Greens
    Photo Credit @marialovesrealestate

    I kind of think of this as serving both color and earthy-neutral at the same time.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat

    I love all forms of sage and most greens when it comes to a Boho-inspired color palette for the same reason that I love clay. Greens give excellent pops of color while also being natural and neutral.

    Sherwin Williams Retreat on a beautiful wood feature wall in a dining room with Pampas grass arrangement on the table and boho chic cotton and wood chairs.
    Photo Credit: @deboeverinteriors

    For this color palette I went with Retreat, which is one of my favorite versatile sages, but I’ll be honest and say that I love many green colors!

    Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze

    Urbane Bronze is a great dark brown with a whiff of charcoal. I like a deep earthy tone in a Boho color scheme to almost act like a black. This would be great for trim, doors, or anything that you want to pop.

    Urbane Bronze wood panelled living room walls with a glass back wall, plants, and a chair
    Photo Credit: @brandeyehome

    See more Urbane Bronze here: Urbane Bronze Review and Dupes (It Goes With Literally Everything!)

    How to Put Together a Boho Color Scheme

    The important part of any color scheme is that YOU like it. So that’s #1! My interpretation of “Boho” is light and airy, meets hippy. Basically, soft nature inspired colors.

    To put together your own Boho color scheme, I recommend choosing a:

    • White or Cream
    • Neutral (Think straw or wood inspired)
    • Darker earthy neutral (Like charcoal or deep brown)
    • Green (Medium to dark green is best)
    • Clay (Anything from terracotta to mauve)

    Best Boho Inspired Paint Colors from Other Brands

    Whether you can’t get to Sherwin Williams, you’re on a budget, or you just don’t like the colors, here are my fave alternatives from other brands.

    (Plus a couple more from Sherwin Williams – because let’s face it, there are a LOT!)

    Other Boho White Paints

    Here are some other favorite whites that will look fabulous in your Boho-chic color scheme:

    Boho inspired white paint colors including Alabaster, Bohemian Lace, White Dove, Du Jour, and Blank Canvas

    Benjamin Moore White Dove

    White Dove is pretty similar to Alabaster, in that it is a still-white creamy color that has enough gray to stay neutral.

    White Dove Walls trim and ceiling in a little girls nursery or toddler room with pops of lavender and a house bed
    Photo Credit: @ourbouldlife

    See more from White Dove in my post: White Dove by Benjamin Moore Complete Review (and Dupes!)

    Valspar Du Jour

    Du Jour is also a white that reads warm and soft, but still neutral.

    Light French Gray in a dining room in a french country inspired home
    Du Jour in the Living Room – Photo Credit: @littlelattihouse

    Behr Blank Canvas

    Blank Canvas was named the Behr Color of the Year for 2023. It is a creamy white that leans more gray-beige than yellow.

    Dining Room with Blank Canvas walls

    If you want to know more, check it out here: Behr 2023 Color of the Year Blank Canvas Review (Better Than Swiss Coffee?)

    Honorable Mention: Sherwin Williams Bohemian Lace

    I couldn’t resist including this lesser known white because it has Boho in the name! This is one from the HGSW collection. It is a warm white that is honestly pretty similar to Alabaster, but a bit lighter.

    Paint swipe of Sherwin Williams Bohemian Lace on a color card

    Other Boho Creams and Off-Whites

    If you aren’t going with a white-white, or you just want to use both white AND off-white or cream, here are some options!

    Boho cream color palette features sherwin williams Natural Choice and Shoji White, Benjamin Moore Dove Wing, Behr Varnished Ivory, and Valspar Summer Gray

    Benjamin Moore Dove Wing

    Dove Wing is what you might call a “darker white.” It’s still super duper neutral but provides a bit more oomph and color than a true white.

    Dove Wing walls with pure white trim and doors, with a staircase leading up from the living room.
    Photo Credit: @clarkansaslove

    See more here: Dove Wing by Benjamin Moore Review (See Real Homes and Dupes!)

    Behr Varnished Ivory

    Varnished Ivory is more of a traditional cream compared to these other off-whites. Think of it as being like the color of wheat.

    Paint swipe of Behr Varnished Ivory on a color card

    Valspar Summer Gray

    Summer Gray is cheating a little bit, because it is barely an off-white compared to these other ones.

    Paint swipe of Valspar Summer Gray on a color card

    I wanted to include it because it’s a really popular Valspar neutral, and a nice greige off-white.

    Honorable Mention: Sherwin Williams Shoji White

    Shoji White gets an honorable mention, because it’s pretty darn similar to Natural Choice, but a favorite in its own right.

    Shoji White in open concept home
    Photo credit: @brandandie36

    See more pictures in my post: Sherwin Williams Shoji White Review and Alternatives (It’s not greige!)

    Other Boho Neutrals

    Boho natural color palette featuring all neutrals: Sherwin Williams Shiitake, Accessible Beige, and Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan, Valspar Warm Putty, and Behr Creamy Mushroom

    Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan

    Manchester Tan is a slightly warmer neutral option if you are totally over grays and greige.

    Manchester Tan walls in a hallway with White Dove trim
    Photo Credit: @ourbouldlife

    Read more on this color here: Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan (Review and Dupes of The Cheeriest Beige!)

    Behr Creamy Mushroom

    Creamy Mushroom is a taupey neutral that is the perfect option if you aren’t the biggest fan of beige. This one reads more mushroom, as the name suggests.

    Paint swipe of Behr Creamy Mushroom on a color card

    Valspar Warm Putty

    Despite the name, Warm Putty is not all that warm and more akin to a greige. Still a great natural tone to pair with other Boho colors.

    Paint swipe of Valspar Warm Putty on a color card

    Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

    Accessible Beige gets an honorable mention because it’s one of Sherwin Williams most popular neutrals EVERRR. That comes with pros and cons:

    Pro – It really is gorgeous and versatile.

    Con – Everybody else thinks so too!

    A lengthwise view down a bright and airy kitchen with accessible beige wall and island cabinets.
    Accessible Beige cabinets. Photo Credit: @in_vest_homes

    This color slides so perfectly into a Boho color scheme that I really couldn’t skip it!

    See more from this color here: The Ultimate Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige Review for 2023 (Plus Dupes!)

    Other Boho Inspired Warm Colors

    Warm Boho inspired color palette includes Sherwin Williams Hushed Auburn, Redend Point, Benjamin Moore Barberry, Valspar Copper Patina, and Behr Tandoori over a background of a sunset inspired rug

    Benjamin Moore Barberry

    Barberry is an earthy mauve color that is perfect if you don’t love orange or red-toned colors. It’s super pretty, and still a color that could be found in nature.

    Paint swipe of Benjamin Moore Barberry on a color card

    Behr Tandoori

    I talked a little about both Tandoori and Valspar’s Copper Patina in my post The Best Terracotta Colors to Paint Your Walls. If you need a bold pop of color in your neutral Boho color scheme, terracotta is a great option. It’s bright but still classic in many ways.

    Paint swipe of Behr Tandoori on a color card

    I love Tandoori because it’s a really vibrant terracotta, but it certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.

    Valspar Copper Patina

    Copper Patina is a more flexible alternative to something like Tandoori, but bolder than the Sherwin Williams options. It’s a very “accurate” terracotta color and it looks great in any Boho chic space, particularly with a lot of plants.

    Paint swipe of Valspar Copper Patina on a color card

    Sherwin Williams Redend Point

    Redend Point gets an honorable mention because it is a super versatile clay color AND the Color of the Year for 2023.

    Redend Point on the wall in a living room with a blue armchair and sunbeams on the wall

    I actually would have chosen it, but Hushed Auburn has a special place in my heart.

    Find out more here: Redend Point: Sherwin Williams 2023 Color of the Year (Review & Dupes!)

    Other Boho Greens

    Boho Color Palette greens including Retreat, Vintage Vogue, Bitter Sage, and Blanched Thyme over a background of a boho room filled with plants and other green decor

    Benjamin Moore Vintage Vogue

    Vintage Vogue was actually my first choice for a Boho green, but at the last minute I decided to use all Sherwin Williams colors for the sake of simplicity.

    Vintage Vogue goes with any and all neutral-Boho paint colors, and it provides a freshness and moodiness that your color scheme will LOVE.

    Benjamin Moore Vintage Vogue on Board and Batten wall behind a vintage wood vanity in a bathroom with a white sink and black built-in faucet
    Photo Credit: @jenna.rachelle

    See more here: Benjamin Moore Vintage Vogue Review (Plus Dupes!)

    Behr Bitter Sage

    Bitter Sage is a great sage option from Behr. It’s a great one for looking exactly how you would expect. This one is a little bit less “natural” looking, but a super pretty color that still coordinates well with other Boho colors.

    Paint swipe of Behr Bitter Sage on a color card

    Valspar Blanched Thyme

    Blanched Thyme is a bit of a brighter and warmer sage. It’s nice option if you are finding that your color scheme is too muted for your taste.

    Paint swipe of Valspar Blanched Thyme on a color card

    If greens are totally not your thing, a blue-gray would also work well in a Boho color palette. Take a look at Sherwin Williams Cyberspace for one option.

    Cyberspace shiplap ceiling in creamy white nursery with mustard accents
    Photo Credit: @in_vest_homes

    Other Dark & Earthy Boho Colors

    Dark and Earthy inspired Boho color palette features Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, Behr Black Mocha, and Valspar Fired Earth over a background of a dark wood floor with a boho rug over it.

    Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

    Kendall Charcoal is a super popular charcoal brown by Benjamin Moore. It’s a deep warm gray. This is a great option for an earthy, but not too “brown” shade.

    Behr Black Mocha

    Black Mocha is pretty similar to Urbane Bronze. It’s reminiscent of deep brown soil.

    Paint swipe of Behr Black Mocha on a color card

    This one is super sophisticated!

    Valspar Fired Earth

    Fired Earth can be confused with being an actual black paint color, but in good light you can clearly see the brown. This is a good one if you were thinking about black but wanted something softer and a bit more Boho.

    Paint swipe of Valspar Fried Earth on a color card

    Completing Your Boho Color Scheme

    Here are all of the colors that we talked about today:

    28 boho neutral colors over a background of boho bedroom setup in matching colors.

    Holy moly, I did not plan on having that many.

    I love a good Boho color scheme and I hope you found some ideas here that are more in line with what you were picturing too!

    Here are some more colors that you might like:

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    Graphic reads "Terracotta Paint Colors" with 9 terracotta paint swatches over a background of a beautiful terracotta colored room with arched doors and windows. From top left to bottom right: Smoky salmon, persimmon, copper patina, wild flower, cavern clay, baked terracotta, baked clay, tandoori, warm brownie.
    Graphic of nine gray green paint colors over a creamy white home decor background